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Cooking With Mom (Part IV)

The night after Mom fucked Greg, his Dad and me I was talking to Greg about me and him having some fun with Mom together. Since the following Friday was a Holiday and Mom would have the day off we decided to make a plan for Thursday night. When Mom got home that night I had dinner in the oven, wine chilling and I had just rolled a joint. Greg had put some music on and Mom was very surprised when she saw all that had been done. She had had a hard day at the real estate office and she was looking forward to the long weekend. "Well, what have my two favorite guys been up to?" "We just thought you might enjoy getting pampered for a change Mom" I told her. "Come sit down and relax, dinner won't be for half an hour" Mom put her briefcase down and sort of flopped down on the corner of the couch. When she did her legs came up so I caught them on the way down and removed her shoes and put her feet across my lap. I started massaging her toes and feet while Greg lit the joint and took a drag. He passed it to Mom and she eagerly took it and enjoyed several tokes. I took my turn and went right back to rubbing Moms' feet. "Oh Jake..that feels so good..thank you for this..I really needed it tonight". "You deserve it Mom" . Mom took another toke and settled further into the couch which caused her skirt to rise up to mid thigh. Even with all we had done it gave me a thrill to peek up her skirt at her black lace panties stretched across her pussy with just a few pussy hairs sticking out. We finished the joint and Mom went to get changed while I got dinner on the table. Mom came out wearing her hot cotton shorts and a tee shirt. Her legs looked great in the short shorts and the rest looked as sweet as always. We ate dinner and drank a bottle of wine then Mom relaxed on the couch while Greg and I cleared the dishes. When Grag and I got back to the living room Mom was searching for something to watch on TV so I sat on the other end of the couch and picked up where I left off massaging her feet. She settled on some reality show and turned her body toward me and spread her legs. When she did this I could see right up the leg of her shorts to see her bush. A big smile formed across my face when I realized she wasn't wearing any panties. She must have sensed what Greg and I had in mind when she was getting changed. I continued rubbing her feet and moved up to her calves and then her thighs. When I started to rub her inner thighs she spread her legs even more and I smoothly made my way up until the edge of my hand was rubbing her pussy lips and I moved it right on top of her mound and fingered her clit. Her eyes were now closed and she was enjoying the attention. Greg was looking on with an obvious bulge in his jeans and eyes wide. I gave him a smile and slipped a finger inside Mom's pussy. Mom opened her eyes and gasped and said "Oh Jake baby..that feels so good" "You're making Mommy wet". I was hot and hard and pulled my finger out of her pussy and pushed her shorts aside while I leaned down and started to lick and suck her wet pussy. I loved running my tongue through her pubic hair and up and down her clit. Mom had a huge hood on her clit that got real big when she was excited. Mom loved it when I would flick her hood with my tongue. I was going to town on her with my entire mouth when she looked over at Greg with his hard cock in his hand and told him "Greg honey, bring that beautiful cock over here to me". Greg got up immediately and stood next to the couch when Mom reached out and grabbed a hold of his cock and led it right to her mouth. Greg went all the way to her throat and pulled back and soon was fucking her mouth while Mom moaned around his thick cock. Mom kept sucking Gregs' cock and licking his balls for a couple minutes when she said "Fuck me Jake...Fuck mommys' pussy now...I need you inside me". I quickly sat up and brought Moms' shorts with me when I did, as I slipped them over her feet I moved her ass to the edge of the couch. In one swift move I dropped my pants and had my hard 8" cock in my hand aiming for her sweet hole. She still had Gregs' cock in her mouth when I pushed my cock home till our pubic hair meshed. Greg was hypnotized watching my cock drill my mothers pussy and after just a minute he yelled "I'm it comes.....swallow my cum Jennie..Oh..oh..oh" From my position I had an excellent view of Gregs' balls tighten and his cock throb as he blasted Moms' throat with hot cum. Watching her lick his cock clean of cum put me over the edge and I wanted to feed Mom another load so I pulled out and stepped over next to Greg jerking my ready to blow cock. Mom took her mouth off his cock just in time to move in front of mine and take my first shot on her chin, she opened her mouth and took the rest on her tongue. She opened wide and let me see all the cum then swallowed it all. "Mmmmm...I love a rich creamy dessert" she said with a smile. "So what else have you boys planned for me tonigh"? She asked. I spoke up "Well, it's funny you ask Mom, because Greg and I were talking and we wanted to try something special tonight". Mom looked intrigued and inquired "And what might that be..."? I continued "Greg and I wanted to try putting both our cocks in your pussy at the same time". Moms' answer was a smile and to get up and take both our hands and lead us to the bedroom. She pushed Greg on the bed and laid down on top of him and started to kiss his lips and neck and twist tongues. I was busy looking at her wet pussy hairs peeking from between her legs when she moved down and started giving Greg another blowjob. She had him hard in just a few minutes and I told her to ride his cock and face me. Mom straddled Greg and leaned forward and rubbed his cock on her slit till it hit the opening and Greg pushed it in. She moaned as she took Gregs's entire length inside her. Greg started thrusting into her faster and Mom cried out "Oh yeah Greg, fuck me, fuck me faster..Oh yeah..I'm gonna cum...Don't stop,,,I'm cumming...I'm cumming....Ooooooohhhhhhhh...yeah". Moms' face was flushed and her body was twitching while Greg stopped his thrusting to give her a chance to come down from her orgasm. Mom leaned back on Greg and he started to rub both her tits and her hard nipples. I crawled between their spread legs on the bed and started to rub the head of my hard cock across her pussy and Gregs' cock getting it nice and wet. "Do it Jake, put your cock inside me...I want to feel two cocks inside my pussy..Oh yeah..push it in me baby". I was trying to slide my cock in on top of Gregs' but it was a tight fit. All of a sudden Greg started a couple slow thrusts and on the in-stroke I pushed my cock against his and rode his cock inside Moms' tight pussy. Once I got the head inside her Greg stopped thrusting and I pushed further until I had all but an inch of my cock in her pussy with Gregs' at the same time. Mom was gasping for air the whole time and sucked in a deep breath when I finally sank in deep. Now I was still and Greg started thrusting again. It felt incredible to feel his cock sliding against mine inside Mom like that. I could feel the heat of his cock next to mine. By the time we got into a good rythm of stroking back and forth Mom screamed "Oh God..I'm so stuffed...It feels so good....I can't take it..I'm gonna cuuuummm...AAAAHhhhhhhh...Yesssssss". Mom was screaming so loud I started to kiss her to keep the neighbors from hearing while her hips jerked up onto Greg and I. We kept fucking her right through her orgasm and our pubic hair was matted with her juices leaking out of her. We were buidling up more speed and I felt Gregs' cock expand inside her and I knew he was about to cum, Mom felt it too and told us "Yes, I can feel it...cum inside me...shoot your cum in my pussy...both of you...fill me up...fill my pussy with your hot cum..I want to feel it shooting in me". As soon as I felt Greg thrust all the way into Moms' pussy the cum started to boil in my nuts and when he started shooting and I felt his hot cum inside Moms' pussy my orgasm pulsed through me and I flooded Moms' pussy with another load of cum. Greg was trying to catch his breath and I was still pumping more cum into Mom and watching mine and Gregs' cum run out of her and onto our cocks coating them in our combined juices. Mom was sweating and cumming again herself from feeling two hard cocks spurting cum inside her. We all just laid there for a few minutes coming down until both Greg and I slipped out of Mom at the same time, along with a stream of our cum. I finally climbed off them and Mom rolled onto the other side of the bed. She lay there on her back with her legs open catching her breath and Greg started staring at her cum covered pussy. It got me to thinking of the last time I cleaned Moms creampie and Greg was fascinated and wanted to try it. I spoke up and told him "Go for it....lick her'll love it". Greg looked at me momentarily before climbing in between Moms' legs and bringing his face inches from her messy pussy. Mom took the back of Gregs' head and told him "Clean my pussy Greg...lick all that cum out of me..clean me good". Then she guided his head to her pussy and his tongue came out and went right inside her hole and came out coated with our cum. He tasted it for a second, seemed to like it and went right back for more. Greg cleaned her out completely and after several minutes Mom was bucking and shouting she was cumming again. Greg had to hold her hips to keep his mouth locked on her pussy. Greg was on his last few licks when Mom relaxed and told him he did a great job. Mom seemed to have a second wind because she reached over and began jerking my cock which was already half hard again. "Damn're you ever get enough"? "I don't know why baby but lately I just can't get enough cock.. as a matter of fact I was hoping we could find a couple more guys to add", Mom surprised me by saying. Off the top of my head I asked her "What about Chris and Tommy? They think your hot, I know they would love to fuck you" . Greg added "Yeah, my Dad would love to see that..and with him that's 5 cocks for you Jennie". Mom got excited and cooed "Oooohhh..I like the sound of that...when do you think we can do it"? "I think next weekend would be best...It'll be like a marathon for you Mom...maybe you will finally get enough" I told her. Mom said "Maybe...but I can't wait for next weekend to find out".

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