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My first happy ending massage

I had graduated high school still a virgin, and had grown really tired of being the only person to jack me off. Growing impatient, and sitting on all the money I'd made throughout a long summer interning at a law firm, I decided to treat myself to my first handjob.

I remembered hearing on TV about finding hookers online, and figured there were probably sketchy Asian massage ads too. How young I was! Little did I know about the Craigslist AMP listings... Anyway, I found an ad for a massage place in an office building, which had pictures of young asian women, and advertised girl friend experience. I figured that to be a good sign.

After following the google maps instructions to the building, I walked inside, up the stairs, and rang the doorbell. A middle-aged Chinese lady opened the door with a smile. I paid her the $60 for an hour massage, and she led me to a room. She left me alone to disrobe, and lie face down on the massage table, opting to forgo the small towel over my ass. She knocked once and came in. She turned on some music that made everything set the scene of a rub and tug out of a movie. She slid her hand down my back lightly saying in her soft Asian voice, "what a beautiful body." I was a six foot eighteen year old who weighed 235 pounds, but sure, it felt good. She proceeded to give me a pretty good massage for 45 minutes, and then quietly said, "flip over."

I did, and met her smiling eyes for the first time since I walked in the door. She rubbed my chest for like a second, and then my stomach, and with a very obvious, and exaggerated movement, she rested her hand on my swelling cock. She looked at me and smiled, and asked, "you want." I nodded. She said, "you give me nice tip?" I asked $40? and she agreed.

She unbuttoned her top and said I could play with her tits, which I did with enthusiasm. Se was in her forties and only had Bs, but they were very firm, and real. She said she never had k**s. She lubed my rigid six-innh cock, and slowly began to stroke me. I continued to knead her tits, and she stroked away, whispering encouragement for me to cum. I lasted a proud three minutes in this young world of oriental ecstasy. When I came, I came hard. The first spurt of my thick, hot seed was ropey and shot two feet in the air before landing on my stomach. Several other spurts followedd until I just oozed over her perfect grip, as her stokes descended in speed perfectly, while she milked every last drop of spunk out of me.

She cleaned me up, and helped me back into my clothes. I gave her two $20s, and she hugged me and e****ted me to the door, opened it, looked out, and hugged me quickly saying, "see you next time." She pushed me out and shut the door... Little did I know what I had started.

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