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I have my own cleaning business, mostly houses. I am referred to, by one of my clients, to one of her very mature, and rich friends.

I show up to complete my duties and was met at the door by a very sexy and sassy older woman of the caucasian persuasion. She has on a low-cut and very short sun dress. From the low-cut I can see her natural juicy tits. Her nipples are very erect and busting through the thin material.

I started getting wet and I have to remind myself of where I am.

Anyway, she greets me as if she knew me for a very long time. My client had told her alot about me (including some very personal secrets, hint,hint). She is very warm and friendly, so we hit it off real quick.

I started off on my cleaning duties, as I was hired to do. It was time for me to clean the master bathroom and to my surprise guess who was in the shower? I think that she planned it that way.

I peek into the bathroom and I could see her naked body thru the shower doors, of course they are crystal clear glass panes. So I can see everything.

She is putting on a show for me, I can tell. The way she is sliding the soap over her nicely aged, plump but sexy body. Especially when she passes it between her legs. She bends over and I can see her juicy pussy lips just hanging there begging me to come and service them.

She decided to invite me to help her. She mentioned a couple of sexual encounters that my client had told her about and she wanted me to help her experience an orgasm again. She had been widowed for a long time and had never been with anyone else. My client's stories lit her fire.

We started kissing. I started sucking on her tongue as if it was a dick. She loves it and allows me to have all of it.

Then I started to lick her nipples then I started sucking them. They are huge and I just had to nibble on them too.

I had her turn around and bend over with one of her legs up on the ledge of the shower so I could see all of her beautiful pussy. I could not wait to put my mouth on it.

I licked her clit and I could tell that she started to get weak. I sucked her clit and her pussy lips at the same time. Oh what a mouth full of joy!!!!!!!!!! She pulled my head so close as if to tell me please don't stop.

Before you know it, the orgasm she had longed for was complete. She filled my mouth with her sweet cum and begged me for more.

She had a black strap-on. I put it on and fucked her and made that pussy mine. She had cum sooo many times she was crying. I had an orgasm myself just giving her the RE-TOUCH that she sooo wanted and deserved.


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