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My s****rs friend, Jade - part 2

Being the summer holidays, it wasn't strange for me to be sl**ping late and having the place to myself. It was maybe 11am when I'd got out of bed and showered, planning to meet a friend and go shopping - but this was to change.

I'd literally just finished drying, dressing and putting my make up on when there was a knock at the door. I quickly got downstairs expecting there to be a parcel or something. Opening the door, my heart skipped a beat: those beautiful lips, that sleeve of tattoos, even turned away from the door I knew who it was. "Jade!" I excitedly squealed "what are you doing here? Amy is out for a while...". "I know" she replied, smiling "I'd texted her to see when I could show you the photos". I could only smile - "come in then!".

She stepped inside, kissing my cheek as she passed. She looked amazing in a red tshirt, black shorts and with black fishnet tights, so cool and sexy. I showed her into the lounge where she set up her laptop while I got us both a drink. After quickly sorting my hair and trying to look my best, I returned, sitting next to her on the sofa, nervous but excited. "So how have the photos come out?" I asked, biting my lower lip. "Well..." Jade replied, removing her Ray Bans to show off those stunning eyes, smiling...

We went through the shots on screen, and I have to admit they were pretty amazing, she'd made me look beautiful. All of them in black and white, whatever my pose or whatever I was wearing, they looked great. "I especially love these" she said clicking onto the bikini shots, and I found it pretty hard to disagree but for very different reasons! "You definitely have the body for it!" she added, her hand slipping onto my naked thigh. I whimpered softly as she touched me, trying to mask it with a cough, but by the way her eyes sparkled I'm pretty sure she heard! "But do you wanna see my absolute favourites?" she asked. I could only nod and mumble a yes as she turned back to the screen, opening up the handful of shots of me, stood in her room in my cute (and rather see-through it would appear!) underwear. I froze, my heart raced - those shots were more like something I'd find online, erotic shots of erect nipples pressing through a bra, the outline of my pussy clearly visible. I could feel the redness coming out on my face!

Jade turned and looked at me, those eyes penetrating mine, and without a word being said kissed my lips gently. I sat there, unable to move, unable to react, other than to kiss her back until it was finally kicking in: I was making out with this ultra hot girl!! She smiled as we kissed, knowing all too well I wanted her. Her tongue pressing lightly on mine, I felt like I was going to orgasm there and then. Her soft full lips traced down my neck and collarbone, and she could no doubt feel my heart beating hard. She looked up at me again, her hand gently cupping my breast through my vest: "You maybe wanna show me upstairs..?"

I nodded and kissed her again, taking her hand and gingerly leading her up to my room, thoughts racing through my head: what am I doing? She's my s****rs friend! She's 21! But as soon as I opened the door to my room those thoughts were brushed away, she kissed me again, harder and more passionately. I whimpered into her kiss, our chests pressing together as our lips locked together, Jade's hand grabbing my little ass cheek, the other lifting up my pink vest. I pulled away from the kiss only to allow the vest to lift over my head - god I was so turned on! She grinned and immediately began kissing my neck and chest, my super-sensitive nipples reacting to every little touch of her fingers and mouth as they poked in my bra, willing me to remove it (which I soon did!), the cold air soon brushing over them. Jade pushed me down onto my bed, smiling, eyeing me up and down, before tugging at my little black shorts. I obliged my lifting my bum up, letting her pull them down my legs and throwing them on the floor.

Laid on my bed, naked save for my increasingly damp pink knickers, I touched and held my small breasts, letting her see me want her. She leant over, kissing me, massaging my breasts before her lips followed, kissing and licking each in turn, her hand lightly going down my stomach and over my wet mound. I gasped in excitement, "Fuck!" I moaned. She looked up at me from my stomach and giggled, teasing me, pulling down my panties, revealing my very tight, very wet, shaven pussy. I watched her smile grow as she seen what I had, and her face then burying between my thighs, feeling her lips on my inner thighs, moving closer and closer to my pussy before finally landing her tongue on my waiting lips. Now, I was close enough to cumming just by her kissing me and touching my thigh, you can imagine how hard I cum when she flicked her tongue over my clit! My arse lifting off the bed as she kept licking and sucking it, grabbing my arse and legs not letting me go.

She knelt up, giggling, licking her lips and peeling off her top, teasing me with her body. Her shorts followed, then her tights, and finally (after pushing her gorgeous arse to my face) her thong, turning to face me and showing me her immaculate smooth pussy. I was dumbstruck, hardly able to make a noise. I watched as her hand moved down her stomach and between her legs, her middle finger disappearing into her pink hole only to return a few seconds later in front of my mouth, glistening wet and warm. I duly took it in my mouth, sucking a little - my first ever taste of pussy other than my own!

Jade laid down opposite me, whispering to me "Eat me Chloe, I want you" or words to that effect, demanding me. I slowly leant over and kissed her cummed on lips, slowly working down her body, my head spinning but desperately trying to think what I need to do, picturing all the porn I'd watched and telling myself to just do it. I ran my inexperienced fingers up and down her pussy, getting used to it and feeling her wetness before tentatively kissing it, licking up and down her lips, my thumb resting and gently playing with her swollen clit. I was dizzy with lust and heat, but could hear her moan and sigh, and could feel her soaked pussy pulsate a little. I loved it, and even though it was hard to breathe, I felt her hand on th back of my head, forcing me on her soaked hole.

I came up for air after a short while, Jade writhing on my bed, my mouth and jaw soaked with pussy juice, I couldn't help but smile. Jade sat up and kissed me roughly, tasting herself on my tongue, pushing me backwards with my head back on my pillows, opening my thin legs and kissing my lower leg and ankle, looking in my eyes, she shuffled up the bed putting one foot up next to my head, her pussy now pressing onto mine. "Oh fuck!" I squealed, our smooth pussies grinding together, gently at first but increasingly firmer, up and down, left and right, Jade nibbling at my ankle in between soft moans and "fuck!"s.

More and more she grinded into me, demanding I do the same, demanding I fuck her. We sat facing each other grinding our hips hard into other, our dripping pussies slapping together, breasts jiggling. She leant further over, grabbing my hair and kissing me hard, pulling away only to moan even louder and her hips beginning to vibrate, shaking, before yelping. She'd cum! I'd made her orgasm!! But I hardly had time to congratulate myself, I was too close to the edge myself, and watching her cum on my bed, on my pussy, watching her perfect pussy ooze sent me over the edge, my tiny pussy (now bright pink) tightening and jolting. I bit my lip - hard! - trying not to inform the neighbourhood of my lesbian cherry being firmly stolen, before falling back onto the pillows in ecstasy.

I opened my eyes to see the most perfect, sexy scene girl over me, her big eyes and long eyelashes. "That was fucking amazing" she whispered, grinning. We kissed long and lingering before she got up and dressed. I watched her, then looked at my bed: messy, dirty, wet. "We have to do this again" I said, almost begging her, my fingertips lightly stroking over my bright  pink pubic area, it was so sensitive and actually a little tender. "Amy would kill me" she replied, disappointing us both. "But...." she began while smiling "my parents are going on holiday next week, and I could really do with a model...".

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