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It was pretty dingy in here, the sunlight came through a old dirty high window and a single fluorescent tube did little to lift the overall gloom. An oppressive smell of stale piss also hung over the whole place.

What was I doing in here? In truth I did not know but I was 16, horny and wanted to find out about the rumours about sexual activity.

I was still a virgin and although had messed around wanking at home, I was very naïve.

I walked into the last cubicle, shut and bolted the door, took my trousers down and sat down to relieve myself. As my eyes became accustomed to the gloom, I could see the mass of graffiti on the door, the walls, everywhere.

There were all sorts of lurid stories, phone numbers, invitations to meet, plus crude pictures roughly drawn in black marker, mainly men in fishnets with large genitals, one picture showed someone bent over in stockings, suspenders and boots, a dildo in their arse. As I read the stories and looked at the pictures, I felt my cock between my legs start to stiffen and I subconsciously started to rub myself.

As I fondled my rapidly stiffening cock, a piece of toilet roll wrapped around a pen was pushed under the cubicle. I was a little worried but took the note

“do you like the stories?” it asked.

“yes” I wrote on it and passed it back.

A second passed and then another note…. “I like the tranny stories, do you?”

“yes, I love them” I wrote back.

A magazine featuring trannies was pushed under the door showing hard sex, penetration, etc…At this, my cock grew a little stiffer.

Then a small glass vial was pushed under the door with another note. “cover one nostril and sniff these, it is good” it said.

I was not sure, the small brown glass vial had liquid in and small white things in the bottom. I unscrewed the lid and a thick heady aroma hit me. I decided to give it a go and took a deep sniff from the bottom. All at once the whole world seemed to kick sideways, the veins in my head started to pound, my cock got that stiff I thought it might break and my head rushed. With one hand one the wall to steady myself, I couldn’t help but slowly grab my cock, the feeling of pleasure intense.

Another note appeared…… “strip off now sexy”….

I was so awash with the feelings, I lost all sense and took my jeans, t-shirt and boxers off which I dropped to the floor. In an instance they disappeared under the dividing wall and I started to panic, however a plastic bag was pushed under the door.

I open the bag and fished about inside and found a pair of black stockings.

“Put them on” a voice hissed. I sat on the toilet and rolled one of them onto my legs. I was not naturally hairy so the smooth stockings hissed over my legs as I pulled on, and then the other up. I experimented crossing my legs feeling the smooth swish of the stockings to be very nice.

In my reverie, I though I heard a whispered conversation take place, then the click of a clamshell mobile being shut.

In the bag was also a black basque top with suspenders attached. Once I had figured out the small clasps on the back, I managed to struggle into it, the boned sides holding me in rather pleasingly. I then played with the suspenders for what seemed an eternity , finally attaching them to the stocking tops, rather pleased with the way they looked.

Once done, I sat on the toilet, small cock protruding from between my stocking clad legs.

Then, another bag, this one a small sports bag. In it was a cheap shiny pvc type jacket which I put on and a rather tatty blonde bob wig which I put on over my own short hair. Then a pair of black shiny gloves in a wet looking material which I put on.

Finally a pair of boots was shoved under the divide to me. They were black, not leather, but shiny type material, very cheap looking. A high spike heel that was looking very scuffed, these boots had seen a lot of action. One boot had a white stain on down the shaft, but I wanted to put them on.

Zzzzzzrrrrpppp, the noise of the zip opening sounded like a thunder crack in the quiet toilet. Once opened, I nestled my foot into the boot and very slowly drew up the zip, the boots tightly closing over my stocking clad leg. I quickly got the second boot on, and , teetering on the heels, stood up.

“very nice” the voice coaxed from next door, turn around. I slowly turned around wobbly on the heels, but feeling good. I leaned over the toilet, my hands on the cistern, my bottom stuck out.

“pose for me”

I wriggled my bottom and enjoyed wearing these strange new clothes.

Suddenly, a large thick cock was pushed through the hole in the wall.

“touch it” the voice said, quietly and slightly panting.

“I have never done this”

“and you have never dressed like a cheap whore either, now just do it if you want your clothes back”

I slowly reached out and touched the cock, it seemed massive compared to mine.

“wank me slut”

I slowly grasped the cock and slowly pulled back the foreskin, an audible sigh of pleasure could be heard. I started to speed up, getting used to wanking a cock from face on, my only experience being the top down view of my own.

As I built up speed, the cock got harder and harder.

“now suck it”….

“no” I said, I was not expecting that.

“suck it NOW”

“no, I don’t want to”


The door was kicked open and outside was a gang of men, all over 45, tall, unkempt, in jeans, leather jackets, shirts.

The cock was withdrawn and my “friend” came into my cubicle. He was about 50, over 6 foot tall, broad, unshaven yet quite handsome in a slovenly sort of way. His hard cock was out of his jeans.

My friends came as soon as I called and I promised them action, so you had better open your mouth.

I was too scared to do anything else and I opened my mouth a little. He put his hang in my mouth and levered my jaw down. Suddenly he grabbed my shoulder and pushed me to my knees, I was kneeling on the cold piss streaked floor, my stockings getting wet, my heels digging into my ass cheeks.

Now, good girl, stay there.

He edged closer, his large tool inching closer to my mouth.

“we can do this the easy way or the hard way”

I decided to embrace my situation and I slowly leaned forward, grabbed the cock in my gloved hand and slowly guided it into my mouth, just the bell end at first.

“good girl, now get that tongue to work”

I run my tongue around the large knob. It did not taste bad, or unclean, just different. I closed my eyes as I run my tongue around his manhood, my other hand caressing his large tool.

All of a sudden, I felt something warm on my back. As I opened my eyes, one of the guys had his cock out and was pissing on me.

I stopped licking and went to protest but my main tormenter grabbed the back of my head to keep me in place

“you are our slut now and will submit to anything we want”

I resumed my duties, allowing the cock to be pushed deeper into my mouth. I got into a rhythm and started to bump my head up and down, the cock sliding in and out of my madly salivating mouth.

“look at her, cheap little poof, in that cheap jacket and fuck me boots”

I didn’t care, in fact their words were beginning to turn me on a little and I started to wank as well as gobble the cock.

This seemed to be a sign and soon I had 3 hard cocks in front of me, I sucked on one and wanked the other two.

Without warning, one cock shot a wad of hot spunk down my front.

“next one in your mouth slut” I heard.

I tensed a little until the poppers were again shoved under my nose and I inhaled a deep deep draft. The rush returned and my own cock stiffened and I sucked like a thing possessed until the cock hardened and a thick wad of salty cum shot into my mouth. I gagged a little, some of it running back out around the head of the cock but I managed to swallow a lot of it, and it did not feel bad as it slithered down my throat.

“she’s good for a first timer”


“hee hee, look his phone takes good pictures”. Fuck, they were using my own phone to photograph me. This was followed by a BEEP BEEP of an incoming text.

“It’s mummy, what do you want for your tea”. The guy holding the phone played with the phone then said “I’ve texted back that you have already eaten!”. Now, if you don’t want these pictures sending out, you will do all me ask.
“okay, okay, anything”

“make like you mean it”

“I looked up at the pack leader from under my lids, pouted and said in a husky voice

“Use me and abuse me, that is what I want”

With that, I was dragged to my feet, my wet stockings clinging to my legs, the spunk dripping off my pvc jacket. I was led out of the cubicle and to the sinks. I was then told to grip the taps and bend over.

I did as I was told and one guy started to touch my little pink rosebud. His finger was wet with something.

“this will help, be grateful for it, a lot of our girls don’t get this”

I allowed him to smear my little bum hole and then he slowly pushed one finger in. I grunted in discomfort..

“relax bitch, that is just the start”.

I was passed the poppers and I voluntarily took a huge hit my ass muscles relaxing as the fingers were pushed in. I kept hold of the phial, knowing I would need it more.

The finger slid in and out and I began to relax. This was joined by a second finger and my little hole began to stretch. As this continued, the audience were all wanking behind me, their stiff cocks are growing and growing.

“right, now time for the real fun”

I was made to kneel on a coat on the floor, my legs open. Picture the scene, me on my hands and knees, stockings laddered and wet, scuffed pvc high heeled boots on, pvc jacket riding up my back, wig slightly wonky matted with cum.

In this position, one guy got in front of my and slid his tool into my mouth. As I started to suck his rod, I felt something wide and warm poke at my ass. I spread my legs a little and pushed back like an eager girl. As he pushed, the hard knob started to open me and slowly slid into my sphincter. Even with the preparation, it felt like my ass hole was being slit with a razor and I wriggled and bucked. The cock was relentless and it pushed past my unwilling muscle, stretching me wide and wide like a red hot poker in my stomach. As I bucked, the pressure grew, the pain intensified and I felt tears in my eyes until suddenly the pain subsided and the cock was fitting into me. I took a breath and steadied myself just as another shot of jizz flew into my face. I licked if off my lips and decided to go for it. I actually beckoned another guy to me who quickly replaced the spent cock with his. I quickly took it into my mouth.

At the other end, I was being slowly fucked and I started to get the rhytmn, pushing back in unison, fucking back, not just being fucked. Within minutes, my deflowerer grunted and stiffened and what seemed like a gallon of hot cum splashed into my ass and started to seep out. As he pulled out with a plop, my original “beau” got behind me. He shuffled close, his belt scr****g on the floor , and started to caress my booted legs

“I love a slut in boots” he whispered, then , taking hold of my boot heels like handles, he pushed his cock into me and started to ride me. By this time, I was really into it and between cocks I was sniffing poppers like an old queen.

Over the next 40 minutes, I was fucked by all five guys and must have took 4 or five loads down my face.

One by one they drifted off until only the first guy was left. I was sat on the hard, cold, piss and cum stained floor, my stockings soaking, my boots and face streaked with more jizz.

“did you like that”

“yes, I did, I love being a slut”

I will be in touch, I have your number. With that he threw my clothes at me and left.

I quickly changed, scr****g the worse of the spunk off. My outfit was unsalvageable so I left in a heap on the floor and got myself home.

That night, as I nodded off to sl**p having wanked for about the 10th time, my phone beeped.

It was a message from him….


I drifted off to sl**p with a smile on my face.

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