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Another Day In My Diary of Growing-Up

I was 14 when I did my paper round, and on Fridays, when I collected the payments, I was confronted by men, who had 'Flashed' during the previous week.
I had taken over the round from a neighbor, another girl, who was 16, she had been doing it for a year now, but she never told me about the 'Flashers', only that she made very good 'Tips', even that young you get to understand the special bonding process, these men have for the young girls they show themselves too.
My first was ingenious, the trick was to show without threatening, make it as accidental as possible and leave the girl, ie me, look at you and walk away to digest what I had just saw.
It was just after six in the morning and he was second on my list of deliveries, I folded the paper and pushed it through his letter box, but it stopped going in, so I thought to leave it sticking half-in, but when I released it, it fell onto the pathway, so I tried again, and I was getting annoyed as I had just started, I pulled it out and peered through the box, to see the obstruction.
He was naked and masturbating, the paper was pushing against his pubic area, so I guess the thrill was a teenage girl was pushing on you, with a paper, and that must have been enough for thrill.
I admit I was caught out, and in case you are wondering, not all girls cry out when confronted, we tend to look, put it down to one of natures little peculiarities, making us curios and interested.
So I got an eyeful and in response, called out, 'Paper', released the letter box lid with the paper stuck in.
I coded my little book with a star opposite his name, a coding that only I understood, and a date and time, this little book was rapidly filling up with men, desirous of their perception of 'Fresh Meat' and 'Innocence'.
I was learning fast, these eyefuls were causing a seismic shift in my sexual patterns, I was not fazed, in fact I was getting into the habit of looking forward to seeing them, and would leave with a broad smile on my face, as if to say, 'We are a team, you and me', I knew it was what they wanted, and now I was getting mixed feelings about it, it was what I wanted too.
Within the week it was normal for me to look before inserting the paper, and I stooped and eventually went down on my haunches, and stayed long enough to see him shoot.
I was now a prized voyeur, a girl who willingly participated deviant acts, without crying foul, keeping mum and quietly watching as they relieved themselves in front of me, and my just reward was financial, with only 20 customers amounting to over £100 pounds, never mind my dirty little mind being screwed-up, watching these men perform.
Sex, like d**gs and alcohol, are addictive, and as the initial 'High' wears off, it gets replaced by something stronger.
I think I was more affected than they were, I started being more bolder as I wanted something more out of it, my body was starting to crave it, and my occasional private touching was becoming more habitual, I was masturbating every night and sometimes in the morning, in expection of what lay ahead.
So, if you look at petting to full intercourse, there would be an infinite number of steps, depending on the persons involved, in my mind I had made that quantum leap, so desirous was my need to orgasm.
My letter-box man's door was conveniently at the side and too the back, so our early morning viewing was conducted at out leisure, out of sight from prying eyes, only dependent on my need to rush off on my rounds.
This morning I stayed haunched, staring at him, he noticed I had remained a little longer each morning, today was the longest, I guess he sensed I wanted to remain to the end, see his seed come out, so he obliged, by coming to the door, and shooting through the letter box and giving me a beautiful 'Facial'.
He had initiated me at 'Arms length', or more appropriately, 'Papers length', now I could smell his cock as he did it inches from my face, and making the connection with sending his sperm as a well aimed warm jet, onto my face, which was satisfying, I enjoyed the connection, each morning finding it easy to orgasm, before receiving my personal 'Creaming'.
The new 'Fix' was a nice evolutionary step, but the next step up came quicker(pardon the pun), I watched him and smelt him when suddenly he was sticking through the letter box, in my face so to speak. There were about three inches of thick cock under my nose, I rested my nostrils on the head of it, 'Suck it Sweetheart', I could hear him moan through the door, the heat from its head and odors, sending little spasms of desire into my body, especially in my crotch, deep in my crotch, and here I was resting my nose on it, wanting it.
Mt tongue licked my lips, accidently touching him, he tasted salty,, slightly acrid, but I liked it and licked him a little more f***eful, each lap, bringing higher moans, culminating in a huge sigh, as I opened my mouth and took him all the way in.
This was the most exquisite feeling, I knew I was performing a 'Blow-Job', I luxuriated in having him in my mouth, I pushed my face hard against the door trying to gobble more of his cock into me, refusing to let him pull back in his natural rythnm in fucking my mouth, anyone rounding the path and seeing me with my legs wide open, hard against his door, as if fucking it, and his cock deep in my mouth, surely would have slipped in behind me and taken advantage of my inhibitions.
As I pushed hard against the door, it suddenly gave way, I was still clamped onto him as it opened, I shuffled forward until it was fully open, he was withdrawing his cock back through the letter box and coming around the open door, taking hold of my long hair, and pulling me into the hallway.
The door closed and the lock turned, as I remained motionless on the carpeted floor, my morning papers s**ttered around, and as I pondered my round, yet still to be done, he removed my clothes, I willingly let him, and soon we were both naked and writhing on the floor, my legs raised high across his back, crossed at the ankles just above his bum, his balls slapping my arse as he plowed into me, my orgasms cumming thick and fast, this was the sex I had dreampt of, craved even, and I sobbed after each one and began begging for the next one, I was naked and enjoying it, kissing him in appreciation of this service I was receiving, and giving myself, turning onto my face and offering that most sacred of holes, and taking it like a pro, I was the complete female, giving all I had to offer, and receiving his bounty like the grateful slut I had become.

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