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A Pregnant Gang Bang

I have been arranging gang bangs for married women since 1994 here in the Tampa area. 5 years ago I had a couple contact me about arranging a gang bang for her and that he was a cuckold.

She was 30 at the time, he was 41 and up front both of them told me they wanted only guys who could impregnate her. At first I thought it might be all talk but as we set a date she explained she would let me know because she was keeping records of her temperatures so she knew when she would be fertile.

I arranged for the guys, 9 of them, 2 were black. Once I decided they were serious about getting her knocked up I told the guys, several had reservations about getting her pregnant and dropped out but more replaced them.

They gave me a window of when she expected to be fertile and we set the date and she called me and confirmed it was a go. During that same call she asked if there was a way we could hang her up so the sperm would not leak out of her, I told her I would work on it.

The afternoon of the bang we met her and him at a hotel, 10 guys showed up, she was super sexy and ready to fuck. One by one the guys filled her with sperm, I had her tied up so the cum stayed in her but there was so much of it soon it started running down the front and back of her.

We would spread her pussy open so more could stay in her but as soon as one of the cocks went in most of it squirted out. Each guy gave her at least 2 loads of cum over 6 hours time. I slipped a plug in her pussy to keep the cum in her while they drove home and 9 months later she had a baby boy.

When the baby was 7 months old they asked for another gang bang, she was still nursing the baby and it happened again, we had 11 the second time and 9 months later she had a baby girl, blonde, blue eyed.

It wasn't me.

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