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Jennifer's First Time

I did not write this story this is a real first time story

The first time I remember getting excited when I saw a naked woman was in the summer of 8th grade. My best friend Robin and I were just messing around at my house playing Marco Polo in the pool, it was her turn as she got closer I tried not to move and as she reached out feeling around with her arms she hit the strap of my bikini top and it snapped like a twig.

She opened her eyes just in time to see my boobs drop out. I immediately grabbed them to hide them as she stared.That was the first tingle that I got down there but didn't know why. Later that night we were in our PJ's and she came up with a crazy idea.

She wanted to play strip poker but she had her own rules she plays by. First when you lose a hand you pick either do what the other person says or take off an article of clothes. Since we were in PJ's there wasn't too much to take off, so the first time she lost she took off her top.

Her boobs were kind of small 32B but on her they looked good. I felt that feeling again but didn't say anything as I stared at her. The next hand she lost again and had no qualms about taking off her PJ bottoms.

Now she only had on a pair of powder blue lace panties, which made me look like a pervert because I stared so much I didn't hear her telling me to deal the cards.

Well I lost the next two hands and we were both down to our panties when I lost the third time. I tried to tell her lets quit playing but she said NO so I slowly pulled them off and kept my hands in my lap but she made me stand up and turn around as she examined me with her eyes.

Then the game took a turn for the worse, she said all or nothing, whoever lost had to do what the other told her to do, I didn't want to but said OK. I figured I lost three in a row and it was her turn, guess what, I lost a fourth time and I almost started to cry.

She told me to lay on my back and I had to rub myself till I got wet. I didn't know what she was talking about so she took off her panties and told me to watch her and do exactly what she did. We both layed on the bed with legs spread and she put her hand down there and rubbed her slit so I did it too and I soon found out what that tingle was when after about 10 minutes we were both wet and I started to quiver all over my legs and it felt good.

Then she told me to taste her but I thought it was pee and said NO but she made me and it had a tart smell and kind of gooey texture but not really a taste, as I was licking she started squirming all over then her whole body tensed up and her eyes rolled back in her head and I got scared and I quit.

She started yelling at me to keep going so I did till she went limp. Then she told me to lie down and she did it to me and then I understood what I was missing. She played with my boob licking it and pinching the nipple and she stuck her tongue in my mouth then we rubbed our pussies against each other and we mixed our juices together.

The next day we played doctor, then house with her as the dad, and lots of kissing and licking till it always ended in dripping. We kept up our games for about a year or so till she moved in the middle of the 10th grade.

We had one night together and we knew it would be no more and we both hugged and kissed and cried ourselves to sl**p. I haven't heard from her since. But my memories will always be there with me as my girlfriend and I make love together. Right now I'm 26yrs old and remember it like it was yesterday. I will always thank Robin, wherever she happens to be.

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