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Stacy's First Time

I did not write this story this is a real first time story

My first lesbian experience was when I was in 7th Grade. Hard to believe I know. I was at one of my friends birthday parties. I was a sl**p-over and we were just dancing.

One of the girls were my best friends and she had lived in Spain for 6 years. She told us all about it even how the Spanish people dance. Since I was her best friend she chose me to demonstrate. She told me to start dancing, so I did, then she came up and started to feel on me.

I was a little afraid but I liked it. Then she stuck her leg in between mine and started to move and I was getting into it. The other girls thought nothing of it because we were just learning. Soon we stopped dancing and played truth or dare. One dare was to peck another girl and it was given to me, so I pecked my best friend.

Soon it was time for bed and two of us were sl**ping in a separate room. So it was me and my friend and after all that I was attracted to her. I want to kiss her for real but I did not know if she wanted to.

We were in the bed and I felt her hand on my leg and she started to caress me. I liked it so I did not stop her. I turned around and I kissed her.

This was not a peck is was a french kiss. After we kissed for awhile she started to feel on my breast and hey, I did not want her to quit. She started to unsnap me bra and I did the same thing to her.

I was a little more developed for my age so she got a little lower and started to suck on my breast and wanted to scream but someone would hear us.

She soon started to nibble and I almost pissed on myself. I did the same thing to her. We cuddled and kissed a little more before we went to sl**p. I will never forget that night!

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