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Jaime's First Time

I did not write this story this is a real first time story

I was hanging out with my friend Janine. We were both 19. I had always been curious about being with a girl. All of a sudden, I got a plan. I told Janine that I had a date with a guy later that week. I then proceeded to tell her I was nervous, because I had never kissed a guy before ( which was a complete lie).

I asked her in an over dramatic way, "What am I going to do?" She stuttered, well, um... You can um.... "What? I can What?"

Well, you can practice on me if you have to. I pretended to be unsure about the idea, but in my mind I was thinking, score. We both leaned in and started kissing (with very little tongue). Then our tongues met.

It was a feeling of heaven. We just kissed for about 15 minutes. Then we decided to stop. Luckily, she seemed turned on by this, because she asked, "can we do this again". To this my answer was, "Of coarse!"

We had a lot of privacy because my parents were always out at dinner parties. Next time, we got naked in bed and caressed each others bodies and I ate her out and she me. It was the best, and we're still having little lesbian sessions once or twice a week.

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