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'A Tale of Two Moms, Book Three'

A Tale of Two Moms – Book Three

Another biographical fantasy by DizzyD

Story Codes: Fb, Ff, fb, mom-son, mom-dau, inc, voy, mast. oral

This story is purely a work of fiction, and while parts may depict actual occurrences, it is not intended to by biographical. It is protected under law, and conforms to all legal statutes and is protected under the Byrne Convention.

I am reposting this in preparation for the awaited posting of Book Four.


Chapter One

Barb Davis’ own teenage daughter Shelly had just given her one of the most powerful orgasms of her life.

The whole thing started when the sixteen year old girl returned home early from a trip to the beach with her best friend, and found her mom giving her little b*****r Billy a blow job… right in the kitchen. As Shelly hid and watched her mom sucking her thirteen year old b*****r’s cock, she got incredibly turned on, and actually thought about barging in. But she also decided that she might wait, and use what her mom was doing as blackmail to extort some serious goodies from her… like a new wardrobe, or even a car.

So she stayed hidden and watched as her mom sucked little Billy’s hard prick until he pumped a load of boy cum down her throat. After they were finished, her mom had sent Billy to the neighbors, making sure he promised to keep what they had done a secret. When he was gone, Shelly intended to confront her mom and make her demands. But when she walked down the hall to mom’s room, she found her mother furiously masturbating… obviously turned on by what she and Billy had done.

Just as Barb was about to cum, Shelly had barged into her room and told her what she had seen. When she did, her mom had begun apologizing and crying so hysterically that Shelly hadn’t had the heart to blackmail her. Instead, she tried to comfort and reassure her mom that everything was ok… but before either of them really knew what was happening, the bisexual teen was licking her beautiful mom’s pussy!

After Barb’s earth-shaking orgasm was over, neither the gorgeous mother nor her pretty teenager was more surprised at what had happened. Both of them had experienced sex with other women, but neither of them had ever felt a sexual attraction towards each other. But now, mother and daughter lay naked in Barb’s bed, kissing deeply.

Chapter Two

Barb was still reeling from the incredibly talented pussy licking Shelly had given her… and now she wanted to return the favor. As she began kissing along Shelly’s neck, her daughter groaned, “Mom… you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to… I know you’ve never been with another girl before.”

The young mother reluctantly lifter her lips from her daughter’s soft skin and said, “Honey, since you told me about you and Allison, then I guess I should tell you something.”

“What’s that,” Shelly asked, her body tingling from her mom’s kisses.

Barb just smiled at her and said, “You won’t be the first woman I’ve been with.”

“Oh my god mom… who was it,” the surprised girl asked.

Barb smiled and asked, “Do you remember meeting my old college roommate Karen Wilson when she was in town a few months ago?”

“Absolutely,” Shelly answered in an excited tone, “she was freakin’ hot!”

“Well,” Barb said with a sly grin on her face, “we roomed together for two years, and let’s just say that the nights we didn’t have male companionship were still far from lonely!”

With that, Barb began kissing her way down from the nape of Shelly’s neck towards her firm round breasts. As she did, Shelly could feel her mom’s naked body pressed against her own. Their legs were entwined, and as Barb slid lower, Shelly could feel the mound of her mom’s pussy pressing against her thigh.

Shelly’s young cunt was aching for attention as her mom began kissing around one of her nipples. Then the teen girl let out a gasp of pleasure as Barb’s lips encircled the hard bud of flesh. As she began teasing her daughter’s right nipple with her tongue, her soft hand gently cupped her left breast. As Barb kneaded the flesh, she noted that Shelly’s tits were a little smaller than hers, and also felt firmer.

As Barb caressed her daughter’s left breast with her hand, her tongue teased the hard nipple of other, causing the Shelly moan, “Oh god mom… that feels so good.”

Barb could sense Shelly’s excitement building, so she began kissing and licking her way from her right nipple to her left, and as she did, she shifted her body so she was kneeling between her daughter’s shapely legs. Then Barb pushed her knees outward, spreading Shelly’s legs until the young teen’s thighs were pressed against her full, round hips. When Barb’s moist lips sucked Shelly’s left nipple into her mouth, the teen groaned out loud and pushed her hips upward, trying to grind her overheated clitoris against her mom’s body.

Shelly’s lust was taking over now as her mom’s lips began kissing their way down over her taught belly. While Barb’s own tummy was still nice and flat, she noticed Shelly’s was more firm and tight, with strong muscles from her competitive swim training. Now the young mother’s lips and tongue played teasingly over Shelly’s excited flesh as she worked her way towards her daughter’s crotch.

Barb had slid her body down to where her shoulders were now beginning to push Shelly’s smooth, muscular thighs even wider apart. Unlike her mother, the teen girl kept her pubic mound clean shaven, and Barb was making her daughter squirm as her tongue played across the smooth, sensitive flesh… only inches from her teenage pussy. The young mother inhaled deeply as the scent of her daughter’s oozing slit invaded her nostrils. It had been nearly eighteen years since Barb had been this close to another woman’s cunt… and she was finding the familiar aroma intoxicating.

Finally, Barb slid down until the back of her daughter’s thighs were resting on her shoulders, and her lips were only inches away from Shelly’s dripping pussy. She took a moment to look at it closely. She could see the outer lips were puffy, and shining with her daughter’s secretions. Shelly’s lips were more of a bright pink than her own, which were darker like those of most women of Mediterranean heritage. She could also see a Shelly’s hard clitoris… peeking out from under its protective hood, and a little trickle of pussy juice leaking out of her daughter’s tight quim and over her tiny, puckered asshole.

Once Barb had taken a mental picture of her daughter’s beautiful pussy, she leaned forward, extended her tongue, and then flicked it across Shelly’s tight bum hole. The teen girl let out a loud shriek of pleasure as her mom’s tongue made first contact with the sensitive orifice. Then, as she placed her hands behind Shelly’s knees and pushed them wide apart, she began running her tongue up and down her teen daughter’s oozing cleft.

Shelly groaned, “Oh fuck, mom,” as Barb began rhythmically tongue fucking her quivering twat.

Barb momentarily lifted her face from her daughter’s dripping pussy, and in a mock-scolding tone said, “I don’t think you should be using that kind of language, young lady.”

Through gasping breath, Shelly said, “Mom, please just shut up and lick me!”

Barb giggled mischievously, and then lowered her beautiful face between her daughter’s wide spread legs again… only this time, instead of teasing her cunt lips, she slowly dragged her tongue directly over Shelly’s agitated clitoris. The teen girl screamed “Oh my god,” as her mom began rhythmically licking at her hard pleasure button.

Shelly was moaning out loud now as her mom concentrated her tongue assault on her nerve-filled clitty. Barb wrapped her lips around the hard bud and began flicking the tip of her tongue over it, causing her daughter’s insides to begin tightening. Shelly could feel the pressure building deep inside her cunt, and knew it wouldn’t be long before her mom brought her to the orgasm she so desperately needed. Like her mom had been with her, Shelly was amazed at what an incredibly talented pussy licker Barb was.

Barb could sense that Shelly’s orgasm was approaching, so as she continued torturing her daughter’s clit with her tongue, she slowly pushed two fingers inside Shelly’s tight cunt, and then turned them upwards so she could stroke her g-spot. Barb’s fingertips found the sensitive spot on the roof of her baby’s pussy and began rubbing it, causing Shelly to let out an a****listic wail of pleasure. Both mother and daughter were so into what they were doing, that neither one noticed Billy standing in the doorway.

When Mrs. Taylor had caught Billy with her son Richie’s penis in his mouth earlier, she told him she wasn’t mad, and then sent him home. But Billy was still worried that Mrs. Taylor might have called his mom, so he had quietly tiptoed into the house, hoping to avoid her. But as he stepped into the living room, he heard what he thought was his s****r’s voice groaning, ‘Mom, please just shut up and lick me.’ When Billy got to his mom’s door, he peeked into her room and saw her kneeling between his s****r’s legs, with her naked ass sticking up in the air, and her face buried in Shelly’s crotch.

Shelly was naked too, and her head was thrown back and her hands were squeezing her breasts as Barb pressed her face into her pussy. The young boy had stepped in the doorway just as Shelly had cried out, ‘Oh my god,’ and then watched as his mom’s face began moving up and down between her legs. Then Billy’s eyes focused back on his mom’s full, round ass… pointed right at him. In her kneeling position, he could actually see his mom’s puckered bum hole, and right below it was the first real live pussy he’d ever seen up close.

Billy was mesmerized and confused by the sight before him, but he was also extremely excited from seeing both his mom and s****r naked. Shelly was moaning so loud now that he instinctively knew that whatever his mom was doing to her… she was really enjoying it! Billy’s young cock had grown to a full erection again, and it was pushing out the front of his cargo shorts as he took in the sight before him.

Billy was concentrating so intently on his mom’s beautiful ass that he hadn’t realized that Shelly had opened her eyes and seen him, until he heard her groan, “Hi Billy, when did you get here?”

Chapter Three

When Barb heard Shelly say Billy’s name, she lifted her face from her crotch and turned to see her young son staring at them. As Billy looked at his mom, he could see that the lower part of her face was shining with some sort of fluid. He suddenly got very nervous that he was seeing something he shouldn’t, and started backing out of the room. But his mom saw the scared look on his face and said, “It’s ok Billy… come here honey.”

The young boy hesitated at first, but then started slowly walking towards the bed. Even though he looked very nervous, both his mother and older s****r could see the prominent bulge in the front of his shorts, telling them that he was enjoying what he was seeing.

After a few moments of silence between Mother, daughter and son… it was Billy who broke the ice by asking, “What are you guys doing?”

Neither woman had bothered to get up and get dressed, thinking it was a moot point, so from her position between her daughter’s legs, Barb said, “Billy, I’m kind of doing the same thing to Shelly that I did to you this morning.”

Billy couldn’t believe his mother had revealed their secret, especially after he had kept his promise and not told his best friend, so he groaned, “Mom… we promised we wouldn’t tell anyone.”

That was when Shelly chimed in and said, “Don’t worry sport, mom didn’t say a word to me… I came home from the beach early today and saw you two in the kitchen.”

Billy felt good that his mom had kept their secret, and he felt even better when his mom said, “Billy, I’m going to lick Shelly some more… would you like to watch us?”

“Heck yeah,” Billy exclaimed in a surprised tone, and then he said, “If it’s ok with Shelly.”

The young boy’s older s****r was also surprised by her mom’s suggestion, and really impressed and a little touched by the fact that Billy would only stay if he had permission to from her too. With a big smile on her face, Shelly said, “Sure you can stay sport.”

Even though Billy had already cum twice that morning, his hormones were raging again. He couldn’t believe that he was going to get to watch what his mom and s****r were doing together. But just as he started to sit on the bed next to them, Shelly said, “Wait.”

Billy’s heart sank… thinking his s****r had changed her mind and wanted him to go away. Instead, Shelly said, “Mom, I think it’s only fair that if we’re naked… then Billy should be naked.”

“I agree,” Barb said, winking at Shelly, and then she said, “Billy, if you want to stay… you have to take your clothes off.”

The young boy didn’t waste any time as he quickly pulled his tee-shirt over his head, and then began pushing his shorts down. But suddenly he hesitated. His mom immediately recognized the reason for his hesitance, and said, “Billy, don’t be embarrassed… after all, both your s****r and I have seen your erection.”

“Oh yeah, that’s right,” the naïve boy said, and then he began pushing his cargo down. Before long, they were in a pile on the floor, and Billy stood naked next to his mom and s****r.

Both mother and daughter took a close look at the six inch column of swollen flesh sticking straight out from Billy’s body, bobbing with the beat of his heart… and then Shelly patted the mattress next to her left side and said, “Sit right here little b*****r.”

Billy sat down next to his s****r, who was still lying on her back, with her head propped up by some pillows. As the young boy looked down at his mom, she smiled at him, and then lowered her face back to Shelly’s pussy. Billy leaned forward and watched as his mother’s pink tongue resumed caressing up and down his s****r’s wet gash, causing her to let out a groan.

Shelly’s lust quickly returned to a frenzied state as her mom’s soft tongue began swirling around her clit again. Billy was sitting right next to his big s****r, with his naked hip pressed against the soft skin of her left side. As her mom began moving her tongue faster and faster on her swollen love bud, the teen girl wrapped her arm around her little b*****r’s narrow hip, and then her hand found his erect penis as it stuck straight up from his body.

Billy let out a gasp as his s****r’s fingers wrapped around his swollen shaft. He never took his eyes off what his mom was doing as Shelly began stroking her hand up and down his hard prick. If he hadn’t cum twice that morning, the sight of his mom licking his s****r’s pussy combined with the feel of Shelly’s hand stroking his dick would have probably had him spurting fountains of boy juice in no time. But since he had cum earlier, he was able to enjoy the scene before him without cumming too fast.

Shelly was moaning louder now as her mom intensified her oral assault on her aching clit. Billy didn’t know what to look at first… his naked mom’s beautiful ass sticking up in the air, his s****r’s perfect tits rising and falling with her quickening breath, or his mom’s face as it pressed into Shelly’s dripping pussy. It was the most amazing thing any thirteen year old boy had ever seen.

Just then, Billy’s concentration was broken when Shelly groaned, “Billy, play with my nipples.” The young boy really didn’t know what to do, so he just started stroking the rubbery buttons of flesh with his fingers. He felt Shelly’s body jerk as his fingers made contact, and then she moaned, “Pinch them Billy… pinch my nipples.”

Shelly groaned, “Oh god…” as her mom started flicking her clit with the tip of her tongue as Billy gently pinched and twisted her nipples. She could feel the muscles deep in her groin beginning to tighten as her mom and little b*****r brought her closer to orgasm. Her eyes were closed now, and the image of her mom sucking little Billy’s cock played in her mind. This suddenly gave her an idea, and as her pussy began to quiver, she said, “Billy, come up here.”

Billy released Shelly’s nipples, and then he followed her lead as she directed him to straddle her chest. With the teen girl’s head propped up by pillows, Billy’s hard boy cock pointed straight at her face. Once he was in place, Shelly reached around his hips and pulled his little butt towards her… and as she did, she parted her moist lips and let his throbbing prick slide right into her mouth.

“Oh jeez, Shelly,” the young boy cried out as his s****r’s lips sealed around his burgeoning shaft. Billy leaned his upper body forward and his hands grasped the headboard of the bed as he began instinctively fucking his cock in and out of his s****r’s sucking mouth. From her position between Shelly’s legs, Barb could actually everything from her son’s tiny puckered asshole, to his bird’s egg-sized balls, to the pale shaft of his cock as it appeared and disappeared between her daughter’s lips. She could also see little Billy’s back arch and his cute butt cheeks clench as he slowly fucked Shelly’s mouth.

The scene looked surreal. There was the teenage daughter laying on her back, with the adolescent son kneeling over her and fucking her mouth, as the beautiful mother lay on her tummy with her face between the young girl’s legs.

Both Shelly and Billy were both groaning now as they approached orgasm. From Barb’s angle, she could actually see her son’s little balls pulling up tight against his body, exposing the base of his prick, and the couple of inches of cock shaft that weren’t buried in her daughter’s mouth. She could also hear Billy moaning, “Oh Shelly… oh Shelly,” as he got closer to cumming.

Shelly could also sense Billy’s orgasm approaching, and she took his cock out of her mouth long enough to croak, “Mom, let me make Billy cum first… I want to taste him, ok?”

Barb reluctantly lifter her face from Shelly’s delicious cunt and said, “Ok baby, I’m going to watch.” And then, she slipped a hand under herself and found her own pussy, soaked with her juices. As she focused back on Billy’s prick pumping in and out of her daughter’s mouth, Barb began stroking her own clit.

Both mother and daughter heard Billy groan, “Oh Shelly, I’m gonna shoot pretty soon,” as he began fucking her willing mouth again. The teen girl could feel the spongy head of his swollen penis bumping the back of her throat as his hard shaft slid in and out between her lips. Shelly’s mouth felt like a furnace around the young boy’s cock as she used her tongue to bring him to the brink of orgasm.

At that moment, Barb witnessed the most amazing thing she had ever seen. First, she saw Billy’s pink, puckered asshole begin twitching… almost as if it were winking at her. Then, as he cried out, “Oh Shelly… arrrgggghhhh!!!, she saw the spot between his asshole and balls begin to rhythmically contract, and with each contraction, she saw his exposed cock shaft jerking over and over as it pumped his virgin seed into his s****r’s waiting mouth.

Billy was crying out, “Ahhh… Ahhh…” as each spasm at the base of his prick caused another wave of pleasure, and sent another jet of sperm rocketing through his dick and into his s****r’s hot mouth. The first spurt of cum was so strong that it went right down Shelly’s throat. But now, her mouth was filling with his gooey discharge as she felt his shaft pulse between her lips again and again.

Right then, Barb pushed two fingers of her free hand into her daughter’s tight pussy, and as she watched her young son’s prostate area continue to pump his seed into his big s****r’s mouth, she began lashing her tongue against her daughter’s tormented clit again. The teen girl was so excited from having her b*****r’s delicious boy cum coating her tongue that before she could swallow it… her young cunt exploded.

With her mouth still filled with her little b*****r’s spurting cock and virgin cum, Shelly could only grunt “MMMPPPFFF… MMMPPPFFF…” as her own orgasm ripped through her. Her strong thighs squeezed her mom’s head as the searing heat of her climax melted her pussy. Barb could feel the silky walls of her daughter’s cunt clutching at her fingers as Shelly came. The young girl wanted to scream out loud, but she could only groan, “mmmm…mmmm,” with her lips still sealed around Billy’s pulsing cock shaft.

Now Barb could see little trickles of Billy’s milky sperm leaking out of the corners of Shelly’s mouth as she tried to keep her lips sealed around her little b*****r’s softening penis. b*****r and s****r were both moaning softly now as their orgasms subsided, and when Billy finally lifted his half erect prick from Shelly’s mouth, Barb finally saw her throat contract as she swallowed her little b*****r’s load.

When Billy lifted himself from his position astride his s****r and sat back down next to her, they both looked down to see their mom’s head tilted back from Shelly’s crotch. Her eyes were glazed over and her lips, still glistening with Shelly’s pussy juice, were half open as her hips fucked up and down on her hand.

Billy wasn’t sure what she was doing at first, but Shelly could tell that her mom was masturbating. She was still on her tummy with her hand underneath her, and both the young girl and her younger b*****r could see her fleshy ass cheeks jiggle as she bounced herself up and down on her fingers. At first she was just moaning incoherently, but then her son and daughter heard Barb groan, “Oh shit k**s… mommy’s gonna cum again.”

Barb’s beautiful ass was fucking up and down faster now as she ground her clit against her fingers. She could feel her orgasm building, and as she heard daughter say, “C’mon mom… make your pussy cum!” her insides ignited like a fireworks display.

As Barb’s cunt went into uncontrollable contractions, she drove two fingers deep inside her pulsating canal and screamed, “Oh god… I’m cummiinnnggg!!!”

Billy and Shelly both watched their mom’s hips begin hunching against her hand as her cunt became a quivering tunnel of convulsing muscles and exploding nerves. The young mother was almost sobbing as she groaned, “Ooohhh fuck… ooohh fuck,” over and over. Billy had never heard his mom use such language, but even the young boy knew she was saying those things because of the incredible pleasure she was experiencing. Her syrupy pussy juice was leaking from her twitching pussy, and covering her fingers. Barb’s eyes were closed and her beautiful face was contorted as the last tremors of pure ecstasy coursed through her… and then finally she collapsed.

With one last groan, Barb pulled her hand from between her legs. Her fingers were slick with her own juice, and her face still bore the remnants of Shelly’s pussy nectar. As she rolled on her side, she offered her cum coated fingers to Shelly, and the greedy teen collected some of her mom’s pussy juice onto her tongue… letting it mix with the tart remains of Billy’s young sperm.

Then Barb offered her hand to Billy. The young boy had still never tasted pussy, so he hesitantly extended his tongue to his mom’s fingers and took a lick. He was surprised to find the taste to be sweet and the aroma to be musky and exciting. At that moment, he decided that if his mom or s****r would let him, he’d like to do what he had just watched his mom do to Shelly.

Finally, the young mother extracted herself from between her daughter’s beautiful legs and moved up to lie between Billy and Shelly. Then she pulled her k**s close… first kissing Billy gently and lovingly on the lips, and then doing the same with Shelly.

As they lay together, Barb thought she should feel some sort of guilt or shame over what had happened… but she didn’t. She knew that soon, her marriage would be over, and that she would be alone in the house with the k**s. She also knew that she would always do anything she could to let them know they were loved.

After a few minutes, Barb said, “Now k**s, what we do here is between us… and that includes not telling our best friends, ok?”

Both k**s said, “We promise mom.”

Barb just smiled and said “Thank you both for being so wonderful.”

As her two k**s lay on either side of her, dozing off into post-orgasmic slumber, Barb was thinking about what had happened throughout the day. She knew that the relationship she shared with them would never be the same… but she also knew she had never felt closer to them.

She also felt a little rush as she thought about getting together with Alice to share what she had done, and find out what had been going on with her and her son Richie. Somehow she knew that the day’s events were just the beginning of what the two moms and their three k**s were about to experience!

The End of ‘A Tale of Two Moms – Book Three’

‘A Tale of Two Moms – Book Four’ will be out soon, and will be the final chapter in the continuing saga of The Davis and Taylor families. Please feel free to post your feedback.


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