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My Lesbian Lover

She has these timid, sultry eyes,
Caramel lips and shotgun thighs
Her voice is like a lustful dream,
Her flesh of purest milky cream.

When we kiss my body rises
Anticipating her surprises.
She always has something new in store
She keeps me wanting more and more.

Sexy nurse, or naughty schoolgirl,
Secretary, nasty pool-girl,
Softest silken angel feathers
Demonic dominatrix leathers
Teacher's pet or red-light district
Officer with cuffs to restrict
Supermodel on the catwalk
Collared and gagged so she can't talk
Diapers for some innocence
Whips for when there's consequence

She'll lead me into bed and tease me
Blind folded, and always please me
With her toying, tender touch
And stop just before too much.

When I'm sure she's truly sweet
She digs her nails into my meat
My body arches from the pain
Juices flowing like the rain.

Sweat and heat and pounding heart
Her fingers pierce me like a dart
One then two, then come the toys,
When you've got these who needs boys?
Anal beads and bulging cocks
Dog dick dildos hard as rocks -
She'll do anything I ask her
But I'd rather feel the moments spur
It's more fun to never know
Which side of her she's gonna show.

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