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Angie's First Time

I did not write this it is a real first time story

I'm now a high school senior, and I've been out for five years, but my most memorable experience occurred the summer after freshman year. I started hanging out with my friend Tina again, even though we were good friends we had drifted for a couple weeks. Her cousin Lexy had just moved here from Lebanon, and her f****y was staying with Tina's f****y.

I was 15 at the time, Tina was 16 and had her license, and Lexy was 18. Tina dropped me off at soccer practice one day after school because I needed a ride, and she asked me to hang out that night. After soccer practice I caught a ride to Tina's and got more than I bargained for when I rang the doorbell. Lexy opened the door in hr pajamas, I woke her up from a nap. She wore short shorts showing off her long legs, as she was 5'8", same as me.

Her tank top left just enough for my imagination, though I could tell she had a small chest and belly-dancing worthy hips. Her hair was messed up, which I find sexy, and she had the most mysterious that I have seen to this day. Every thing about her was dark and every thing about her turned me on. Me, Tina, Lexy, and our friend Amber set off for a party. It was really just a small gathering, and Lexy clung to me because our friends Nic and Shad were aggressively interested in her. She was a highly religious virgin d**g free type, and I was pretty interested in corrupting her values. The connection was there all night between us and I kept getting more and more turned on. She touched me constantly, flirted with me, but she was shy, and I am too. After the party, we all slept at Tina's pool house, the four of us.

By midnight Tina and Amber were d***k and passed out. I was a little buzzed, and Lexy only had a couple drinks, so we were good. We talked for hours, but the time passed quickly. She told me that Shad tried to touch her somewhere I didn't understand because of her accent. She took my hand and gently led it to her clit and said "Here".

I only rested it for a brief second; I didn't want to invade her. I was really nervous and my face was getting really hot; good thing it was pretty dark. I tried to help her to get to sl**p by playing with her hair, and I thought she was asl**p so I went outside to look at the stars. She came out wrapped in a big blanket and sat next to me on the swinging love seat.

She rested her head on my shoulder and I put my arm over her body and covered her body with the blanket. We talked for hours more even though I was really cold. I noticed she had her lips right next to my ear and was talking more softly. I pretended not to notice because like I said, I'm shy. She kissed my cheek so lightly and said it was her culture.

I took her face in my hand and kissed her forehead, nose, cheek, and quickly her lips. I wanted to kiss her long, but I was apprehensive she'd be taken back by it. After I kissed her face and lips she giggled and said "Is that your culture?". I said no and kissed her, and it's my most memorable kiss to this day.

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