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My Wife My Mommie part4 con

About two block from the house Ann stated "Tom's Home". It was
then that Tami noticed the pacifier around his neck and in his
mouth. He took it out immediately and saw the two girls in the car
next to them at the stop light smiling.

Since it was a warm day, Ann had the car windows open. Tami
looked at the girls, and now being himself, stated "I'm trying to
quit smoking."

"Sure you are," the driver of the other car said, as the light
turned green and she drove off laughing.

"Please Ann, don't do this to me. I'm sorry, I really am,"Tami

"Now you know you want to be babied. We will discuss this
further when we get in the house. There are going to be some
radical and significant changes in the Meyer household starting

As they drove into the driveway, Tami noticed that at least
no one seemed to be around. He was wondering how he was going to
get from the car to the door without anyone noticing his diapered
bottom. As he got out of the car, he realized just how wet he was
as his soaking wet diaper and rubber pants were so heavy they
pulled his crotch almost to his knees. He literally waddled to the

Ann seemed to notice his embarrassment and said, "I don't know
why you are worried Tami, they will know soon enough what a baby
you are, especially when I put you outside in a play pen a pretty
frock, or take you to the store. I'm not going to let it bother me,
so why should you be so concerned, this is what you wanted. Now get
into the house and we will discuss this matter further after we
change your wet diaper."

Tom walked into the house in total dejection. Ann grabbed him
by the arm and e****ted him to his new room.

"Since the c***dren are gone, this is going to be your new
room. As you can see, it has been 'modified' slightly," Ann said.

Slightly was an understatement. There was now pink flowered
wall paper with little dolls, lambs, baby blocks on the walls. The
curtains had be changed to match the wall paper. There was now a
crib in the room, not a regular crib, but a crib that was
scrupulously build to look exactly like a babies crib, but to
accommodate a twin size mattress and a 'big' baby. It was white,
with pink and blue decals of baby blocks on the ends and had pink
canopy over the top. The sides even lowered for easy access and had
teething rails. It was adorable, for a baby, a baby 'girl'.

Also in the room, along one of the walls was a changing table
that, for all practical purposes, matched the crib, obviously built
to compliment one another. A toy box was placed along another wall
with a rocking chair next to it. On top of the toy box was a large
rag doll, one that any little girl would desirous of. The whole
room was adorable and a precise model room, a room any girl would
be proud to have. It was a room that any parent would love to put
there new baby in, there new 'girl' baby. But I was not a 'girl'
baby!!!!! I just want to act like one once in a while.

"I see you like your new room. Now take off your shirt, pants,
shoes, and socks and get on the changing table so I can change your
wet diapers Tami."

"But.....but.....but......Ann," I said, "Please don't do this
to me."

Ann did not answer. I took off my cloths and ignominiously
laid down on the changing table. I looked up at Ann as she said,
"Tami IS a baby."

My mind went taciturn, I looked up an saw "MY MOMMIE" "MY
PROTECTOR" "MY ONLY MEANS OF SURVIVAL". I was not a 43 year old man
able to think for himself. I was a baby, a real baby. Ann knowingly
put a pacifier in my mouth. She removed my rubber panties and then
took of my very wet diapers. She put a strap around my waist so I
wouldn't roll and fall off the changing table while she rinsed out
the diapers. She returned momentarily and removing the strap, lead
me to the bath tub where she washed me up. She then took some
ointment and rubbed it all over my body saying it would make her
little girl very soft and pretty. (It also removed ALL my body
hair) When we finished, she took me back to the changing table put
clean diapers on me along with a pair of pink rubber rumba panties.
She then put on darling little stocking and mary jane shoes.
Getting me up from the changing table she place the most adorable
little dress over my head and buttoned it up the back. It was very
high waisted, and trimmed in delicate lace and white satin bows.
She place two little matching bows in my hair and lead me to the
kitchen. When she finished putting me in MY 'High' chair, she said,
"Tom's Home."

I then realized my predicament and pleaded with Ann to let me
out of the high chair. I looked at the way I was dressed. I saw
that I now had no hair on my legs or arms. I think I must have
invisible, because I was a pink as the dress. He I was, locked in
a High Chair in a pink dress, bows in my hair, mary jane shoes,
with diapers and rubber panties. I was mortified.

Ann started to speak. "As I said before there will be some
radical changes here. I have been planning this for a long time and
since you started to wet the bed it was as good a time as any to
get the ball rolling. You don't think that I could make all these
changes over night, do you? "

Ann walked over to the desk and continued. "I found these
nifty books in your 'private' files, near your computer. I really
like the titles, "Tales from the Crib", "Sissy Times",
"Transvestite desires", "Petticoat Punishment", and on and
on....... I really like this one, and it gave me most of my ideas."
She held up the book, "My wife turned me into a baby girl". "I
called several people and that is how I found Dr. More. I also
found your tapes from DPF to make you incontinent at night. Since
this seems to be what you want, and since I married you for better
or for worse, I will make the best of this situation. I took today
off of work so I could have the house re-done to accommodate the
'NEW' you. Get use to it Tami, I'm not turning back, but you are,
YOUR NOT AT WORK!!! And weather that will continue, remains to be
seen. These are going to be some of the new rules!!!!"

1. "From now on you will never wear mens underwear again. You will
teddy's for T-shirts, in place of shorts, panties or diapers to
work, and I will decide which it will be. The rest of time you will
be in diapers."

2. "Except at work, and again I don't know for how long, you will
never use the bathroom to urinate. Since I can't see changing messy
diapers, you will be put on the potty twice a day, in the morning
and evening before bed. If you mess your diaper any other time you
will receive a severe spanking."

3. "You have a months vacation coming in a short time. During this
month you will have your ears pierced. You will always wear cute
sissy baby earrings at all times except at work."

4. "Your toenails will always be polished in a bright sissy color
so as to leave nothing to the imagination that you are a sissy baby
if you ever had to remove your shoes. Further more, your body hair
will be removed on an, as need, basis."

5. "You will eat all your meals in your high chair, and you will
drink all your liquid from a bottle. You will never drink from a
glass in this house again."

6. "You will be on a strict diet, Formula for breakfast, salad for
lunch, and a normal meal of baby food at night. I maybe will even
give you dessert,,,,,Prunes!!!!! This so that if I ever want you
to grow up, I can lace you into a corset and let you be my maid.
Since I will be required to take care of you, when you grow up at
times, you will be my maid."

7. "As far as sex, I have not decided yet."

8. "And anything else I can think of to make you so humiliated that
you'll regret even thinking about this, and it will be done without

"Do you understand!!!!!!"

I humble hung my head in compliance.

Just then the phone rang. "Hello? Ann....? This is Daisy,
Robin's Mother?"

"Oh yes, hello Daisy, I was just telling Tami her new rules,
hang on a minute. 'Tami IS a baby'......There, now Tami won't know
what we are talking about."

"Oh I love it, I love it......Daisy that is so devious.....I
love it."
Ann just finished explaining all the new rules in the
household to Tami when the phone rang. It was Robin's mother Daisy.
Ann issued the command "Tami IS a baby" so that she would not
comprehend what was being talked about on the phone. Daisy and Ann
were about to contrive some very interesting and humiliating
situations for both Robin and Tami, the best has yet to cum......

"Oh I love it, I love it......Daisy that is so devious.....I
love it."

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