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Laurens First time

I did not write this story this is a real first time story

My first time was at high school, I joined the swim team and very quickly made friends with a girl my same age by the name of Sarah, she was a fantastic swimmer and had a beautifully developed body and I used to look longingly after her, because I was kind of skinny then and thought that she was so much more womanly than me.

I was with Sarah in the change room one afternoon after swimming comps and just by chance all the other girls had finished changing and left to go to class, leaving Sarah and me together, suddenly she placed her hand on my bare arm and smiled so sweetly as she said "you were wonderful today Lauren, you swam so well" I could feel myself blush and I naturally dropped my head a little, it was then I noticed that she had removed her swimmers and showered, but hadn't yet started to dress for class, she still had hold of my arm and I felt the biggest rush I had ever experienced to that time, I was shaking a little and I was so aware of her moving closer!

I could smell her wet hair and I will never forget the warmth and sweetness of her breath as she drew herself right up against me and pressed her cheek against mine, I had only gotten to the point of pulling my panties on before this happened and I thought I would die as I felt her breasts press against mine and her tummy touch me ever so lightly. My heart was pounding and I felt like I was in a beautiful dream, but OMG! this was real and I was so excited by it that my panties were soon wetter than my swimmers had been only moments before!

I had always preferred the company of other girls, but at that beautiful instant, I knew that I was a lesbian for sure, because nothing in the world could ever be more exciting than this, I was as red as a berry and breathing so hard, but I managed to whisper "Oh Sarah" her sweet smile gave me such confidence and we were soon engaged in the sweetest and longest kiss, I thought that all the excitement in the world had been heaped upon me until I realized that she was slowly walking me backwards into the shower box and as my shoulders came to rest against the shower wall, Sarah took me to heaven via the stars as she slid her hand inside my wet panties and began to gently rub my most sensitive and until now totally private place, my eyes were closed tight and I was almost passing out!

At this point and had no notion of the pleasure yet to come, until I reached out with my right hand and suddenly felt Sarah's hot and wet pussy at my finger tips, I kept my eyes shut tight as I instinctively slid my fingers upward to her clit, at that second I heard her moan deeply and softly and I simply exploded into the my first ever rippling orgasm. Sarah and I were close friends and lovers for a long time after that day, but that was how it started for me (Sarah had done this before) my first ever experience with what has become the greatest joy of my life.

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