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Hong Kong, six months later

Laughter from downstairs. Katie (Uncle Edgar liked 'Katie'
better than 'Kate' so she was now officially 'Katie') listened to
the male guffaws without interest. Uncle Edgar had so many
guests over all the time. Anyway, they kept him busy. There was
so much entertaining in Asia. Uncle Edgar said it was part of
doing business. They had been at it for a couple of hours now,
long after the cook and maid had served dinner, cleared the
dishes and left for the night. Katie could smell the cigarette
smoke and the clink of cocktail glasses from the party going on
below, now and then the karaoke machine with the accompanying
Chinese voices.

Anyway, it occupied Uncle Edgar's time which was o.k. with Katie.
She would have been in bed much sooner (Uncle's Rule #9: lights
out at 9:00 pm) but his mind was on his guests right now. Maybe
he had even forgotten what day it was, Katie hoped fretfully. So
Katie continued to read quietly, hoping to finish the magazine
she was reading. It was an English copy of "Teen Babe" magazine.
She couldn't pick up a word of Chinese which wasn't taught to her
anyway, so she was always excited when Uncle gave her a copy just
in from the overseas packet. She was engrossed in reading an
article called "When To Tease And When To Please," all about
dating tips. She had been reading it all night, over and over
again. It had just the most super advice, like:

Tease Tip #1 Boys love it just scads when a girl wears tight
pullovers! But remember,
Please Tip #1 Your bra should be easy for him to take off once
he gets underneath that sweater!

Katie blew on her drying red nails and carefully turned the
magazine page and continued reading.

Tease Tip #2 Boys like it when you ask them to do things for
them because you can't-- 'you're just a girl', but
Please Tip #2 Boys don't like it when you ask too much. Don't
be a 'space'-- remember your place!

Too much reading at one time was beginning to bore her. She
flipped the cover over. A beautiful blonde girl stared up at
her. The model was so hot-looking ('inappropriate thought' the
teacher would say! and Uncle wouldn't say anything; he'd just
take poor Katie over his knee!). But Katie couldn't help it and
slowly the limp cock stirred. Katie blew on her fingers again and
rolled onto her flat, trim tummy, squashing the growth before the
troublemaker began rubbing itself raw against the metal mesh of
the chastity belt. She emptied her mind of the thoughts then
re-addressed the cover consciously. Yes, the model was pretty.
Yes, Katie bet she had many boyfriends. Once again she was just
another girl, nothing more. The stirring stopped and Katie was
grateful. It was happening less and less but it never went away
entirely. It caused her too many problems. She blew on her
nails again.

"Katie!" It was Uncle Edgar! "I know you're awake! Get down
here-- I want to introduce you to some guests!"

She frowned. "Uh, Uncle, I'm not really dressed," she pleaded
lamely through the door.

"Now!" Uncle Edgar boomed.

Katie rolled off the bed. She had on a pair of black cotton
panties and a matching soft-cup black cotton training brassiere. She
grabbed her pink silk kimono top and slipped into it, tying the waist
knot of the sash tight. It only accentuated her lovely curved hips but
Katie was not aware of this as she sashayed down the steps, obediently

"Yes, Sir?"

The two Asians were seated on a wide leather couch. One was
older, the other a younger more protege-looking type. They spoke
to each other in rapid, excited Mandarin, smiling and gaping at
her. Her uncle sat across from them in an arm chair. He patted
his knee.

She kept her head bowed and minced over, seating herself daintily
on his knee. His arm encircled her waist, finding a home right
under the band of Katie's panty's thin elastic band. Her hands
folded over one another and rested on top of it.

Edgar switched to Mandarin now, though he knew Katie wouldn't
understand it.

"My little whore, Katie! You like gentlemen?"

The protege smiled widely at first, but held his tongue as the
older Chinese gave a more neutral expression.

"Pretty like your American actress Jodie Foster. But like the
actress, her breasts are small."

"It can be arranged that they are larger, whatever your needs are
we can accommodate, I assure you!" Edgar patted his 'niece's'
knee. Katie squirmed. "Bigger if you like. This one is mine
and I prefer her this way."

The Chinese nodded, then matched his protege's smile. "In this
case, I see possibilities. Certain Hong Kong businessmen would
enjoy such a pretty dove as your-- niece. And your supply is
secure." It was a shielded question, not intended to imply
disbelief but to signal it.

Edgar nodded and slapped Katie's thigh, bringing a brief red rise
from the pale skin. "Mr. Chang, there are more where Katie came
from. All I need is your ordering information and I can
guarantee delivery within eight months. As well as guarantee of a
volume of at least two million US dollars."

The older Chinese nodded and rose. The younger man did likewise.
As if on pre-arranged cue, the two bowed.

"You have been a most gracious host and your proposition has been
well-received. May I trouble to ask one last question?"

Edgar offered open palms. "Anything, Mr. Chang."

"Why you do this? You are most wealthy and prosperous. You not
need to trade in these goods."

Edgar bowed and walked the two to the door. As he showed them
out, he answered. "School pride, Mr. Chang. Chalk it up to an
old b-ball player for Elgin Academy."

The two Chinese shook their heads, unsure of what the round-eyes
meant, but smiling politely as they bid goodnight. Edgar closed
the door and turned to his niece.

"You probably thought I had forgotten what day it is, didn't

Katie's false smile dissolved. Abruptly, she stood up, hands
folded in front of her. "Uh, no sir. You never forget."

"Too bad for you, huh Katie?" He took a last swig from his
highball and placed the empty glass on an end table. Then Uncle
Edgar pulled out a sheet of paper from the breast pocket of his
suit jacket and looked it over, holding his hand in his chin as
he contemplated the typed words. He reseated himself in the
armchair. Katie unwillingly positioned herself, standing in
front of her seated uncle.

"Friday, as we both know is Review Day. Since you're a maturing
girl of sixteen and a half, it is important to make sure you are
growing up correctly. And there are some interesting things on
the list this week. So let's review the notes I have on you,
Katie. Ah, a note from your teacher, Mrs. Lee at the English
School. It seems you had a run in your stockings on Monday--
very unladylike. Can you explain this?"

Katie remembered-- she had bumped up against a desk leg and it
had put a small run in her white stockings. It hadn't been that
bad. She had repaired it with her nail polish as she had been
taught in the Girl's Lavatory and hoped her instructors hadn't
seen it. She had been wrong.

"It was a small run, Uncle Edgar. And if you let me wear
pantyhose, I could have borrowed some from a friend," Katie

Uncle Edgar waved the explanation away brusquely. "We're NOT
going to have that discussion again. Proper young ladies like
you wear stockings and garters-- NOT pantyhose! The next thing
would be pants for God's sakes!" He laughed at that ridiculous
concept. "Next year we can talk about possibly letting you wear
thigh highs, but for now, you'll be more careful-- understand?"

Katie swallowed and nodded. "Yes, Sir."

"Fine." He marked the list. "Three spanks for that
indiscretion. Now, I have a note from Ms. Ky, your gymnastics
instructor, that you have received a C- on your half term
routine. Why?"

Katie pulled the kimono tight. "I can't do splits, Uncle. the
girls can--"

"You mean the OTHER GIRLS can, but you can't. You're a girl too,
remember Katie?" His eyes bored into her and she nodded.

"Yes, Uncle, I mean the other girls. But I can't because of--"

That answer was clearly unacceptable, because Uncle Edgar waved
silence on her. "You're not practicing enough. You WILL learn
to do a split properly, learn to do the uneven bars and learn to
do cartwheels and flips. You will find that your chastity belt
will allow you to do all this. If not, we'll see a doctor about
making you physically able to do this. Are we clear?"

Katie grimaced. "Yes, Sir. But," she smiled brightly, "I did
get a B on my math quiz!"

Uncle Edgar smiled. "Yes, but what good will that do you, Katie?
You're a girl and girls like you will never be good in math--
it's a fluke. Besides you spend too much on math. I'm taking
you out of that class. I want you to learn French instead.
Won't that be fun-- French is the language of romance, you

Katie answered with a doubtful smile.

"Now, a C- deserves, oh, five spanks. Next, I see Mrs. Wong says
when she took you to Kowloon to help her shop, she noticed a
chipped nail!"

Katie nodded, accepting the blame. "Yes, Sir. I know I must
keep better care of my nails."

"Let me see them now," commanded Uncle Edgar.

She presented her hands, palms down. He held her soft, small
hands, examining hem for flaws. But the nails were a perfect set
of hot pink well-shaped long finger nails. "Since they are in
good shape, just one spank. Now let's see, we have a total of
nine spanks for this week! Well, very good Katie! That is three
less than last week! Congratulations!"

Katie grinned proudly. Last week's no-nos had really put the
fear of God into her. Her butt had really paid a price. Fine,
she would only get nine. She could live through it, as long as
there was hope that some day she wouldn't have any, that someday
she wouldn't be a she any more! She had hooked her thumbs into
her panties to pull them down and present herself for her weekly
correction, when Uncle Edgar wagged a finger.

"Not yet, sweet thing. There's one more I left off-- because
it's so especially naughty."

Katie sucked in a breath as he pulled out a small piece of pink

"A sheet from your diary, missy. You see, I was reading through
it the other day to make sure you were putting down all your
little thoughts like you're supposed to and I noticed a page had
been ripped out. I wondered, why would Katie rip a page out--
had she written something inappropriate? But I couldn't find it."
He shook his head in mock gravity. "Well, as your uncle, I had
to get to the bottom of it. So I asked Ms. Chan the housekeeper
if she had seen anything like it. And do you know what she told

Katie's eyes had widened into watery half-dollars, ready to spill
frightened tears. She nodded sadly.

"Of course you do, because you gave it to her to pass on. Here--
is this yours?" He unfolded the note and handed it to his niece.

Katie regarded it ruefully. What had she been thinking to have
done this?

To Anybody's Attention,

Please help me! I am being kept as a sex slave by a crazy
businessman named Edgar Stiffington in Hong Kong. He has had me
turned into a girl named Katie and tells people I am his niece,
but I am really a boy! I don't remember my real name because of
the things they have done to me and I look like a girl, but I am
really a boy! Please help-- he makes me do things I don't like
to do and he punishes me if I don't do them the way he likes!

I know this sounds crazy, but if you can read this, then you have
to help me!

Uncle Edgar gently pulled the page out of his niece's hand and
tore it into tiny pieces of confetti. "Too bad Mrs. Chan can't
read English. Too bad she couldn't understand what you were
trying to tell her. Oh well-- you'll just have to be punished
for this bit of misbehavior. Too bad. I think eleven spanks are
in order for this-- for an even twenty. Go on Katie, you know
what to do."

Twenty! She hadn't had that many for many months! But she had
been bad, very, very bad, and she knew she deserved it. Because,
tonight she realized that she WAS Katie, WAS a sixteen and a half
year old girl, and she WAS and would ALWAYS BE her uncle's
plaything. With a genuine penitence, she slipped off her kimono
top and pulled down her black cotton bikini panties. Trembling,
she d****d herself over uncle's knees. She could already feel
the hard cock underneath his trousers coming to life.

Edgar looked at the nude pale moons in his lap. As he always
did, he effortlessly unhooked Katie's training bra, pulling the
straps back and leaving her back bare except for the innocent
freckles. Before raising his open palm, he fingered the soft
wires that ran up between her cheeks and around her waspy waist.
A slight tug on it brought a moan from Katie. He grinned.

"Your troublemaker, Katie-- it's what leads you straight into all
this naughtiness! Imagine-- you a boy! Why you're just the
prettiest, sexiest little niece an uncle like me could ever
have!" He raised his palm and dropped it hard on Katie's rump.

"Bad little girl! I'll teach you not to think you're a boy!"

And so the correction continued. And after it was over, her
uncle taught Katie just how to be a good little girl. He was
such a thoughtful man.


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