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First time

She did not want me to mention her name but this is her first time story

I had my first sexual experience when i was in the 8th grade. I was at one of my friends house and we were playing truth or dare, when her 18 year old b*****r came in and wanted to play we said yes. He explained that his mother had a vibrator and he was going to use it on me. He came in and shoved it into me.

I thought i was in heaven. AS i screamed for more. Fern told him to stop . So he did. Fern told him to leave so he did. Fern said that she would like to try to make me cum as much as Roy had. I agreed and she started to caress my breast. They instantly turned rock hard in her mouth.

Slowly she moved to my vagina and stated to eat me out. (I mean EAT me out ) She licked my already swollen clit and then put her clit in my face. I licked her sex juice from her body. She made me return the favor. I will never forget this time in my life

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