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Kashas First Time

I did not write this story this is a real first time story

i was away at college and i was really homesick. there was an older room mother living on the floor with us, and she invited me into her room for tea, and to get me some comfort. I missed my folks so much as I had never been away before.

I had just talked to them on the phone and was so blue. I started crying and she pulled me closer to her and just held me like a little girl. I felt funny in my stomach when she did that but nothing happened except she kept rubbing my back.

I went back to my room and that was that. She would come by regularly and I started having such a crush on her. We would talk for hours and she would always hold me and rub me. One time her hand grazed the side of my breast and I shivered.

She asked me if i liked that, and I really did, but i was so scared..she was so patient and finally she rubbed the whole breast and put her palm on my nipple and rubbed back and forth till my nipple got so hard i wanted more and more. that night nothing but my breasts got rubbed.

I wanted more and more, soon she rubbed on top of my panties and then worked her fingers under the elastic. it was so good i came right away, i think. she rubbed and rubbed on my clit, and when i was so wet, she stuck her finger in and wiggled it around. my god, i never felt so good.

We did this a lot, i never touched her, but she would always rub me till i came. i would walk back to the dorm with the shakiest knees. Then she said she had a trip for me to Williamsburg, and as i was a history major, i wanted to go. It was more than history, because she ate me out that night and i loved it so much she must have done it several times.

I was too scared to do it to her though, and I never have, but i am married now, and the sex is good but nowhere near as good as it was with her in that hotel room in Williamsburg. If i want to come real quick, all i have to do is think about her tongue...and i wish i was brave enough to go have a wonderful sexy time with another woman sometime before i die.

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