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Ayrnns First Time

This is not my story this is a true first time story

Well, I was on my freshmen camp out in High school. The entire freshmen class was hanging out by a big fire. The teachers weren't really paying attention to what we were doing. Quickly the talk of sex came up, and some guy started talking about lesbians.

The guys went on for a long time about how hot lesbians are. At this point, my friend Erica and I decided, for the boys' pleasure of coarse, to start making out. We did and the boys whooped and hollered.

At first I thought, whatever, kissing another girl is nothing. After we returned, though neither of us mentioned it, we both enjoyed our little kiss. Erica, one day invited me over for the night. Her parents were gone, which was always great. She casually brought up the kiss, and said, with no shame, "Do you want to do it again?"

I was quick to agree and before I knew it, we were undressed and in the shower lathering each other up and kissing each others mouths, breasts and pussies. I never wanted that night to end, and in a way it didn't. Erica and I relived that night many times. We also both got accepted to the same college so the fun hasn't ended yet!

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