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Sex With Selena Gomez

You may ask how I, a simple 18 year old boy from Texas fucked Selena Gomez, and I'd be happy to answer. So I guess it all started that one day when Selena Gomez was holding a concert in Houston, she had always caught my attention ever since I watched my first episode of Wizards. God only knows how much times I had masturbated about spraying my load all over her cute Latina face or her lovely tits. She had always been on my celebrity fuck list, and I sought my chances after watching her perform in a low cut chest, revealing that sexy mole just above her tits. I really wanted to fuck her so I snuck past about 20 security guards mission impossible style, and managed to break into her locker room. I hid in her wardrobe and waited for her, in the wardrobe was a load of her underwear, it smelt like it had been worn, so I put the panties around my dick and masturbated. Then the door opened and I heard Selena. She sat down and took off her shirt and bra and looked in the mirror holding her breasts, she then turned around and walked towards the wardrobe, shit, what was I gonna do? If I was caught I'd be dead meat but if I prepare myself I could cream her when she opened up the wardrobe and ran off, so just as she opened the wardrobe, a crapload of jizz flew all over her body, she looked shocked and shouted "WHAT THE FUCK!!!!" she looked down at my huge cock and said "What are you doing" I pointed down to my cock and said "please fuck me" she looked at me an said "will you tell anyone?", I smiled and said "of course not", she then said"well I might as well, ive always wanted to know what sex felt like, she knelt down and held my dick, she started to pull it back and forth before slobbering all over it and when it was time to cum I said "where do you want it baby?" she said, "Ive always wanted to taste cum so I guess in my mouth", I said "I want you to swallow baby" she replied with a nod and with a couple more strokes I blew my load all in her mouth and over her face, and she gobbled up everything. So that's how I fucked Selena Gomez. In fact, we've already planned another fuck date;). The End...

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