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Ashleys First Time

I did not write this story this is a true first time story

I was only in sixth grade when it happened! I was over at a friend's house for a sl**pover (no one else was there except her parents) and it was getting pretty late. My friend's parents told us we had to get ready for bed, so we went into my friend's room. She had a TV with a VCR in her room, and since we wanted to stay up even later, we decided to watch a movie. We both got on her bed to watch it, and sooner or later I fell asl**p. For my pajamas I was just wearing panties and a T-shirt.

I woke up what seemed like a moment later; my friend was fingering my pussy from the outside of my panties and I gave a gentle moan as they got wet. I had been masturbating for some time now and had been familiar with how good it felt and I had wondered what it would be like to have sex with another girl.

I urged my friend on, and she then, leaning forward, pulled off my T-shirt and started sucking on my breasts. Oh! How good it felt! "Fuck it!" I yelled.

Then she slid back down my body and pulled my panties off, which were now soaked with juice. She proceeded on to start sucking my pussy and licking my clit as my hips bucked and I moaned with pleasure. I then decided, mischievously, to reciprocate. Suddenly I took hold of her and turned her around, so she now lay on the bed facing the ceiling.

I then got on top of her and pulled her shirt off and started sucking on her breasts. She hadn't taken off her panties yet and I could feel the juice from them seething through. I then slid down her body as she had done to me, and took off her panties. There lay layers and layers of shiny juice. Grinning devilishly, I continued on to insert three fingers gently into her pussy, toying.

Then I rammed my other hand up her cunt and she screamed with delight. Then I started to suck her pussy and tasted all that delicious juice. After that, seeing as how we were completely naked, that we would move on to the real sex. I then laid myself on top of her so every part of us was level. I marveled at how our breasts and pussies on top of each other felt.

We started to kiss, and her tongue met mine violently and we started to have some very naughty, horny sex. Our pussies were now rubbing together so we both felt our clits slamming together, and soon we both came, sending juice flowing out of our hot pussies. But we did not stop there.

We repositioned ourselves so her pussy was on my face and my pussy was on her face, and so on. We started to slide back and forth, exploring each others' pussies with our tongue. Suddenly, in an explosive jolt, it became more violent and we thrusted our pussies into each others faces and we slid our legs inward and outward rapidly while our pussies were positioned on each other's faces.

We both came again, and we decided to call it a night. We embraced and started to cuddle on the bed, and with one last, long, deep, passionate kiss (in which we both became just a little wet from) we fell asl**p and woke up in each other's arms. With my classic devilish grin, we began again, leaving off from the night before.

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