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The Holiday - Chapter 6

After we tied up the boat we decided to catch some rays. We staked out a couple of lounge chairs and watched the boaters and swimmers, we watched the people walk past us, but mostly we just talked. Between us there were always so many things to talk about. Hopes and dreams, fantasies, k**s, retirement, silly things, serious things, travel and the list went on. We were forever thinking of things to put in our ‘to do’ book. Sometimes we even remembered to write them down.

When the sun began to set we decided to go for one last drink, so we slipped into the water of the main pool. It was very warm and comfortable so we waded over to the swim-up-bar and ordered martinis. The first tasted like a second, and we were halfway through that when Mark and Mandy slid on to the stools next to us. “I wondered if we would bump into you” exclaimed Mark as he sat down. He then asked us what we had been doing all afternoon. We told him about our lazy afternoon and he said that he and Mandy had just gone back to their room and ended up watching TV all afternoon. He then asked if we had checked out the list of channels available. When we said “no” he just smiled and said that it was a good selection.

M&M saw what we were drinking and decided to try the same ‘green apple’ martinis that we had. As we chatted they said that they were going for supper in a bit and asked if we would like to join them. We thought that that would be a fine idea so we polished off our drinks at went to our rooms to change.

While I was waiting for you to finish getting ready for supper I checked out the TV. I first looked over the guide sitting on top of the 32” set and didn’t see anything noteworthy until I looked up what the * meant at the bottom of the card. Apparently the * indicated that there were ‘additional’ channels listed in a separate pamphlet located in the desk. I dug out the separate listing and saw what Mark had been talking about. In addition to the sixty or so channels that one would expect there were about a dozen adult channels. Each appeared to have a theme. There was the all girl channel, the all black channel, the Playboy channel, the Hustler channel, a channel for gays, a channel for bi-sexuals, a few channels of euro porn and so on. I flipped on the TV to check it out for myself. There was most certainly an eye full. Pretty much all the combinations and permutations that you could dream of. When you wandered out to see why I was being so quiet you found me watching a locker room scene involving half the football team and an entire cheerleader squad. It looked like it might be a fun movie to watch with you later, but it was time to go. On our way out the door I said, no wonder M&M spent their entire afternoon watching TV with a selection like that.

You had picked an ankle length white linen dress and you looked utterly spectacular. You pirouetted at my request and I seriously approved of the way that your breasts swayed freely under the thin fabric. I also really liked the fact, that despite its length, you had left the buttons on the front undone from mid thigh down, leaving so many possibilities.

Supper was a marvelous affair. The a la carte menu promised great things, and the chef delivered. Paired with an awesome Chilean Merlot our meal was fit for a king. As we had already discovered our time with Mark and Mandy flew by, and while my watch indicated it had been a couple of hours it seemed like no time at all. We decided to stop by the piano bar on the way back to our rooms and spent another few hours laughing and talking and even occasionally trying to sing along when we knew one of the songs. As fun as it was though it was very tame compared to our only other piano bar experience.

We were still merrily chatting on the way back to our rooms when Mark suggested going to check out the hot tub tucked away in the corner that they had found over by their room so we readily agreed. It really was tucked away and when I asked how they had found it Mark admitted that he had asked if there were any hot tubs hidden away. We thought we were going to have the place to ourselves, because I as walked along the hedge that bordered the tub area we could hear the pumps running, but no sounds of any people.

We were rather surprised then to find that the tub was half full when we did emerge into the dimly lit alcove. Perhaps not quite as surprised as the three couples that were in it though. What we found were three gentlemen sitting on the edge of the tub with three women blowing them. As they saw us they quickly slid into the tub. Judging by the clothes and underwear strewn around the lounge chairs there wasn’t a stitch of clothing in the tub. The four of us quickly huddled and decided to vote on whether or not to stay or go. We decided to give a thumbs up or down on the count of three. One . . . two . . . three . . . four thumbs up, and we were shucking out of our own clothes and slipping into the only unoccupied corner of the tub.

With us in it there was a bit more room, but only for maybe another couple or two before it would start to feel crowded. We were just sitting and chatting when the eldest of the three fellows in one of the other corners slipped back up on the edge and his bejeweled wife once again began sucking his cock. The other two couples glanced over at us to see what our reaction might be, and when none of us seemed outraged the other two guys slipped back out to receive similar treatment. I asked Mark if he thought that we might get blow jobs if we sat on the edge too. He seemed to think that there was a pretty good chance so we decided to check it out. Sure enough, you girls were up for it and immediately took us in your mouths and began to suck on our already erect pensises.

As always you made me feel incredible. Not only was your technique exquisite but the passion that you can somehow put into sucking my cock made me feel ten feet tall. I just loved it. And to have you go down on me in pseudo public was like giving me a kiss in front of a crowd. You were publicly proclaiming your feelings for me. For others it might just be lust, or even for money, but with us it was so, so much more. Watching your tongue swirl around my head while your hand pumped me, or watching as you shifted to have your hand and mouth pump together, or watching you leave my cock alone to shift your attention to my balls had me in heaven.

Judging by the languid sucking around us, the objective clearly wasn’t to get the guys off, but rather just to have some fun and show off a bit. The elderly couple seemed to lead our pack, because after a while his wife got up and walked past us to pick up a foam lounge chair pad from a pile stacked behind us and carried it back to her corner of the hot tub. While she was probably at least 60 she still had a remarkable body, and it was very encouraging to find a women with a tiny patch of very silver pubic hair still so clearly sexually active. Once she lined her cushion up she lay down on it, with her bum at the edge of the pool. She then lifted her legs and her husband buried his face in her silver pussy.

The next couple to make the move were the sizeable middle aged couple from the far end. Once again, it was the woman who excused herself past us to retrieve her own cushion. While no looker, given her generous tummy and huge breasts, I was also encouraged seeing her have a good time. In no time she too was laying on her back with her feet in the air, moaning with the best of them. Finally the woman from the couple nearest us moved to get a cushion. She looked like a California girl, which we later found out was an accurate guess. Way too much make up, long, long peroxide blond hair both top and bottom and large, silicon enhanced tits that didn’t even bounce as she walked past to get her cushion. While I wouldn’t complain if she were to perform for us I so much preferred your natural look.

Once we were outnumbered I looked back down at your happily bobbing head and asked if you too would like to trade positions. You said that you thought I would never ask. From where I sat I could just – barely – reach the cushion pile so I grabbed two. I passed one to Mark “just in case good buddy” and left one on the edge for you to lay on as I slipped back in to the tub.

You hopped up and spread your legs for me and I licked the chlorine from the folds of your pussy. As I muttered under my breath as to how the chlorine wasn’t nearly as tasty as you usually were I realized that in our current circumstances chlorine probably wasn’t a bad thing. It was only a short while though that I took care of all the chlorine and was happily lapping up all the juices that you were secreting. I paused for only a moment to say “have I ever told you how much I like licking your pussy?”

My dick was beginning to feel neglected when I had an idea. By kneeling on the seat of the hot tub I was at exactly the right height to slip my erection right into your cunt. So slip I did! In, out, in, out, in, out . . .I was oblivious to all else but the sight, sound and feel of my erect manhood welcomed into you with each of my strokes.

Apparently I had had a good idea, because when I looked around everyone was fucking, although not all in the same position as us. Mark was on top of Mandy missionary style. The elderly couple were very busy sixty nineing. The robust couple were doggy style. Only the porn stars were emulating us. Without pulling out of you I stopped pumping and lay down on top of you to ask if you wanted to keep going or if you just wanted to watch. You figured that given the unique nature of the moment it might be more fun to watch so we slipped back into the tub. That’s not to say that we quit stimulating each other, but rather that we just moved to our more aquatic venue. In fact, it was fun to bounce you up and down on my lap while we were in the water. Especially as I got to play with your floating tits at the same time as I continued to thrust as deeply inside you as I could.

As we alternated our attention between watching each of the other couples in turn and playing ourselves two other couples walked into our little hideaway. The were obviously friends of the porn stars because they went right up to them. Within moments we had a whole group of pornstars. They were all attractive and young. The girls all had fake boobs and the guys all had big dicks, although none were anywhere near the size of Mark.

Before we knew it two of the ‘new’ girls and the original guy came over to the cushion that we had been using that was right beside us so that the guy could lay on it. One girl then promptly sat on his face and the other girl sat on his cock and began doing squats on it like you often do for me. Because all but the girl doing squats were facing away from us we couldn’t see much except for the fellow doing a very nice job on the facesitter’s cunt and ass. At one point the fellow realized how close they were to us, and that we seemed very interested he said “Angela, you are being rude turning your back on these fine people. Why don’t you turn around” So she did. She ended up in almost exactly the same position that you had cum and peed on my face in earlier in the day. From only a couple of feet away the view was very, well . . . interesting. Watching the speed of you bobbing up and down in the water increase he then asked us if we would like to join them but I quickly declined. He was surprisingly polite and invited us to continue watching. Mark and Mandy had been just on the other side of the threesome, but slipped past them to join us back in the tub. Mandy’s tits weren’t quite big enough to float like yours could, but she bobbed up and down in the water just as easily as you.

The threesome dude then asked us if we would mind if he joined us in the water. What were we supposed to say, so we said “of course not”. He lined up his two girls on their hands and knees right in front of him, and therefore us, and then he stood on the seat of the hot tub and began to fuck the girl on the left. The girl on the right might have gotten bored except for the adept fingers of her friend playing with her clit. After a bit the fellow moved to the neglected girl and began to fuck her. He alternated half a dozen times before changing up a bit. He had to get one foot up on the decking to raise up that little extra bit that he needed to slip his cock in the first girls ass. After a few strokes he moved to repeat the process with the second girl. He never got the chance to move back to the first girl because she rolled over on her back and slid under her friend. Where she had just had her fingers earlier she replaced them with her tongue. The girl being fucked must have been in glory, having her ass fucked at the same time as having her pussy licked.

Not having another asshole to alternate to anymore the fellow pulled his cock out of the top girl’s ass and offered it to the bottom girl. She greedily sucked it in so he fucked her mouth for a bit until he warned anyone who cared to listen that he was about to cum. The girl on top spun around and lay beside her friend while the fellow finished himself off, blowing his gobs of cum across his two friend’s faces.

Without even turning about to see what anyone else was up to I whispered in your more and more rapidly bobbing ear if you would like to go back to our room for some more intimate play. You signaled your interest by stopping your bobbing and using your pussy muscles to give me a couple of ‘special’ squeezes.

We thanked M&M for a wonderful evening on our way past them and said that we would almost certainly see them in the morning.

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