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My Ultimate Fantasy...

Let me start with the details...

I'm straight, 21 years old, and am probably no more than 7 inches long. But if I may say so's a perfect cock, thick and veiny and almost always pulsing. I have always loved my cock, and rather recently I began to realize that I could no longer stop at just mine.
The more I watched facial vids, the more I focused on how hung the guy was and how thick his lines were. Now, I'm a fit guy. Work out daily, I think I have a pretty sexy body as far as gentlemen go. But, I simply don't think guys are attractive.
But I have this compulsion for cocks! I can't help but want some hole in the wall to reveal a huge limp dick that I can just work till it laces me with cum. But where could I ever find something like that?

WELL... :)

I've always had this fantasy that while studying abroad I go to a club and meet a beautiful woman. I don't prefer dancing much, so we sit and chat at the bar as I obviously feed her drinks in hopes to keep conversation going. The woman is stunning, slightly taller than me at 5'11", with short black hair and a tight fitting dress. After a few drinks our conversation had turned nasty, and my dick was throbbing. She nudged against me and tugged on my cock, I was shocked and sorta embarrassed at first. But she leaned in and whispered "why don't we see if we can find a place to put that load of yours."

I was stunned...and probably harder than I've ever been. I followed her outside and she explained her apartment was only a few blocks down.

The second we got there she was on me, stripping off my clothes. Collapsing to her knees, salivating for just a drip of my precum. She backed me up against the back of her couch in the living room, and begged for my dick. My cock popped through my boxers and hit her in the cheek...She moaned with excitement and proceeded to shove my cock in her mouth. Swallowing it all, moaning and gagging on it as she f***ed it deeper her throat would allow.
"I want you to cum more than you ever have before baby. All over" she said panting as she swallowed my cock whole again. I couldn't even utter a response. My cock was growing by the second and I was about to shoot all over her face.

There I was, hammered from the booze, barely able to stand, with my knees ready to buckle as I prepared to shoot hot white cum all over her sexy little face...but right as I opened my mouth, "Ohh god baby I'm gonna cum on your face."
She snapped up, "no you aren't baby. dump that load on your face."
I couldn't even believe what I heard. But before I could respond she had flipped me head over heels over the couch.

I was sort of dazed from being so d***k, but before I knew it she was throating me again. It felt so amazing I practically forgot what she said...

Until my cock's pulsation couldn't stand it any more. She started milking my throbbing hard cock right above me as cum showered my face. I sat there wondering, "holy shit how did I get myself into this?" All while hot ropes of cum spewed across my face. She kept working, unbelievably see-sawing between shoving my slippery cock down her throat and aiming it back at my face in anticipation for my next strand of thick warm juice.
I was baffled, cum drenched, and breathing at a mile a minute.
She sat down next to me, and asked if I liked feeling my cum.
"Truthfully I have kind of always wanted to try it, thank you for helping" as i wiped the cum from my eye.
"Well, if you like the taste of yours...maybe you would like to try mine? You've got me hard as stone sweet heart." She said smiling.
I looked down, there it was. Her cock was bulging through her dress. I could see the outline, and boy was it thick. "I can have that?" I asked.
"All of it baby."

So I jumped on her. I couldn't help it, hey I didn't plan for this but my shaft stood straight up the second her cock touched my lips.
So I did my best to just do what boys love about bj's. I grabbed her thick shaft as tightly as I could, and I swallowed it whole until she burst down my throat. I gagged a lot, but I f***ed it down with the help of her hands holding my head.

Then after that, I left.....

and then I woke up ;)

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