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Mistress Jennifer and Mistress Susan's plans to create an entire
"harem" of transformed men and boys continued apace. The lure of
Teasing Tammy (the transformation name of Susan's teen-aged
b*****r Tommy) proved quite effective. Each of the young men (the
youngest just 14, the oldest 22) the little tease brought back to
the home we all now shared was turned into a different kind of
feminized sex-toy, all designed to please the Mistresses and
their dominant friends.

The little 14-year-old--apparently too sexually precocious for
his own good--was introduced to Tammy by his mother, who wanted
to prevent him from becoming a threat to the girls in his school
and neighborhood. Tammy was a revelation to Martin--his
experience with girls was limited to the still-flat-chested,
teddy-bear shaped girls in his school. She was dressed in her
usual "tease" outfit: frilly pink panties, a generously padded
bra (making her at least a 35C), matching garter belt, sheer
hose, a tight pink sweater, pink mini-skirt (falling about six
inches aboves her knees), pink ankle sox with lace at the cuffs,
and pink patent-leather pumps with four-inch heels.

Well, when Martin saw Teasing Tammy in her frilly but skimpy pink
outfit, her ample charms begging him to come home with her, he
was lost. Once at the transformation house, in Tammy's bedroom,
the little tease managed to trick Martin into putting on some
lingerie--a lacy beige bra and matching panties--with the promise
of sucking his cock if he did so. Once the unsuspecting lad was
so dressed, Mistress Susan appeared in the door of Tammy's room.
Feigning shock at the scene before her (a scene she had actually
instructed Tammy to play out), Susan ordered Tammy out of the
room. Dressed in a black leather mini-skirted business suit and
lavender satin blouse, with her long legs perched on five-inch
black patent leather heels, the dominant was as attractive to
Martin's eyes as her "s****r" had been--possibly more so. Susan
sat beside him--still dressed in his lingerie and nothing
else--and talked to Martin about how he was dressed and how he
felt in the girl's underclothes.

"I know you're embarrassed, Martin,` she explained. "But you
really do look cute in that outfit. I can see why Tammy wanted
you to wear it: you're so soft and pink, you almost look like
agirl.` The lad blushed--all over--at Susan's words. Now the
dominant got stern. "Don't blush! You obviously enjoy wearing
those clothes--and you obviously wanted Tammy to suck your cock!
Maybe we should let you see what it's like to be a girl--or maybe
a very girlish boy!` Now Martin was scared. What did this very
beautiful, but frightening, young woman have in mind? Susan
smiled inwardly--very soon Martin would be the submissive girlish
sissy his mother wanted. She produced a pill and some water,
giving both to Martin. "Take this, Martin," she advised. "It
will calm you."

It certainly would. The d**g--a combination sedative and mind-
control potion--had been developed by one of Jennifer and Susan's
dominant friends. Only moments after he downed the pill, Martin
was quiet, breathing deeply and staring straight ahead with
unseeing eyes. At that moment, Mistress Jennifer and Martin's
mother, Mistress Carla, entered. "He's all yours, Carla," Susan
said. Carla ordered the boy to stand and put on the clothes she
laid out for him. First came a satin camisole over the bra and
panties, then white hose attached to a matching garter belt. Next
was a white satin blouse with a high collar and bouffant sleeves.
On Martin's legs went a pair of tight black velvet shorts,
followed by a matching vest that laced tightly around him. The
finishing touches were black patent leather Mary Jane shoes with
two-inch heels and a black satin bow at his neck.

Now the women went to work on his face--light touches of blush,
blue eyeshadow, and pale pink lipstick, topped off with a blonde
page-boy wig with a black satin bow in the back. Commanding the
lad to stand before the full-length mirror, Carla brought him out
of his trance, but still under her control. "Look at yourself!
You are no longer the roughneck boy you once were, but a sweet
submissive sissy, who would not think of disobeying. Your name is
now Little Miss Mandy. Of course, you will need to undergo a
great deal of training for your new role..." "That's really not
necessary," Jennifer interrupted. "You can give him commands that
he'll be unable to disobey right now." "I know that," Carla
replied. "But then I'd miss all the fun of training him and
watching his embarrassment and humiliation as he finds himself
being drawn into my net of feminized obediance." And the three
dominant women laughed at the truth of the statement.

Of course, while all this had been going on, Mistress Jennifer
had not been idle in my continuing enslavement and feminization
as Sissy Dani. The next step in my "training" came during dinner
at an elegant restaurant. I had arrived, as ordered, as Daniel.
Shown to the table at which Jennifer sat, I blanched when I saw
her. She was dressed all in leather, a sure sign that I was in
for a humiliating time. As I sat beside her, she let her hand
brush over my chest.

"You're not wearing a bra, are you?" she demanded. "Of course
not. I'm Daniel, not Sissy Dani," I whispered. "You told me to
come as my normal self." "That doesn't mean you shouldn't always
be reminded of your true position," she answered. She reached
into her bag and pulled out a package, smiling the sinister smile
I recognized so well. The package was from the local boutique
that specialized in TV fashions. "Go to the men's room and put on
the things you'll find in this package,` she ordered. I peeked
inside. The package contained a black bra and panties, garter
belt and sheer stockings. "I can't do that!` I protested. "You
can and you will,` she replied. "Unless you'd rather spend the
evening as Sissy Dani, down on the floor, eating my pussy instead
of dinner?"I shuddered--I knew she could do it if she wished.
Sheepi shly Ipicked up the package and headed for the men's room.
"AndDaniel,` she called after me, "no socks over the stockings.
"Moments later, certain the entire restaurant knew what I was
wearing beneath my business suit (a real possibility, since
myshirt was light enough for the black bra to show through, and
my pants short enough for the sheer hose to show at my ankles), I
returned to our table. As I sat again, Mistress Jennifer reached
for my crotch, deftly pulled open my fly and pulled out a tuft of
the black satin panties. She let her leather-covered hand brush
over my straining cock. Yes, I WAS turned on, dammit!

We ordered dinner, with Jennifer, as usual, ordering for me.
Though she had a full meal, I had to be content with a salad.
"Have to watch your girlish figure," she laughed. After dinner,
as we relaxed, Jennifer pulled her makeup out of her purse and
began to freshen up. She turned to me as she finished, asking,
"Wouldn't you like to freshen your makeup, too, Pretty Sissy
Dani?" That was it--the code words that surrendered my
personality to that of Sissy Dani, Mistress Jennifer's lesbian
slave. Though I could not refuse her commands, I remained aware
of what she was doing to me. "Dani, I think it's silly of you to
go about without makeup on, don't you?" she asked. "Yes,
Mistress," Dani replied. "Very well, then. I want you to put on
a light coat of pink lipstick, pale blue eyeshadow, eyeliner,
mascara, and just a hint of blush--though you hardly need it. You
blush so naturally when you're embarrassed. "Unable to refuse, I
did as she asked. When I had finished, she produced a pair of
dangling earrings with little bells, and my familiar slave ankle
bracelets. "Put these on,` she commanded. I obeyed again. "Very
good. Now Dani,` she continued, "at all times, whether dressed as
Dani or Daniel you will wear the makeup, earrings and ankle
bracelets you are now wearing. This is an irrevocable post-
hypnotic command. Each morning when you dress as Daniel or Dani
these things will be a part of your routine. As Dani, of course,
you WANT to be pretty. As Daniel, they will add to the
embarrassment you feel from your feminization. The soft ringing
of the bells in your ears will remind you constantly that MY
voice rings in your ears, always ready to command you to do as
I wish." She snapped her fingers.

Instantly, I regained control of myself as Daniel. I looked into
the mirror next to our table. The sight of my now permanently
feminized face brought on moist eyes. "Why?" I asked Jennifer.
"You didn't think I'd be happy with you as just a part-time
slave, did you?` she responded. "Now I can hold power over you
constantly. You're mine 24 hours a day from now on, even without
Sissy Dani. Soon I may impose that simpering personality on you
constantly, with no way for you to be released.

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