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A walk in the woods

It was really hot and sunny today, and I decided to go for a walk in the hills above my town. There's a path leads through some farms over the hill to a little village on the other side of the hill. I'd left early, and there was no-one about. As it got hotter, and he path got steeper, I stripped off my shirt. The heat, and the fresh air on my skin, and the regular swaying of my dick in my shorts got me kinda horny.
The hill levelled out, and the path went into some dense woods. I jumped off the path into the trees to have a piss. I was standing behind a tree, pissing through my semi, when I noticed something bright red about 50 yards or so deeper into the wood. I went a bit closer and realised it was a lad in a footy top. He had one hand leaning against a tree and the other was pumping away at his dick. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. He was wearing 3/4 length trackies that were pulled down to just below his smooth hairless arse cheeks. I was determined to have a closer look, so I carefully crept round behind the trees until I was about 20 feet away. I could actually hear the slap slap slap of his hand on his cock, and I could hear his fast breathing. I was hard as fuck by this time. I was standing right behind him, and all I could see was his jiggling arse. I carefully crept round to the side, wanting a better view. I wasn't careful enough though, cos he heard me and looked round and shouted Fuck! Fuck! What you doin man? I said I was really sorry, that I'd just come in for a piss and seen what he was doing. I said don't be embarrassed, I like to wank in the woods sometimes too. He called me a fuckin perv. You're the one with your dick out, I said. By this time he had stuffed it back in his trackies and turned round to face me. I could se he was still hard though - there was a big tent in his trackies.
He was young, maybe 19, with short black hair,and was wearing black Adidas trackies and a Man U shirt which was still pulled up slightly, revealing a tight smooth stomach.
You've got quite a stiffy there yourself, he said and pointed to the front of my shorts.
I got the feeling this lad was up for it, and I started rubbing my cock through my shorts. I walked towards him, and when I was close enough he put his hand on my bare chest and started gently twisting my nipple. He ran his hand down my chest and stomach, then quickly yanked down my shorts and boxers. My hardon sprang out in front of him. I pulled his trackies down, revealing his nice thick cock poking out through the fly of his white ck boxers. I pulled his boxers down too and he stepped out of them. Now we were both naked, I put both my arms round his waist and pulled him towards me. We were belly to belly, chest to chest, cock to cock. He started gently thrusting into me, rubbing his dick against mine and my belly. I started gently thrusting in time with him. I looked down and saw his big hardon was skinned back and glistening with precum. He reached round and grabbed my arse cheeks, pulling me into him with every thrust. After a couple of minutes we were thrusting harder and sweating like pigs. He was breathing really hard, and starting to moan slightly under his breath. After another minute he was moaning really loudly. Then suddenly he gave a massive jerk, I nearly lost my balance, but managed to keep my footing. I felt his fingernails dig deep into the flesh of my arse, then I actually felt his dick spasm against my stomach as he came. Then I felt the amazing warm wetness as he shot his load all over my belly and my dick.
As his cock softened, I rubbed his cum all over my stomach and chest. He called me a fucking dirty bastard. Then he asked if I wanted to keep going. I said of course I do, and hinted if he would wank me or maybe even suck me off. He said fuck off, I'm not gay. But I could cum all over him if I wanted, as it's only fair!
So he leaned back against the tree and I pressed up against him, beating my meat. I was pleased to see he was getting a good look, and had started to get hard again himself. I was so fucking horny, I knew I wouldn't last long, and within a minute I had spunked all over his belly and his dick. It was an amazingly hard orgasm. I saw him wipe a little string of my cum off his pubes with his hand and rub it on his thigh. I was sweating and trembling all over.
Ok, now fuck off, he said. Alright, I said and pulled my shorts back on. I started to walk back to the path and looked back at him. He was still leaning against the tree with his hard dick in his hand. I headed back to the path and never looked back again.
I didn't finish my walk. I went straight home and spent most of the day wanking, thanks to that horny young lad. My balls are killing me!

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