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Andhra satish sex

As I travel to Hyderabad on business, I wait for emails of guys / couples from this city as it is most convenient for me to meet them, God willing!

Quite a few single guys have responded to my stories and one of them is Venky (name changed) a 20 year old engineering student from Gudur and now studying in Hyderabad. At first I thought of shrugging him off for being adolescent and also for the good of his future life, but he came across as a fairly decent boy with clear thoughts. As we exchanged emails we got friendly and then he told me that he wanted to fuck me, suck me and have a lots of water games.

They like me had developed piss fetish. I am bi, but never want to fuck the asshole of any guy or have my pucker fucked. I told him of my preference and though he initially insisted, he relented. As luck would have it, I had the chance to go there again on business. It was not something urgent, but, I wanted to meet my new friend. I travelled by bus and got down at 6 am at Paradise.

I had only a day work and then had to leave by the night bus. So, I had told Venky to come at the arrival time. We could be together till around 10 and then he could also attend college and I finish my work and we again meet by 5. It was convenient for him. We had decided the meeting point and I immediately recognized him. He had come with a friend. This was unexpected and I asked him and he said that they guy was him “roommate” with a wink. Three’s company and I were glad. Also the fact that he reached there at 6 meant that he was serious about our relationship.

His friend was Sunny (again name changed) We checked in and I ordered for tea and water. The tea came in no time. I told the guys to drink lots of water as we can then have a good time later on. I also lit a cigarette and the guys also lit theirs and soon wanted to shit. I told them that I wish to shit and need to get into more comfortable. As they nodded I immediately stripped bare and went to the loo and left the door partly ajar.

The guys were a bit surprised at this, but then, I did not have all day to waste any time. I started talking from the loo itself. I came out and sat nude in front of them. I had travelled by bus all night and was feeling a bit of stiffness in my back. I told them to get more comfortable themselves as we did not have all day. They just started. I then got up and took Venky’s hand and made him stand up. He is almost same height as I am and kissed him. He had a clean shaven face and his 20 year youthfulness added to the pleasure.

He smiled back. I got the encouragement and immediately lifted his t shirt and opened the buttons and zip of his jeans and got that down too. He was now in his undies only. I looked at Sunny and then Venky. He took the cue and we both did the same with Sunny as well. I then told them that I had a stiff back and would be nice if they could help me. They said they would try and I lied on my stomach on one of the beds.

I had carried a bottle of coconut oil and then poured lots of it all over my back, bums, and hamstring and started spreading all over. Both sat on each side of me. It was a wow feeling for me. Their novice hands felt great and soon, they were both playing with my ass crack. Sunny sat between my legs spreading them. I was beginning to get horny and he inserted his hand inside and held my dick. Venky was applying oil on my rosebud and fingering it. I could not stand the double play and turned over and told Venky and Sunny to strip.

I told Sunny to suck my cock while told Venky to let me suck his. Sunny started licking my balls while I took all of Venky’s 6” meat down my throat. He was rock hard and was already releasing pre cum. He applied some oil on his ass and told me to finger it. I obliged and inserted one and then two fingers in his asshole. It was obvious that he and Sunny were more lovers than roommates from the opening of his asshole. I was fingering him fast and sucking him wild.

Sunny was busy giving all the joy with his teeth. He positioned his teeth in such a manner that they would graze my cock when it moved in a out of his mouth, but very softly without hurting me. It was a different experience and I loved it. Soon I came and Sunny did not waste a drop. Venky was now getting hornier and I matched motion with him. Soon Sunny also joined us. We changed our positions. Venky got on all fours and Sunny started fucking him with his almost 8” cock. I got underneath Venky and started sucking him.

We were now unmindful of the noise we were making and the room was filled with sex. Soon Venky came and he pressed my head so vigorously that I almost gagged and most of his cum after hitting deep inside my throat flowed down. He was breathless because of the orgasm and the ramming Sunny was giving him. After almost another 10 mins, Sunny exploded inside Venky.

We just lied there breathless feeling each other. When we regained our breath I saw that it was almost an hour since we checked in. I said, “guys I need to pee, do u?” Both said yes and we rushed to the bathroom. Venky sat and Sunny and I position our cocks at his face and peed. He opened his mouth and drank as much as he could. Sunny was next and he used the piss stream to clean his cock of Venky’s shit of it. I was last to enjoy the showers. As we got up, I started kissing Venky and liked the salty taste of his saliva.

Sunny in the meanwhile, started licking both our cocks. We kept exchanging positions in kissing and sucking each other. I realized that I would get late for work and asked them if we could order breakfast, also, I was hungry like a wolf. We put on towel and then had breakfast. It was bath time and we again went in together. As water flowed, we applied soap very generously and cleaned each other. I started sucking Sunny while Venky applied soap on his asshole and finger fucked it. He has the tastiest cock and juice that I have sucked and drank all of it. We had a long bath sucking each other and finally once again pissing on each other.

We got ready to leave. We met in again in the evening for some more exciting times of very uninhibited sex and water sports. They were the second online friend from ISS and Hyderabad. A coincidence I love and thank the site and the city for it. But ya, doing with a guy and doing a guy and girl both is different and I want to do it again with a couple. No better thing for a bi than to enjoy a cock and a pussy at the same time. Any bi couples and women, who are interested in having good times, if they like, wet times too (piss) games, please contact me on And please, no offers for fucking the ass hole. I have learnt quite a few massage tricks and couples can look forward to some really exciting times with me.

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