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The more I read the more I want to Experiment

A Masturbatrix Controlls your Cock and your Orgasm

A masturbatrix, or cock controller, is a woman who enjoys instructing a man's masturbation. She may or may not be into orgasm denial as well.She enjoys the experience of controlling a man's cock, masturbation, and orgasms.

Observing another person masturbating is an erotic experience for many people, both those involved in the femdom world, and others. A Masturbatrix, as the term is typically used, is usally interested in some element of femdom interests such as:

- chastity training
- teasing and denial
- orgasm denial
- cock control

A Masturbatrix does not necessarily have to possess the traits usually associated with those involved in femdom, such as strict, stern, cruel and punishing - many Masturbatrices consider themselves to be sensual, gentle and willing to use all of their feminine wiles to arouse and control their strokepets.

Even if you don't consider yourself to be submissive, and if you definitely are not interested in orgasm denial, you can still enjoy the pleasure of experiencing a session with a Masturbatrix. Have you ever masturbated for a lover? Perhaps engaged in a mutual masturbation session? It's very hot! Add to that the element of your partner instructing you how to stroke, what she'd like to see you gets even hotter.

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