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An Unholy Desire 4

Chapter 5

Following the exact directions from the gas station attendant, Carl
found no difficulty in locating the place. Right on Broadway, just as
the man said. It was small from the outside, decorated with bright neon
lights that flickered even now in the late afternoon. A man dressed in
a red velvet suit spotted him coming and started calling to him,
gesturing with his arm to wave him in.

How nice of Valerie to tell them I'm coming he thought, and quickened
his pace.

"Sir, step right in and see some nasty action!" the gauchely dressed
man hissed, at the same time grabbing the doctor by the arm. "No cover,
sir, special deal for you. Are you a tourist in town? Be sure to get
one of our postcards to send home to the wifey, huh?" he nudged.
"Special deal ... just buy two drinks and the rest of the treats are on
the house. Hey, hey! Such a deal!"

Before the stunned professor could even open his mouth to tell the
sweaty-smelling, liquor-breathed man that he was a friend of Valerie's,
two nakedly attired girls in sequined G-strings and bras grabbed him,
one by each arm and e****ted him into the dark interior of Valerie
Barren's house of employ.

"Right this way, honey," the redhead directed, walking faster now,
making the rhinestone and silver bracelets making her arms jingle, the
heady scent of her lilac perfume building pressure in his sinuses till
he thought for sure he'd sneeze.

"What can I get you to drink, doll," the blonde on his left wanted to
know. "Gotta buy two drinks a set, baby. What'd ya want?" Her voice was
thick and husky, obviously a chain smoker from the sound of her voice,
and a heavy drinker from the smell of it. "Well, I got other men to
take care of. What'll it be?"

"A ... a scotch on the rocks, please." He hated scotch but it was the
only thing he could think of in his confused desperation. Brawny hands,
blue veined and cold looking, pushed at his chest, easing him into the
front row chair, just feet away from the empty stage.

"That's a couple bucks extra for the front row," croaked the redhead
holding out her hefty palm. "And two bucks for the first round unless
you want to buy one for the waitress, then it's only a buck and a half.
Think you can swing it, big boy?"

With cold, stiff fingers, Carl reached for his wallet and handed her a
five dollar bill which she grabbed from his hand and, with a sneer of
her ruby red lips, sauntered off, calling, "thanks for the ball bustin'
tip, honey," over her shoulder.

One by one, d***ken sailors and gauchely dressed 'Super Flys' sauntered
in, gradually filling the room to half full. Next to him a table of
Minneapolis-Honeywell executives in their white shoes and polyester
plaid jackets and contrasting pants, sat drinking steins of beer. He
could tell who they were by the yellow happy face convention tags that
read, "Happy Day From Honeywell!" and below, "Please to meet you, I'm
______________________" In the typical husband-away-from-wife attitude,
they talked dirty and tried to buy the redheaded waitress until the
price became a sore point and she spilled a full mug of beer on the fat
one in the middle, then they shut up.

Carl stared at the stage, trying to figure out what was on it, and he
thought he saw a bed before he was distracted by a couple being seated
on the table on the other side of him. Jesus, he didn't know men
actually brought their wives into places like this! He crossed his arms
over his chest and took another sip of his scotch, wondering just what
kind of show Valerie would put on. God, if women were allowed in here,
it couldn't be too risque.

He tried to listen to the conversation of the couple next to him. A
rather striking young girl accompanied by a tall man with a Texas
accent, they were tourists, most likely from the way they talked. Carl
was trying to listen in the conversation of the couple, certain that
he'd heard the man say something about 'fucking' to the girl with him,
but Carl scolded himself for having such lewd thoughts. Damn, ever
since that phone conversation with Valerie that was all he could think

Carl had ordered his second drink when the lights in the place dimmed
even lower than they already had been. "I guess the show is going to
start at last," he said quietly to himself, absent-mindedly.

At first he thought the show was going to be a play, as the stage was
outfitted like a bedroom in an ordinary house and he mused to himself,
I didn't know the girl was an actress. Just a few feet away from where
he sat was an old fashioned brass bed, turned at a slight angle to face
them. To one side was an end table, and toward the back of the set was
a large chest of drawers. Next to it was a doorway, and it was closed.
Nothing happened for several moments, and Carl was beginning to wonder
why, when some light, rhythmic music began to play. At almost the same
moment, the door to the back of the stage opened, and a beautiful young
girl, whom he instantly recognized as Valerie, walked on stage. Much to
his surprise, the girl was fully dressed, and Carl shifted in his seat,
a bit disappointed. God, but she was a honey, with her long dark hair
and delicate features ... a little Spanish or Italian in her bl**d

He crossed his arms over his chest and waited, taking sips of his
scotch which was just beginning to have a slight dulling affect on his
brain. It would be kind of wicked fun to watch a burlesque show, he
thought, while his wife was slaving over his work. He sat back in his
seat to make himself more comfortable. He knew that there were many
strip shows along Broadway, and he wondered if there was anything
spectacular about this place that made Valerie want to work here. Maybe
Valerie had suggested he come to catch her act just to bring in the
bucks ... maybe she got a cut. He felt a little disappointed at the
prospect, yet at the same time, he was anxious as hell for her to take
off those clothes she was wearing.

Valerie walked around the bedroom set as though she had just come home
from work, and she wasn't moving in time to the music like most
strippers. Instead, she just began to remove her clothes like any girl
her age might do, and the only thing that made her different was the
fantastic shape of her sensual young body. Her inky hair was silky and
long, tied back in a ponytail style, and as she removed her dress, she
had to swing the long strand of hair out of the way. There was
something about the way she moved that gave her the appearance of
feline sensuality, and she was almost purring as her dress came off
over her head. Her under garments were black and lacy, and even with a
bra on, it was apparent that her breasts were round and full. At last
he'd get to see them! She turned her head in his direction, and he
meekly raised his hand in a timid wave. God, wouldn't it be wonderful
if she's see him and wave back? Heads would turn then! But she didn't.
Oh well, maybe the lights were blinding her.

Almost casually, the young girl ran her hands lightly over her hips and
belly as if feeling a stirring sensation within, and then she reached
behind her back to unfasten the lacy bra. It fell away from her
luscious body like it was propelled by breasts strapped in too tightly,
and the white smooth skin of her firm full breasts shone dazzingly in
the bright stage lights. They were as magnificent as any imagination
would have them, and after setting her bra down on the chest of
drawers, she rubbed her palms over the tips of the tiny brown nipples,
in such a way as to instantly make them rise into hardness.

Carl giggled to himself as he watched the young girl on the stage.
Christ, but she was a beauty and from the feeling down there between
his legs, his cock thought so, too. But it surprised him to see the
girl act so innocent of the audience that was but a few feet away, and
when the girl took her bra off in such a casual manner, Carl felt his
heart leap to his throat. Damn! He was so close to Valerie that he felt
that he could reach out and touch her, and if that was true for him,
then it was also true for the Texan sitting at the table next to her.
He felt embarrassed for Valerie having all these strangers watching her
and he wondered if she'd ever had any problems with men jumping on
stage and attacking her. Damn them if they did!

The rest of the room was in near or total darkness, but his table was
bathed in light from the stage. She turned on stage and began walking
around with her breasts pointing straight out, naked for all to see,
and what made him even more crazy with lust, was the fact that all the
girl had left on were think black stockings held up by a black lace
garter belt around her slim waist. Thank God she still had her black
panties on which she seemed to be leaving alone, or he just might have
to slither out to the men's room with a red face!

Shifting his position in the chair, Cal picked up his glass of scotch
and nervously drained it. Robot-like, the redheaded waitress came by
and picked it up before he could tell her he didn't care for another.
Looking up, he gasped aloud at the sight of a dark, tall man who,
charged onto the stage. He was carrying a briefcase which he held up
threateningly at the girl, who began laughing.

My God, was this for real? Well, it had to be part of the show. They
sure as hell wouldn't let just anybody on stage with a woman like that.

And then ...

The waitress set down a full shot of scotch -- no ice this time -- and
hissed, "Two bucks please, plus tip." Oh damn, she was blocking his
view, too, he slapped three bucks on her tray and waved her aside,
coughing from her overpowering flower perfume. Damn, now he missed what
they were saying!

Jesus, what the hell was that man doing to his Valerie? Christ
Almighty, he had overpowered her and was holding her arm behind her
naked back and taking some short lengths of rope from the briefcase.
Everything seemed to be happening at lightning speed, and the next
thing he saw, the girl was bent over the brass rail of the foot of the
bed, and the man was tightening her wrists with pieces of rope. With
quick movements, the man tied the other ends of the ropes on the brass
stead at the head end of the bed, and Valerie's arms were held
squarely, her belly pressing against the rail at the foot of the bed.
My God! Should he jump and help her?

The man was around behind her in a flash, and he rapidly tied her
ankles wide apart, each fastened to the rear legs of the bed. Carl was
completely awed by the sight before him! The girl was like a prisoner
of her bed, her beautiful young body held tightly against the metal
pipe, and was bent forward over the mattress so that her full jutting
breasts pointed straight down at the mattress. Her arms were pulled
parallel with the bed, and she was bent over as though her buttocks
were a target. Carl took a deep sip of his scotch, wincing at the acrid
taste and summarized the situation. Obviously, Valerie suffered from
some persecution complex that she'd allow herself to be treated in such
a dehumanizing, despicable manner. No self-pride, she couldn't have.

With her legs tied to the foot of the bedstead, the girl looked highly
vulnerable to anything the man might do, and Carl felt himself shaking
with fear and concern for the young girl who obviously was in for
something unpleasant, judging from the sinister look on the man's face.
All sorts of images flashed through his brain, and he drank a large
full gulp of his scotch in an effort to calm his nerves. He crossed his
legs, hoping to quell the stirrings down there.

Valerie was whimpering realistically now, as if she was actually afraid
of the man on the stage with her. Damn, it had to be part of the act!
Certainly City Ordinances wouldn't allow anything harmful to happen on
stage, even in a place like this, which he'd purposely neglected to
define, knowing it was a front for a whore house.

Concerned, Carl twisted nervously in the chair while the bizarre sights
in front of him continued. The man on stage was grinning lewdly at the
helpless position of the girl, and he seemed to ignore her pleas for
mercy. It was as though he was there uninvited, and when he moved
toward the girl he took small steps that seemed to draw out the
anticipation. Carl grinned to himself. Hell, it's only an act; he
wouldn't hurt Valerie. But when the man grabbed at her panties, and
with one very vicious tug, pulled the filmy material from her body, he
was tempted to jump on stage and rescue her.

"Please, don't!" Valerie pleaded, her big dark eyes widening in fright.
She was pulling at her bonds, and her buttocks wiggled lewdly as a
result of her struggle, a movement which did not escape the watchful
eye of Dr. Dexter. The twin, moon-shaped globes were round and shapely,
standing out clearly in the frame of her black stockings and garter
belt. The torn threads of panties fell to the floor of the stage, where
the man stood behind the girl, and he pinched the flesh of her
buttocks, making her yelp in discomfort. He laughed at her swift
response, then shoving his hand in between the girl's smooth inner
thighs, he lifted up to suddenly bury his fingers in the dark triangle
of her curly pubic hair.

My God, what was he doing to his Valerie? Carl felt his heart pounding
at a mile a minute, as he realized that he might be witnessing the ****
of the poor girl tied to the bed -- his research subject! Well, they
sure as hell would have something to talk about this time! That man
torturing her had to be a sadist, no two ways about it. God, he wanted
to jump up there and slug that man! He had to be a sicky dressed in
that costume.

He was a spot of black on stage, wearing black tight pants and a black
shirt left open at the collar, but it wasn't his dress that gave him
the sinister appearance. He had an obvious scar on his right cheek, a
wide red slash that could only have come from a knife fight. His eyes
flashed with rapid rabbit-like glances as he eyed the helpless girl,
and his mouth was curled up at the corners in a sneer. The culprit
seemed completely oblivious to the girl's screams as he dug his fingers
in her naked pussy, as if trying to determine if the girl was really
ready for him. Turning slightly, he moved quickly toward the black
briefcase he had carried on stage with him, and when he pulled his
right hand from inside it, he held a small, black whip. In spite of its
small size, the whip looked terrifying and sinister, and he drew his
hand down smoothly, making a loud crack with the tiny leather tip of

Carl practically jumped out of his chair at the sound of the cracking
whip, and his heart was beating so damned fast, he could feel it in his
throat. Christ, he was going to beat Valerie! Carl sat breathless as
the man moved toward the girl, holding the whip like a limp snake in
front of him. When he was directly behind the bent-over girl, he moved
his hand holding the whip up high in the air, so that the girl could
see it very clearly. She had her head twisted to one side, and by the
look on her face, it was difficult for her to look backward toward the
man. When she saw what he was holding over his head, her eyes popped
open wide with anxiety.

"Ohhhh, don't do that to me!" she wailed in her high soprano trill, but
her pleas were interrupted with the whip slapping down across her naked

"Aaaaggghhh!" Heaving forward in a desperate attempt to get away from
the blow, Valerie's breasts pressed into the mattress as she tried to
pull herself free from the restraining bonds. She was securely tied,
and there was no escape for her. The man raised his hand once again,
and the whip landed on her smooth quivering young buttocks even harder
than before.

"Aaaagggghhhh! Oooohhhh, don't hurt your Valerie!" thin red lines were
visible across the white cheeks of her naked buttocks as a vivid
indication of where the whip had struck her body. Carl felt like every
nerve and muscle in his body was tense as the man again raised his
hand, holding up the whip, striking the girl with the tip of it on the
upstroke. The loud, lewd cracking sound echoed throughout the club, and
the patrons seemed to remain so very quiet that no breathing was heard.
Another red welt ran parallel on the white cheeks of her sensuous
buttocks, but her cries for mercy had turned to helpless, incoherent

"Jesus!" muttered the doctor to himself, feeling his forehead bead with
perspiration, he wiggled in his seat and emptied his glass of scotch.
It's just an act, he reminded himself; no reason to get so upset. He
made a conscious effort to block out the cruelty of this S-M act, but
the subsequent blows of the whip sounded like cracking stings From
hell. Then, as though he had been imagining all that preceded, Carl was
shocked by the sudden change in Valerie's voice. It was as though she
was actually enjoying the painful whipping the man was giving her, and
tiny drops of excited moisture seemed magically to appear between the
girl's open thighs.

The girl's buttocks were just a few feet away from where Carl was
seated, and he could clearly see the pink valley of moist flesh between
the hair-lined slit of her pussy. Damn, but it was beautiful! It was
lubricating fluid from her cunt! Carl couldn't believe it, but there
was no denying what he could see with his own eyes! The girl's
whimpering had changed to moans of real pleasure, and she was rolling
her buttocks as if to entice the man to strike her again and again.
Carl drank down the watered scotch from the melting ice cubes in his
glass as he felt a strange growing sensation in his loins. Damn, it was
happening again! Something about the bizarre actions of the girl and
man on-stage made his nerves tingle with the same excitement he had
felt when Valerie first appeared on stage. It was almost as if he could
feel her sensuous hands running up and down his inner thighs, and his
cock throbbed in the direction of the stage. He tried to close his mind
to the realization of his excitement, but he couldn't turn off the
gnawing sensations that seemed to grow with each passing moment. In
spite of the terrible shame he felt for having become excited by some
goddamned sadistic, he couldn't help but inch his fingers down toward
the growing bulge in his pants. He wriggled so that his chair was
directly under his semi-circle single table, nervously watching to see
if the Texan or his girl friend next to him was watching. Just a little
finger-tip stroke wouldn't hurt anything, and he'd stop if it got out
of control. Damn, but it felt good. Although the man on stage was still
half turned away from his line of vision, Carl couldn't help noticing
the growing bulge in the crotch of his tight black pants, too.

"Oooooh! Uuuuuggggh!" moaned Valerie, and then she raised her red,
striped buttocks up for another blow from the man's whip. The man was
looking at her with a lusting glazed expression of lewd vulgarity, and
he came down hard with the whip, releasing the whole thing so that it
flew across the stage, to land on the floor. Carl followed the whip
with his eyes, and when he returned her gaze to the man, he felt a new
excitement, seeing him loosening his belt holding up his pants. Hot
damn! If this scene got any juicier, Carl decided he'd apply for
another grant and study these strange people who delighted in hurting
one another!

"Hurry, baby! I want it now! Please fuck me, honey!" Valerie shouted
out at the man behind her. He pulled his shirt off over his head
without loosening the buttons, and then he dug his fingers into the top
of his pants. Carl watched in lewd fascination as the man pulled his
pants down. He wasn't wearing any undergarments, and as the black
material cleared his hips, a rigid column of flesh sprang suddenly
straight out from the dark tangle of his exposed pubic hair. His
gigantic cock was throbbing red in the bright stage lighting, a thick
fleshy staff of lusting flesh that looked big enough to fill two people
the size of Valerie Barren! The giant head was throbbing, and Carl
could see tiny drops of seminal fluid seeping just inside the dilated
slit at the end. The bl**d filled veins lining the length of the huge
column of hardened male flesh seemed to grow with pumping liquid as the
man kicked his pants clear of his feet. He stood behind the girl, his
naked body appearing white next to the black stockings which covered
the girl's legs. He held his throbbing cock in his left hand as he
moved closer to the girl's exposed buttocks, and when he moved his hips
forward, his lust-hardened cock was but an inch from the soft dividing
crevice formed by her ass-cheeks. He stroked his cock for a short
moment, standing in such a way that the girl had a hard time looking
back at him.

Jesus Christ! Carl thought, giving his own hard cock an extra pet, I
can't believe this! This is a hell of a lot better than those damned
interviews! This is first hand! God, but I wish I had a camera.

"Fuck her in the ass!"

Carl was shocked by the words spit into the blackness of the nightclub,
and in spite of his revulsion, he turned to see who had spoken them.
These fucking Texans, though Carl, glancing at the tall man at the
table next to him who was pounding his fist on the small semi-circle in
front of him. And his girlfriend seemed to agree -- that's what truly
baffled the doctor. The tourists -- the big Texan and the small girl --
were holding onto each other as if they were the only people in the
whole place, and for an instant, Carl thought the Texan was going to
throw his girl friend on the floor and start lashing her with his belt,
the way he was going at it! At this point, Carl decided, nothing short
of a murder would surprise him!

Quickly, he turned his attention back to the stage, not wanting to miss
any of the action -- nor did he want to raise the ire of the big-mouth
Texan by staring too long. What he saw when he looked at the stage,
then, was the girl's naked buttocks spread wide so that her anus was
completely visible to the audience. The elastic like ring of flesh
seemed to pucker out and in, a brownish pink little hole just waiting
to be filled. It didn't seem possible! Carl was stunned at the thought
of all of this happening right there on stage just feet away.

The man on stage bent over, his face close to the tiny throbbing mouth,
and he let a large drop of spittle fall from his lips to land on the
puckered little mouth.

"Yes, oh baby, do it! Fuck me in the ass!" Valerie groaned, her words
shocking Carl more than from the Texan, as he'd never heard of a girl
actually wanting it there before. Yet, the girl did seem to welcome it,
even wanted it, and she was quickly squirming her buttocks backward
toward the man as an added emphasis to her wishes.

"Uuuuggghh! Yessssss!" she grunted as the man worked his middle finger
into the tight, visibly sucking passage of her rectum. His finger sunk
all the way up to his palm as he wormed it into the tight, clinging
tunnel, and she screamed from rising pleasure rather that from pain.

Carl felt a tiny pulsing sensation in his cock at the thought of
sticking his own finger into the girl's anus. He watched with lewd
wonder as the man teased his finger in and out of the rhythmically
sucking flesh, and the girl wriggled her naked buttocks back against
the palm of his hand making deep moaning sounds of pleasure. At the
same time, the man held his erect cock with his other hand, stroking it
with the motions of his finger working in her gradually expanding anal

The entire room was completely silent now, except for the clattering of
glasses at the bar and for periodic sounds of heavy breathing, and Carl
was frozen to his chair as he couldn't take his eyes from the lusting
couple performing just a few feet in front of him. The couple at the
other table were close to one another, as if they had all the privacy
in the world, and Carl kept his eyes away from them out of fear of
seeing something that might set off his spurting cum! The action of the
man and girl on the stage was bad enough, without more stimulation to
drive him crazy!

On stage now, the man pulled his finger from the girl's anus with a
quick jerking movement that made a slight sucking noise as it popped
clear of the tight passage, and Carl couldn't help noticing that his
cock had grown to tremendous size.

The purple head seemed to visibly throb with his excitement, and he
cruelly dug his fingers into the flesh of her buttocks cheeks, pulling
them wide apart in preparation for the greater entry to come. He shoved
his hips forward until the great bulbous head was in contact with the
tight, quivering little anus of Valerie Barren. The girl still
continued to wriggle her buttocks back as best she could within the
limits of her restraining bonds. She was completely vulnerable to the
man's assault, yet she acted like she wanted his cock inside her ass!
It was difficult for Carl to imagine any woman preferring to be fucked
in the ass, if given the choice, but that's just what was happening up
there on the stage!

The thick head of the man's bl**d filled cock was pushing hard against
the tiny brown-pink hole, and the elastic flesh was mechanically
resisting the entry of the huge male column. Carl felt sweat forming on
his brow again as he thought about how the girl must be feeling a great
deal of discomfort back there in her back passage, but then like a
magical door had been opened, the man's great cock popped up inside the
girl's anus.

Hot damn! This show was getting better by the second! He just might
have himself another scotch and water. Giving his throbbing cock
another little stroke, he waved down the redheaded waitress, pointing
to his empty glass. She nodded and headed for the bar to fill his
order. Even that buxom waitress was beginning to take on delightful
proportions in the doctor's eyes.

"Aaaaagggh! Oooooohhh!" Valerie screamed in discomfort as her anus was
stretched to the hugest proportions of the man's cock. Carl thought the
head of his thick cock was like a pole wrapped with a tight rubber
band, the girl's anus stretched and white from the unnatural entry. The
man seemed totally unconcerned by the girl's screamed cries, as he
suddenly thrust forward with his hips, driving his lust swollen cock an
inch more into the girl's rectum.

"Aggghhh! Fuck!" she screamed, her voice sounding different now, but it
served to drown out the loud gasp Carl made from her pulsating throb
his heavy cock was beating in his suit pants. From where he was seated
he could see the girl's legs trying to pull away from the ropes that
held her ankles wide apart, and Carl knew that she was trying
desperately to stop the further fucking of his huge cock into her anus.
But, Valerie was helpless, and her firm young buttocks stuck out like a
prize catch in her bent-over position, and the man was gladly using it
for all it was worth. He thrust hard forward again, his cock fucking
its half-length inside the girl's rear passage, and when she could only
sob from the pain-pleasure, he fucked his cock with tremendous energy
the remaining distance. His groin smashed into her buttocks cheeks with
a loud slapping sound that echoed through the room, and the girl's
groin was lost in the noise of the naked collision. They were locked
together in the lewd, unnatural coupling, and Carl just stayed frozen
to his seat, reaching into his pocket to pull out a coup}e bills for
his drink that the lilac-scented lady was putting on his table.
Hurriedly, he slapped a five dollar bill on the waitress' wet try and
brushed her aside. Damn, he didn't want to miss any of this show!

When the waitress finally unblocked his vision, he was shocked to see
that Valerie had not passed out, but was lewdly grinding her buttocks
in slow rolling motions as if she was trying to reach back with it and
grasp even the tangled pubic hair from his groin inside her open loins.

"My God! She likes it!" Carl thought, and he watched as the man began
withdrawing his thick cock from the depths of the girl's wide-stretched
rectum. The fleshy column seemed to be even longer as it came slowly
out until just the head remained inside, and the ring of warm pink
flesh around her anus seemed to fold out with the large cock. Holding
his cock in that same position for a moment as if waiting for everyone
in the audience to get a good look, the man then thrust forward,
driving his cock again into the seething depths of her rectum.

Carl was nearly pulled out of his chair as he watched the girl's anus
fold inward with the long thrust of the man's cock, and the girl let
out a groan of pleasure as her rectum was filled with the giant cock.
Damn, if only Ann would act like that when he fucked her -- just let
loose and "let it all hang out," as it were. But no! She always got so
damned uptight with him, and pushy, too, whimpering and carrying on
like a little girl.

As the man on stage began to fuck gleefully in and out of the girl's
impossibly stretched asshole, Carl could feel his own cock nearly
bursting with hardness. God, he'd given anything at that moment to
exchange places with that lucky man! It sent flashing electric
sensations running through his body, making all the nerves twitch with

"Uuuuugggghhh! Yesssss! Fuck my ass gooooood!" the girl moaned as the
man fucked his cock in and out of her burning rubbery passage with
longer and harder thrusts. She was rolling her- buttocks in and
undulating rhythm to match his driving cock, and the fluid from her
cunt was pouring in such amounts as to run free down her inner thighs.
She was like a wild a****l as she worked her hips around, her anus
trying to hungrily suck the juices from the man's sperm-heavy balls.

The man on-stage was fucking in and out of the girl's anus with ever-
increasing tempo, his big cock seemingly becoming even bigger with his
nearing climax. The girl was screwing back her buttocks as best she
could within the limits of her bonds, and she was gibbering incoherent
sounds, pleading with the man to pump her full of his cum. Her dark
hair was hanging loosely about her head, swaying as she twisted her
head back and forth in opposite time to the fucking of her rectum. Her
large breasts danced beneath her chest like jelly as the man fucked her
anus harder and harder strokes, and the f***e of his fucking seemed to
carry through her body to the top of her head. She was so close to an
orgasm, that Carl thought she would go insane, but Carl had no idea how
long the scene had been going on, or for that matter, what was

Carl had, instead become transfixed by the swaying motion of the man's
balls as he rocked back and forth, fucking the girl's wide-stretched
anus with his cock. The hair-covered sac seemed to be filled with two
lead weights, and when he fucked his cock deep inside Valerie's hot
rectum, the twin balls would swing forward up between the girl's inner
thighs to hit the hair covered mound of her open cunt. Damn, she was
trying to get her hands to her pussy, as she struggled with the ropes
tying her wrists to the front of the bed, and Carl also felt the urge
to fuck his own fingers in Valerie's cunt to drive her out of her mind!
God, it would be wonderful being with an uninhibited woman.

"Ooooohh! Ooooohhh! Uuuuggghhhh! Fuck it! Fuck it! I ... I'm
cummmmmiiing!" Valerie was suddenly shaking and jerking wildly against
the ropes that held her to the bed as she screamed out the gigantic
beginnings of her orgasm. Carl was almost sure he could see the girl's
pussy sucking at air as great amounts of gushing fluid poured from the
pink opening of her womb. The man almost instantly shoved his cock
deeper up inside her rectum, his groin pressing so hard against the
girl's buttocks that he flattened them. She continued screaming and
jerking in her bent over position, begging the man to pump her rectum
full of cum.

The man did as she wished, all right. With a low groan, he held her
hips tightly in his hands as his cock released the stored up sperm from
his balls, and it began shooting hot blasts of searing hot cum deep up
inside the girl's rectum.

"Oooooh! Oooooohh! Fuuuuccckkk my asssssss!" she screamed, her face
wildly contorted with passion.

The whole bizarre scene had become so intense that everyone in the
nightclub seemed to sigh all together as the man finally jerked his
hips forward and with a deep throated groan pumped his cum into the
young girl's widely expanded anus. Their obscenely joined bodies
spasmed in lewd unison as his cum filled her rectum, squirting in great
explosive blasts from the tip of his giant cock. Each hot blast was
spilled out by a loud cry of pleasure from the girl, and it seemed like
the man was never going to run dry. His ass-cheeks flexed and unflexed
in emphasis to his exploding cock deep within her hot rectum, and his
head was thrown back as he strained for the exquisite pleasure of his

Carl felt as though he might have to excuse himself, red, shame-faced
from the table, if his cock didn't quit that heart throbbing beat.
Jesus, he couldn't remember ever having been so big in his life! He'd
give anything at that moment to exchange places with that man on stage
who was fucking Valerie in the ass. He'd never done it before, and
though he'd discussed the advantages and disadvantages with several
subjects, he'd never thought of trying it -- until now! There had to be
something to the tremendous pleasure the girl was obviously having,
something that was unique to the act.

The man finished his orgasm, and as if in grand finale, he straightened
up and pulled his still hardened cock from the depths of Valerie's
rectum. It came out so fast, the obscene, wet sucking sound could be
heard clearly, and tiny threads of white liquid clung glue-like from
the tip of it to the forever-expanded hole of the girl's cum-filled
anus. Then Valerie shoved her buttocks back as far as she could in an
anxious effort to have his cock still inside her, but the man kept
backing away from her as a sign of his refusal to give her what she
wanted. Then, suddenly, he bent down to her side and ran his tongue up
and down the salacious curve of her spine, making her whimper with
loving passion.

Carl was still staring at the girl's trembling body when the stage
lights went out. The whole room was in complete darkness for several
moments, and then slowly the lighting returned to what it had been
before the show had started -- soft yellow lights. Carl was still
staring at the then-empty stage, his mind whirling with thoughts about
what he'd witnessed.

Long after the room was nearly empty, Carl stared dumb-struck at the
stage. Jesus, after seeing that show, he just had to get in touch with
Valerie and have her come over to his house for another interview, even
if it meant angering Ann who despised it when he worked weekends. And
maybe, just maybe, he'd see what show he could get going with that
doll! Jesus, after that show, he needed something!

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