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Flower Institute

The Flower Institute in old Amsterdam made its claim to fame for its name by elegant deflorations. It orginated last century, after a special request from a young lady of noble class in Poland. She provided the founding capital for the erection of the foundation with its noble aims. Look what happened.

Her hymen was on auction. Not to the highest bidder. Her financial offer was set. The most promising gentleman would get the honour to make her a woman.

The announcement was only in Polish. As a well educated girl, she knew real gentlemen speak at least five foreign languages. Hence Polish wouldn´t be a threshold she thought. In stead, it would help the first pre-selection. People, who spoke Polish only, would not rank high.

Her conditions were clear. Usual things: Health certificate. Money in the bank. Bridal suite in the best hotel. Only one night. No meeting afterwards.

She didn´t explain Peter Pan why she chose him, and being a gentleman, he didn´t ask her. For sure he was very curious.

Pete Peterson was happily surprised to see her. She was much prettier than on the photo she had send him after being chosen. He knew she was good looking, as she had said so inviting for the contest.

The twinkle in his eyes and involuntary smile made her trust him, right from the moment they met in the lobby. She radiated her fresh beauty. At her 18th birthday. They looked like an ideal couple. Dressed at their best. She accented her her tall slender figure with a long evening gown. She didn´t wear much underneath. He came in tuxedo, showing his own style with his two-tone jazzman shoes, at those days a bit en vogue, as Joe Jackson wore similar in his most recent and jazzy clip.

In their suite he kissed and loved her all night. She couldn´t remember how often he made her come, leaving her hardly time to regain her breath. First time he just embraced and caressed her. He took only her dress off next and made her orgasm harder. Pete completely undressed her and licked her to heaven. He got naked as well and taught her to make him firm and wet for her. She eagerly let herself get lost in his lessons of love and lust.

She completely forgot why she met Pete. She did remember, and with a big and a kiss, when he finally took her flower. As he had promised, indeed it didn´t hurt. In fact, she was so satisfied with her gentle and loving initiation that she decided to double the stake and ask the gentleman to institutionalise his quality service for young ladies. So, opposite to her intentions, she did get involved with Peter, Pan Professor Peterson, as President of his Institute.

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