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The dirty whore couldn't wait

I went to work today with my breast tied. Wrapped with 4yrds of blue rope for 1 hour before work. They looked so sweet and swollen under my new sweater. You couldn't even see the rope. When I left for work I put on my magnetic panty vibrator. Riding the subway has never been so much fun!! My nipples were screaming in delight. I sat next to a sexy looking guy and he didn't even know I was about to cum. My wet panties sticking to my jeans and ass.

I got off the train and decided I should enjoy the extra time. My goal was to masturbate in a public bathroom before work. It wasn't easy getting into one, but I did. At the bookstore Border's. I went up the stairs and then into the bathroom. I took of my coat and undid my pants. . . nervous . . .my wet panties gave me the courage to continue. I still had my clit toy going so I reached in my bag and pulled out the butt plug.

I'm getting wet writing about it all again.

I wet the tip by fucking my dripping cunt with the pink, soft toy. Then before I loose nerve I switch hands and bend over a bit. shoving it into my ass I stop breathing for a second. Wait - before I can catch that breath I see my nipple clamps. On in a flash I now am panting. My swollen tits have been tied for 3 hours and are now being squeezed at the nipple. I love it.

I am being quiet but am glad no one else is here. Then the door opened. Someone entered the stall next to me. I turn off the vibrator for noise but lean my hand against the door and fuck my ass with the plug. biting my coat that hung on the door I took it all with little disturbance to her piss. She left the stall and washed her hands. I flushed my toilet and pulled up my pants. I still had in the plug and held my nipples hostage with the clamps. WHAT? What was I doing? I put on my coat and zipped it over my naked breast.A click and my vibrator was back on. Out I went.

Nothing like a 5 block walk in 20degree weather and a butt plug to wake you up. I was walking fast and the friction of so many things together made me cum - on the streets of Chicago!

I next went to a small mailing office that had been kind to let me use the bathroom before. I locked the door and quickly stripped off my clothes. the clamps had to come off! Since I could not stand how hard they got from the freezing cold I let them rest. My ass felt so warm, my pussy juice covering it and the toys. I attached the vibrator to my butt plug and sat over the toilet. It was amazing to pee with a vibrating, flesh feeling, 4 inch plug in your ass. Try it!

I had only minutes before work so I dressed myself and attached the clamps again. Bound, filled, swollen, wet, horny and needing more I hurried to work. I walked in and realized that none of them could hear my toy, smell my juice and would not ever guess that I showed up to work with nothing under my coat but some rope and clamps!

I changed into work clothes, no toys but I left on the rope. Shit! I could see the blue rope!! I quickly undid myself and rewrapped without putting it around my neck. The pressure with MUCH more then before. My breast were so sensitive, I was soaking thru my work pants in delight. I went out and clocked in. 3 hours into work I was so unfocused I thought everyone had to know. But of course they did not. My lunch break was coming up, and I planned to cum! I was ready. I went on break - 30min. More then enough time. So I slowly undressed in front of the mirror - admiring how swollen and red my breast really were. I knew after I played the rope would have to come off. I pulled out my toys, now very sticky with dried juice from before work.

The vibrator was against my clit and the plug back in my ass as I laid on the floor. My work clothes were rolled up into a ball. I mounted in, my hard nipples hitting the cold and dirty tiles. I was in a one person bathroom but our lock doesn't really work. I was excited that someone could be in the locker room and may need to pee. I put my legs back and used my weight to grind the vibrator into my clit. I rocked back and forth until it was slick with juice.

Sitting up from the floor I check my phone I still had 20 min. WOW! guess it's ok for more. I pulled out the clamps form my purse and add the both to my tight lips. As I slip the rings up for more pressure the whole lower part of my body began to shake. Now for my bud, the 2nd clamp goes on, I feel it wriggle - either in protest or delight. It matters not.

I have space right between the 2 clamps and place to vibrator between them. I was up against the door, on the floor and my plug was still in. I had to remove the bud clamp pretty soon but the other remained with me as I came. I t was better then the other bathrooms.

I removed my rope, washed my lower half with a proper whore's bath and put on my juice stained pants for work. clocked in with 1min to spare

They had no idea. . .

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