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Clothes Shopping Surprise

I was walking through the store browsing some clothes and I noticed her working there. She was talking to another employee and she caught my eye. Maybe it was her sexy red hair, maybe the way she filled out her blouse with those nice soft looking breast or maybe it was how Nice and curvy she looked. Non the less, I could not take my eyes off her and the twinge in my cock told me...that I'd love to fuck her if I had a chance. I caught her glancing my way, not sure if she caught me staring, but I noticed a smile on her face indicating she enjoyed the attention.

I noticed that she turned to leave and I couldn't help myself and followed her
at a distance. I notice she stopped to straighten items on a counter and I
approached her. She looked up and smiled and asked if she can help me. I smiled back and responded that I sure hope so because I had a slight problem. She asked what is the problem and I smiled and told her that it was her. She looked startled but also curious and asked what did I do that caused a problem to which I replied you look to sexy and I cannot keep my eyes off you. She smiled and blushed and said well thank you for noticing you aren't too bad yourself. That was all I need to hear...I asked if I can buy her a coffee on her next break and she said that would be nice and by luck she could go on break now.

We walked next door to a small coffee shop and bought 2 coffees but it was
crowded with nowhere to sit so i asked if she didn't mind sitting in my car so
we could talk. She said she didn't mind so we talked and drank coffee and found our sexual attraction grow. she said she needed to get back to work in a few minutes and she leaned towards me to give me a little kiss and say thanks for the coffee except that the little kiss grew into a long deep passionate kiss with a little soft moan at the end. She smiled and said now I am never going to get back to work with a kiss like that and leaned in for another. As we kissed I felt her soft body against mine and my hands pulled her even closer. I could feel her hand sliding over my thigh and up my leg until it rested on my now hard cock..she gave me a little squeeze and moaned into my mouth as we continued to kiss "seems like you like my kisses". I moaned back "I do and would love lots more" as I felt her unzip my pants and pull my hard cock out. She stroked it a couple times getting it even harder. I then felt her soft warm lips slowly sliding down over my hard cock sucking me in up to my balls...hold my cock in her mouth feeling her tongue pressing against it. I moaned as it felt so damn good, it was dark out and we were parked in a seclude part of the parking lot but the thought of someone seeing us made it even hotter. She began to slide her mouth up and down over my cock and as her mouth reached the head of my cock she swirled her tongue around the head of my hard cock before sliding her soft warm lips down over me again...ohh god it felt so good.

I reached my hand up her skirt and felt a wet spot on her panties....I love the feel of wetness. I pushed her panties aside and slowly slide a finger in her wet warm pussy as I rubbed her clit with my thumb. I felt her clit getting harder and her pussy wetter as I fingered her. My hand was dripping wet and my cock ready to explode from the great blow job she was giving me. I reached for her head and pulled her off my cock and said, I need to fuck you as I turned her so that she was kneeling facing her window and her ass was towards me. I pushed up her skirt and tore off her panties as I knelt behind her. I took my hard cock in my hand and stroked it and then guided it to her dripping pussy. I heard her moan as she felt the tip of my cock pressing against her cunt...with one hard thrust I slammed my hard cock deep into her and held it there for a few seconds
just feeling her warmth and wetness and tightness around my throbbing cock. My
hands on her hips I started to fuck her with long slow strokes feeling every
inch of my cock sliding in and out of that delicious pussy. At that point I
didn't care if anyone walking by saw us, I just need to fuck her. As I
felt my balls getting harder and fuller I started to pound her faster and
deeper. We could hear those nice fucking sounds of squishing and flesh pounding against flesh as we fucked. It added to the excitement of fucking a total stranger in a car in a department store parking lot. We were both moaning loudly now, so close to cumming as I thrust my cock in her one last time, holding it deep inside her and feeling her clamping tightly around my cock, I exploded causing her to scream out and cum with me. My hot cum squirting deep into her tight pussy and her milking every drop out...mmmmmmmmm, was soooooo fucking good.

Once our bodies stoped trembling from the fantastic orgasm we just had, I
slipped my cock out of her sweet pussy and we straightened our clothes. She
leaned over and kissed me one last time and then opened the door and as she was leaving she whispered come back anytime, and see me.

THE NEXT DAY: by Robin

I am thinking what did I do.. omg how did I allow myself to fuck this perfect
stranger like I did.. hmmm but am now desiring more from this man.
Don't think I got his name.. I don't remember I am still in shocked at it all.
All I am doing now is getting ready for work and getting wet at thinking of it
again.. going over in my head being in the car..
What should I wear today? What if he comes back? I mean I whispered to come back but will he??

At work I am involved in my work but every now an then I think of him and damn
my panties are getting soaked.. shit and can't change them yet... I am about to get ready for my hour lunch when he pops in again..omg he is here
.. shit what do i do.. He comes over and and smiles and says hello. I tell him I am going to lunch, he asks if he can join me? I tell him yes, all awhile thinking omg what if he can tell that I have been thinking of him...

We have lunch and still there is time before I get back..
we are in his car again.. back to the scene of the crime.
he noticed how nervous i was .. he leans in to kiss me to try to calm me down
but the kiss doesn't help just gets me hotter. We kiss and then kiss some more... then he feels how wet my panties are and questions about them.. told him that i was thinking of the other day and that is what happen.

The next thing i know .. omg .. he takes me and slides me down into the seat and just licked my wet spot and then ripped my panties off..then he started to lick my clit and go to town on my pussy.. he licked and sucked me to the point of cumming.. I couldn't go on after that , but had to.. had to go to work with no panties on .. omg.. damn .. but this time he told me his name was jim and that he wanted to see me after work.

I said ok. see you til then.

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