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The Belt

The flowering of our S&M fantasies has been one of the highlights of our sex life for Kathy and me. We began by using the telephone. I would call her at work and describe in vivid detail what I planned to do to her sexually that night. To my delight, I discovered that this excited her and she walked around at work all day with a wet pussy. Knowing this turned me on.

Gradually I began to smack her ass during sexplay, as she sat on top of me or as she lay on her stomach sucking my cock. I would be on my haunches in front of her, and as she sucked me, I would raise myself up on my knees, hover over her and bring my palm down on her ass. At first they were exploratory smacks: light, but hard enough to make the rounded flesh of her ass jiggle. Soon, though, I was spanking her full-f***e, causing her ass to turn crimson with the imprint of my palm, and her pussy to turn juicy.

As the spankings increased in regularity, I was satisfied we were on the right path to living out our fantasies

Then we devised something we call the CRACK BELT. Under her skirt or jeans she wore a thin belt around her waist with a strip of rope attached to the back of the belt, running down between her cheeks, snuggled tightly between the lips of her pussy, pressing on her clit and attached again at the front. The constant pressure on her clitoris and the continual rubbing of it while she walked kept her crack juicy.

The best part was watching her face when I knew she was coming in her pants and no one around her realized it. I also went out of my way to find long flights of stairs to walk up, because I knew thats when the rope and belt would make her pussy the hottest. There were times when I thought she was going to faint from the tremors of pleasure she was experiencing in her cunt. We always fucked immediately after taking the Belt off, and she was so wet that I could sink my cock in to the hilt without the slightest bit of trouble.

The Crack Belt got to be such a favorite for us that Kathy actually began asking for it, the first time being the night of our one year wedding anniversary. In celebration, we decided to go out for a nice dinner. After Kathy showered and put on her makeup, she walked out of the bedroom, naked, holding her Crack Belt. Softly, in a seductive little voice, she asked me if I wouldn't like fit her into the Crack Belt myself.

I fastened the small belt around her waist and then knelt down behind her to tie the cloth rope and pass it down the crack of her ass to be tied in front of her navel. But this time I felt something different as I was doing it: such important emotional tenderness on our anniversary. While kneeling behind her, I planted a warm, wet kiss on each one of her buttocks causing her to shiver.

All through dinner my excitement continued to mount. I found myself touching her, running my hand ahainst her cheek, pressing my hand against her hip and lightly on her thighs. Beneath her dress I could feel the outline of the Crack Belt. The slow, sweet torture of anticipation tingled in my loins, and I looked forward to quenching my sexual thirst. Gazing at Kathy across the table, knowing her crack was wet from the Belt, I saw in her eyes the saeme tense anticipation I was feeling. We picked up our wine glasses and toasted out one year anniversary.

When dinner was over we went right home. As soon as we were inside the apartment, I took her in my arms and gave her a long, passionate kiss. I sucked on her soft, warm tongue as if it were giving me life and unzipped the back of her dress, letting it fall to the floor. My cock bulged and pressed against the front of my pants as I knelt in front of her and undid the Crack Belt. I pushed her back onto the couch and spread her thighs so that her soggy pussy presented itself like a target to me.

My tongue darted between her slippery lips and pushed into her hole. I tasted her sticky juices as I licked up the length of crack, stopping at her clit. Her back arched violently and a loud moan of pleasure came from her mouth as I sucked the fleshy button into my mouth and ran my tongue across it. Already she was about to have an orgasm, and she gripped the back of my head with both hands in preparation for it.

When it came, she pumped her pussy up and down on my face while still holding onto my head. I continued to suck on her clit as she screamed with pleasure. When the waves of her orgasm had subsided, I took my now juice-covered face away from her pusssy and kissed her hard on the mouth so she could taste her own come. She again held me by the head and, kitten-like, licked my entire face clean of her juices.

I stood up and took my clothes off. My cock stood at rigid attention as I told her to suck it. Kneeling down, she took the whole of my cock in her mouth and cupped my balls in her hands. Her head bobbed back and forth, her lips sliding along the entire length of my cock, her hands gently squeezing my balls. Her tongue ran along member, pressing and stroking, toying with the tip. Sometimes she would pause with my cock head caught in her lips and massage it wetly with her tongue. I felt as if I were about to explode with excitement.

As the feeling grew in intensity, I gripped her head steady and began to fuck her face, pumping my cock slowly but deliberately into her now stationary mouth. I wanted desperately to shoot my load down her throat, but I decided to wait. I had other things in mind, and I wanted to maintain my sexual energy for a grand finale.

Pulling my cock from Kathy's mouth, I led her by the hand into the bedroom with my hard cock pointing the way. I watched while she put on black, net stockings with a black garter belt, elbow-length black lace gloves and a wide-brim, blue straw hat with a black band around it.

With my girl dressed this way, I could hardly contain my desire for her. Taking her own hairbrush from her dresser, I ordered her to face the full-length mirror we have hanging on the back of the bedroom door. She braced herself by putting her gloved hands on the upper corners of the mirror and then spread her long, stockinged legs. As she stood with her eyes glued to her own reflection, I positioned myself behind and to one side of her and gently ran my hand across the smooth skin of her bare ass.

"Beg me to spank you, Kathy," I ordered.

In a meek voice, barely more than an excited whisper, Kathy said, "Oh, please spank me." And as she stood there spread-eagled against the mirror, I began to spank her ass with the hair brush.

As the power of the blows became stronger, her ass got redder and the slap of the wood smacking hard against her skin seemed to reverberate through the bedroom. Although standing stationary, she began lifting first one foot, and then the other as if she were doing a slow dance. Her head arched back as she continued her dance and I continued the spanking. With Kathy standing there in front of me dressed like something from a French whorehouse and with a flaming red ass, I felt as though no man could have it any better. I loved this woman, and I loved the sense of power over her that spanking her gave me. This was a gift from Kathy.

I ordered her to come away from the mirror and bend over. As she gripped the arms of an easy chair for support, I told her to spread her legs as far as possible and to lift her ass in the air. Lowering her head into the cushion, she did as she was told.

Kneeling behind her, I now had her plump, meaty pussy lips staring me directly in the face. I hope I never lose my fascination with the sight of a woman's cunt exposed this way and waiting for it to be administered to. Pushing her ass up in the air as far as I could go with one hand, I began to spank her again.

Moans of pleasure pain escaped Kathy's lips as her ass began to sway back and forth. My excitement was rising quickly. With each new smack my cock pulsed with the desire to fuck her until she screamed for mercy. Finally, I could wait no more. With one last perfectly aimed stroke of my hand, I elicted a loud moan from her.

Now standing squarely behind her, I placed on hand on her waist for support and with the other hand guided my bone-hard cock into her hot, sticky ass. Upon contact with the stretchy grasp of her hole, I gasped in relief for I knew the huge amount of come I had been holding back would soon spill out of my cock. And it did. I would have liked to fuck her longer, but the tight walls of her asshole w****d around my cock like a slippery, gripping hand and brought me to a violent climax. I threw back my head and rammed my cock as far and as hard into her as I could. And as I came with primal grunts signally the pumping of load after load of my come into her ass, Kathy came also, throwing her head back and squealing with joy.

The End

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