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My first mam and daughter...

i was at the races the other day and i was stopping over at cheltenham,it was a lads couple of days out. we were all on the piss and we were flirting like mad with the ladies and they were loving the attention, it was bubbly all day and trying to get into there knickers, but with no joy. the following day we all were a bit weary and not up for a full session, one of the ladies who we met and filled with bubbly came over and was flirting a little with me, the lads were go on dave take her away from her friends and treat her to a day out you've got the money and your lass wont find out, unless she sees you on the telly. lol. i thought fuck it you only live once so i asked her if i could treat her to a day out.

yes i would love that so she told her mates that i was treating her and they said thats fine meet you later, the day was going great and i spent a fortune but it was a fantastic day cos on the last race i said to claire you pick any horse you want and i will put £100 each way on it, she picked a horse that was an outsider and i thought shit this has no chance but i promised i would put it on, the horse was called d***k as a skunk and claire thought it was just perfect to bet on. it was 25/1 and with £200 riding on it it was a very nerves last race,we would be getting back £5200 and i said to claire if it wins i will split it with you, you cant do that dave you've spent enough on me and its been a great day and i owe you a night out at least, i said look if it wins you take me out tonight as this is your town and you know the good clubs your on, but i will still split it with you.

the horse romped home we had won the money it was unreal claire turned to me jumped on me and kissed me not a peck a proper snog, after this i went looking for my mates with £2700 cash in my pocket, i kept the stake money but split the winnings, claire went to find her mates and we said we would meet up in 15 mins to get the bubbly in. we met up and there were loads of cheers and hugs, the bubbly was flowing and this lady came over to me and kissed me to say thank you, it was clairs mother and she was so grateful she explained that her husband had died and that this money would help claire a little through collage, i was 35 but a young looking 35 and i had never thought to ask claire her age as it is rude to ask a lady her age but i had to ask her mother karen how old is claire, shes only 20, fuck me, 20, i said in my head. so karen i know its rude but how old are you cos you look amazing to have a daughter aged 20. im'e 48, god karen you look as young as claire, i was really keeping her sweet as i thought if i fuck your daughter you wont go ape shit with me, more bubbly karen, claire was looking at me from afar and smiling away blowing kisses at me. so karen are you coming out tonight with us, no i wont spoil your fun, come on karen i want you to come out with us i am spending my winnings. ok i will.

the lads were making there way back home and leaving me here on my own, what should i tell the wife why im'e not coming back,so i rang her and told her i had won £2000 and the bookie had no cash left so could i meet him tomorrow to get paid so i agreed, tracy totally fell for it, make sure you get the money and don't let him rip you off she said. ok love.

i was in the hotel it was a really posh hotel and i was getting ready for the night out, my phone rang claire said this is my address give it to the taxi he will bring you here. i rang the taxi and went to claires she was ready we were waiting for her mam to finish up, i told claire on the phone i would take them for a meal get them d***k and then send karen home and we could hit the clubs,that sounds good to me claire said she would tell her mam this was the plan.

we went to this restaurant and it was a unbelievable meal, karen could not stop thanking me, its ok really, i was telling them about the hotel karen said she had always wanted to stop there but the prices were out of her range, the drinks had been flowing wll and i suggested insteat of a club we go to the hotel and have cocktails in the spa, noway karen said. really, if you want is this ok with you claire yes i would love that to but what about swim wear, they'll have some there i'll buy some. we headed to the hotel.

the night shift were on and there was a young lad who had been looking after the lads all the time we were here, as we had give him a massive tip he looked after us and sorted the swim wear out and also closed the spa off so we had it ourselves, the cocktails arrived and we were loving it the lafter was unreal, claire said we should be getting home soon, don't worry you can stop in my room its a king size bed and its to late now. karen was up for it she wanted to see the room and spend the night in the hotel.

so upstairs we went and the room was beautiful karen was loving it saying its just as i thought, she jumped on the bed and spread out saying this is massive, karen, claire and i are going down stairs to the champagne bar you make yourself cumfy and we will see you later, claire and i went down and had some drinks and were talking claire said she wanted to thank me for being so kind and she would like to fuck me but her mam was upstairs and this spoilt her plans, don't worry lets just drink and see what comes up.

we went upstairs karen was sparked out on the bed just in her knickers her huge tits were out and claire could not believe this, sorry dave, don't worry they look great to me what a pair they are, claire said look at these there the same size but firmer holding them in her hands. go on feel them without hesitation i grabbed them GOD they were rock hard a 20year olds tits were in my hands thats all i could think off. claire started to undo her buttons and show them in the flesh they were white soft skinned and the nipple looked so soft and supple. i just wanted to suck them, go on feel them now and suck them if you want she hadn't finished talking and they were in my mouth fuck me they were great my cock was twitching away and i could feel the pre cum weeping on my leg.

claire pushed me away and started to strip her body was unreal so young and her pussy looked so fuckable, she walked towards me and kissed me and then placed her hand on my cock it was throbbing away and she could feel it twitching, get it out i want to suck you off there's this 20 year old telling me what she wants, so i got it out its a good size 9 inches long and 7 inches girth claire gasped my god its massive my last and only lovers was only 5 inches full, god i want you so much inside me. slowly claire i need to please you first i pushed here slowly on the bed so i didn't wake her mam, i went down on her pussy it tasted and felt unreal the pubes were soft the lips were soft and the clit was popping out ready to be sucked the shit out off, claire was wriggling like mad as if shed never been muffed before,stop please stop she was saying but i kept chewing away and poking her pussy the cum was allover my face i stood up and leaned over her and made her like her cum off my face, she loved it.

now for my cock you horny little git, just fuck please i want you in me i slid my cock in and she screamed yes, this woke karen and she just looked at me and turned over as if to say go on its ok. i was pumping away and karen just layed there but i knew she was awake i could see she kept looking and she was rubbing her pussy i could see her hand moving up and down, claire could not see this so she kept bucking back and trying not to make a noise and i kept pumping away, but karen was now on my mind i was thinking about her wanking herself off, i said claire turn on your side facing away from her mam so i was coming in from the side this gave me a clear view of karen, i grabbed karens pants and pulled them down and i placed my hand on her arse, she rolled over and slipped her pants down, i slid my finger in to her lips and poked her pussy it was soaking wet with the thought of me fucking her daughter next to her. claire was not aware that i was doing this and nor could she see her mam watching my cock sliding in and out her. karen mouthed to me i want you inside me, i pulled out of claire and rolled over and slid my length in to her mam, claire turned round and was in shock at first, karen said shush claire why should you have all the fun, but claire said go on mam fuck his brains out.

karen rolled over and sat on top of me and claire was on my mouth i was living the dream a mother and daughter combo, nobody would believe me. i pushed claire off and said get on the end of the bed i want you doggy, i pulled out of karen and started on claire her tits were rocking back and forth and i was rubbing her clit from under her and claire was squirting all over my leg she was trembling with excitement and karen was now wanting the same come on dave do me doggy so i started on karen giving her the same treatment she to was cumming allover to and was shouting faster this was me ready to exsplode claire said in my mouth i want it in my mouth soon as your ready, i was ready claire tool it straight from her mams cunt and sucked me dry. this was the best night of my life and in the morning karen sucked me off and i munched her hairy pussy then fucked them again i am going down to see then soon. i wiil tell all later.

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