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Bi Teen Lust - Part 2

Just as abruptly, George pulled out before he shot his load, and I was thankful that I didn’t have to taste his sour old cum. He told me to sit down, and he cut a deal with me. He would see to it that I got my ass filled with cock, as long as I agreed to do whatever he said. My mind reeled at the possibilities. I told him I would agree, but I wasn’t into pain or bl**d or vomit. He seemed satisfied with my conditions.

George ordered me to kneel down on the floor, and rest my chest across the coffee table. I took my position, and he brought my arms behind my back, and handcuffed my wrists together. I could feel the bl**d rushing up to my head and back down my spine. I shivered in anticipation. George stood behind me, and slipped a black blindfold on me, covering my eyes. He tied it tightly behind my head, and I was completely in the dark, in more ways than one.

He sat down behind my helpless body, and worked his eager hands over my ass. I felt him twist his index finger into my hole, and plunge it all the way in, with one firm push. I yelped a little too loudly, and he slapped my ass sharply, grunting for me to shut up.

He plopped my rolled up bath towel onto the table, and flipped it open, revealing the toys that I had brought to the party. I felt the thinner one pushing against my lips, and he f***ed it into my mouth, telling me to make it wet. His other hand felt around for my quivering hole, and I could feel greasy lube being worked into me with his fingers. He worked quickly, and in no time, he was guiding the dildo toward its ultimate destination.

He slapped my ass several times with authority, then, jammed the rubber toy into my tight opening. It hurt some, as he surprised me with his rough approach. Soon, I was bucking against his pounding thrusts, and I was really starting to like the idea of being his willing sex slave. He kept slapping my ass with one hand, while fucking me wickedly with the dildo in his other hand. I could feel my cheeks getting redder with each slap, and my cock was screaming underneath my body.

Apparently, George was getting aroused, even though I didn’t present him with a smelly enough asshole. He pushed the toy deep into my anal canal, and left it there. He resumed his place in front of my face, and knelt down. I could feel his fingers grip my hair again. This time, his cock was below my head, and I had to bend my neck down in order to accept his thick cock into my mouth. I strained to get my lips around his generous girth, as he began steadily fucking my mouth. He jerked my head towards his body, while thrusting his slippery cock deeper and deeper into my throat. I gagged on it more than once, and he told me to breathe through my nose.

I was so focused on my throat fucking that I didn’t hear George’s closet door quietly open. It wasn’t until I felt the dildo being pulled slowly out of my ass that I became aware of someone else’s presence in the room. I panicked, but I couldn’t really protest, with my mouth full of George’s cock. A stiff tongue replaced the toy, and I could feel someone’s lips lock onto my anus and begin to suck it with enthusiastic vigor. This excited me to no end, and any thoughts of objecting to this mysterious interloper had vanished.

As I continued to act as George’s fuck toy, the ass sucking stopped, and was replaced immediately with the pressure of a real cock head entering my back door. It slipped in past my sphincter muscle rather easily, and slowly moved into my rectum. The fucking motion that followed felt wonderful, just as I had imagined it would. I met the thrusts halfway, pushing back with all my might to meet the intruding phallus. I was getting ass fucked with a wanton abandon that far exceeded my expectations.

George’s grip on my hair tightened, and I could feel his cock well up and tremble, as his hot jizz pumped into my mouth, and I began swallowing as best as I could. George emptied his sack, slamming my face time and again, squirting and spurting his sticky goo down my throat until he had no more to offer. I felt that amazing cock pull out of my ass, and it sounded like the two men traded places. Standing behind me, George grabbed me by the hair, and yanked my head back, commanding me to open my mouth and stick out my tongue. The other man stood in front of my face, and laid the head of his cock on my outstretched tongue as he pumped his shaft with his hand.

I could taste the first drops of his cum on my tongue, followed closely by a huge explosion of hot steamy sperm that shot deep into the back of my throat. The man rubbed his cock on my tongue, encouraging even more of his man juice to fill my mouth. When he finished, he slid his softening member full into my mouth, and George told me to suck my ass juice off the man’s cock, which I did with enthusiasm.

He pulled out of my mouth, and he and George worked together to reposition my body. I felt my hands go free, and George instructed me to lie on the table, flat on my back. He recuffed my hands under the table, knelt down between my legs, and proceeded to lick the underside of my shuddering cock. He licked tantalizingly around the head, then, he wrapped his lips around it, drawing my cock deeply into his mouth. I was going to explode any second, as I could feel the mystery man’s feet take their place on either side of my head. He squatted down over my face, and lowered his ass onto my mouth.

George interrupted his deep-throating long enough to bark at me to lick his friend’s ass clean. I tongued his entire anal area, and I was surprised that it didn’t taste bad at all, maybe a little sweet. Darting my tongue in and out of his shaved asshole was enough to put me over the edge, and I unloaded my hot teen cum down George’s throat. I didn’t think I would ever stop pumping my jizz into his gulping mouth, but finally, my body went limp with exhaustion.

George’s friend got off my face, and I could hear clothes rustling. The door opened and closed quickly, and the mystery man was gone. George took the man’s position over my mouth. “Now, lick my stinking ass clean too,” he growled. As he lowered himself down onto my face, I knew right away that he wasn’t exaggerating. His ass smelled awful, and I could feel his anal pubes tickling my nose. I gagged from the stench of old ass, and tried to move my head to the side to avoid any further contact.

George was outraged by my disobedience, and he reached back and grabbed my balls with all his might. I cried out, and I saw stars behind my blindfold. “Do as you’re told, boy,” he admonished. I didn’t have much choice, so I began to lick his ass dutifully. George pressed his hairy asshole down on my mouth, and told me to suck his ass, and tongue-fuck his hole. He groaned as he rode my mouth hard, and I could hear him whacking his revived cock feverishly. He got up abruptly, turned around, and shot his load all over my face. When he finished ejaculating, he rubbed his sticky cock on my face, and slapped his cock several times on my forehead. He pulled my head closer, and rammed his cock into my mouth without warning, telling me to clean that up as well. I licked his dick clean, happy that it tasted a lot better than his rancid ass did.

Finally spent, George reached down and removed the handcuffs. As I sat up, he pulled the blindfold off my eyes, and I blinked and squinted against the light, rubbing the numbness from my arms. He threw a towel at me, and I wiped my face.

“Well, you got what you came for, are you happy now?” he asked me. I could still feel the taste of his stinking ass in my mouth, and I frowned. “Yeah, well I got what I wanted too, you fucking little pussy eater,” he said. “Now, get out of here before I make you eat my shit,” he ordered. I put my robe on, rolled my toys back into my towel, and slipped out of his room without a word. I headed straight to the showers, and I filled my mouth with the warm, flowing water from the showerhead. I walked back to my room, and lay down on my bed. I went over the events of the night in my mind, and my cock stiffened immediately. I whacked it fiercely and shot my load all over my freshly cleaned stomach and chest.

As I reached for my towel, I thought of the excitement I felt having my ass filled with a real cock for the first time. I also scrunched up my face at the thought of licking George’s rotten ass. I wondered if the whole gay issue was finally satisfied, and if I could go back to just being straight. Then, I sat down at my desk, pen in hand. I grabbed a piece of paper, and started writing. “Dear George,” I wrote, “What are you doing next Saturday night?”

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