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Bi Teen Lust - Part 1

All I could think of lately was having a cock deep in my ass. I don’t know where the idea came from, but I was consumed with the desire to be taken from behind…hard. I always considered myself to be straight, and I certainly dated my share of pretty girls in high school. I enjoyed having sex with girls. They were soft and smooth and smelled good.

So, why was I all of a sudden fantasizing about cock up my ass? And what was I going to do about it? I figured that maybe if I tried it one time, my curiosity would be satisfied. But, until that happened, I was completely obsessed with the idea. I had to take some kind of action, but I didn’t know where to begin.

I was 19, and had landed my first real full time job as a hospital orderly a few months back. I rented a room in the employees’ dorm located on the hospital grounds. The rooms were small and sparsely furnished, but the rent was reasonable. I planned to save up for an apartment, but my room was fine for the moment.

While I was deciding how best to satisfy my craving for cock, I practiced on myself in my room late at night. I experimented with putting various objects up my ass, and I was getting pretty good at it. If I lubed up and went slowly, there was hardly any pain at all. I tried bananas and cucumbers, bottles and dildos. I even shaved all my pubic hair off, because I thought gays liked bare pubes.

I knew a lot of the hospital workers were gay, and they seemed okay with it, but I wasn’t ready to come out of any closet. I figured I would have a tough time getting ass fucked, if I wasn’t willing to approach someone who would satisfy my aching lust. Then, I thought of George.

Basically, George was an old d***k. He lived in a room down the hall from me, and he was very reclusive. He worked as a dishwasher, and except for coming and going to and from his job, he was hardly ever seen by anyone. Friday nights were his only night out. He would leave the dorm in the evening, all nattily dressed, proudly sporting his gay leather hat, and a bow tie. He would come back in the wee hours, stumbling down the hall, occasionally talking loudly to himself.

I wondered if he would be interesting in helping me out, so I devised a plan. In the privacy of my room, I took several polaroid pictures of myself, in various poses. I took one of me shaving my ass, a couple of hard-on shots, and one with me sitting on a vodka bottle, its long neck buried up my ass. Or course, none of the shots showed my face. I wanted to protect my privacy at all costs. I wrote a hot letter, asking George if he would be interested in fucking my ass. I told him I would tap on his door three times, at precisely 11:00PM next Saturday. I put the letter and the pictures in an envelope, and slid it under his door, as I went up the hall to take a shower.

I was so horny with anticipation in the days leading up to Saturday, that I practiced even harder getting my ass ready for action. It seemed like I was masturbating every hour when I was off from work. My mind reeled with excitement. I knew I was being bold and daring, and I wondered what George was thinking.

The big night finally arrived, and I prepared myself fastidiously, leaving nothing to chance. I was clean shaven, and I even took a couple of those plastic bottle enemas up my rectum. I didn’t want to embarrass myself, after all. I put my short blue summer robe on, wearing nothing underneath. I rolled my two favorite dildos up in my bath towel, and headed for George’s room.

My heart was thumping loudly as I tapped three times. The door opened immediately, and George appeared, drink in hand, wearing a white robe. He stepped aside, and I walked in. He closed his door quickly, and I felt safe, in a way. I couldn’t yet sense what George’s reaction would be to my letter.

“So, it’s you,” he said, frowning with disappointment. “Are you surprised?” I asked. “I thought you liked women,” he responded curtly. “I do like women,” I answered. “Do you eat their pussies?” he inquired, a sour look on his face. “Sure,” I offered. He turned away, asking me if I wanted a mixed drink, and I accepted his offer. This was really awkward, I thought. I hadn’t expected this type of response from him. I figured he’d love the chance to break in a brand new ass, especially a tight, young 19 year old ass.

He returned with two drinks, and motioned for me to sit down. I downed half the drink in one gulp. I was confused, and wondered if I should just leave right then and there. But, George began to speak, and I was all ears. “I don’t really like what you do, shaving and everything,” he explained. “And I like smelly assholes, not clean ones. Plus, I can’t guarantee any kind of privacy. Everyone always finds out who I have sex with.” I told him I would just deny it, if anyone approached me. He shook his head, doubting that my idea would work. I downed the rest of my drink and stood up to leave, thinking that my experiment had failed miserably. I thanked George for the drink, but he wasn’t listening.

I realized he was staring at the big bulge that had formed under my robe. My hard-on surprised me. I guess our conversation got me aroused, even as a sense of disappointment filled my mind.

George motioned for me to step closer to him, and he reached up from his chair, and rubbed my cock through my robe. I moaned a little, and my excitement soared. He untied my belt, and my robe fell open to his leering gaze. George’s eyes lit up, and he smiled for the first time since I entered his room.

“Nice,” he said, as he began to fondle my hard shaft, reaching down to cup my balls in his hand. I swooned, and my knees buckled, as I realized that another man was touching my private parts for the first time. George leaned forward, and I watched as my throbbing cock disappeared into his mouth, and halfway down his throat. His mouth was extremely wet and warm, and I was afraid I would shoot my load too soon.

After several head bobs, George pulled back, and spun my body around, facing away from him. He pushed on my back, signaling me to bend over his low coffee table. I placed my hands flat on the table. I felt a rush of air on my ass, as he flipped my short robe up over my back. He grunted his approval, and I felt his thin fingers on my hips. He moved his hands up and down my outer thighs, then, worked his way inside my spread legs, reaching under me and gently squeezed my balls. He grabbed hold of my ass cheeks and massaged them rather f***efully. I squirmed a little when I felt him spread my cheeks, and press his nose to my anus. I could hear him inhale deeply, then, exhale in disgust.

Still, he wasn’t so disappointed that he stopped. His tongue whirled around my brown area, and I got a big rush as his tongue darted in and out of my willing asshole. I was burning with lustful anticipation. I could envision his cock sliding into my rectum, and pounding my virgin ass relentlessly.

Instead, George stopped his tongue action, stood up, and made his way around the table to face me. He threw open his robe, revealing his thick, swollen cock. I gasped at the sight before my eyes. For a skinny old man, his cock was huge. It wasn’t real long, but his girth was thicker than anything I had practiced with.

He took hold of his cock, and guided it toward my mouth. I was stunned. I had spent all my efforts preparing for a cock in my ass, but I had never even thought of the possibility of having to put a cock in my mouth. How naïve of me, I thought. Seeing my hesitation, George caught two big handfuls of my hair in his hands, and pulled my head toward his swaying hard-on, and gruffly told me to suck it.
I obeyed, opening my mouth and immediately gagging on his thick member. This only seemed to energize him, and he thrust his slick cock deeper in my mouth, until it hit the back of my throat. I struggled to breath, but I took his abuse nonetheless. After all, I reasoned, I asked for this.

Continued in Part 2

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