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Watching Wife Get Porked

This all started about thirty years ago. My wife and I had been married about five years and had decided that we wanted to have a baby. I had an accident that left me unable to father babies so we were going to have to do something different. My wife did not want to go the sperm bank as she did not trust them and thought it better to get her jizz fresh from the cock. So next on the list was to have several one night stands with strngers until she got knocked up. But she did not like this idea either as she has had several before she met me and did not like them. We also thought about getting one of our friends to pork her but that has alot problems there also.

Now my wife is a cute red head but she lightens her hair to a strawberry blonde color. She is very petite and weighed only about one hundred five pounds with perky "B" cup tities and a red bush shaved in a landing strip and kept high and tight along with a smoking hot body. She has never had any troule getting some pecker and we love talking about past adventures in her quest for dick. She was real cock hound when I met her. She had fucked as many guys as I have fucked women.

We were siting out by our pool trying to figure out a solution to our problem. She in her bikini and I in my swim trunks. The neigbor boy was mowing the yard and was eyeing my wife, a little boner was in his pants. Shannon(my wife's name) always liked giving the neighbor boy(Rick) beaver shots and teasing him whenever he is working on the yard for us. It was right at that moment it dawned on us that this might be the answer to our problem. When Rick was done with the yard work we called him over. I do not remember the age of this k** but he was old enough and Shannon started in telling him about our quest to get knocked up and asked if would like to help. Rick said hell yea and we started to set the rules and guidlinee such not to tell any body, I get to watch and participate, money and so forth.

We waited til her next period was over and called Rick over to the house. This k** was giddy with excitment as so was I, I had always wanted to watch my wife get fucked by another man and she had always wanted me to watch. We had both talked about swapping. It only took about five minutes for the foreplay, as we were all ready to get started.I sat naked on the edge of the bed as Shannon and Rick were busy starting to fuck. Rick's young pecker found it's way into my wife's 26 year old snatch real quick. He had said that he has had sex twice before. Rick was banging away and I put my finger on my lady's clit, within a minute she was having a big orgasim and Rick went in deep and exploded a massive load into her pussy. They laid there for a minute or two and Rick got up and I jumped into Shannon's pussy and banged away for about a minute and then dumped my load into her. I withdrew my dick and Rick slid back in and humped her for a few more minutes and then blew another good sized load into Shannon's gooey pussy. Rick was pumping large loads of his DNA into my wife several times a day everyday for the next several weeks. Shannon could not help getting pregnant with all that young sperm swiming thru her system. Rick continued to fuck my wife for next many years. We called on Rick to father three c***dren for us.

This got my wife and I into swapping, swinging, and watching each other fuck other people. I must say that I love watching other men put the meat to my wife. It is great to watch some strangers jizz ooze out of Shannon's pussy. It is also great to dump my goo into some other guys wife and watch Shannon lick my goo out of that woman's pussy. Rick still comes over and fucks my Shannon every now and then. He is all grown up and married and has k**s of his own.

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