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It Was Accidental

Accidental Intromission

Since Dad left us Mom and I had settled into an "It's us against the world" mode even though we knew it was not true. We had f****y and friends to support us including Dad's mom, however our attitude brought us closer together.

Mom and I had an easy love. We kissed and hugged often for no particular reason other than to show each other how much we loved each other. I do not remember when our soft, lingering lip-to-lip kisses started but to me it seemed that I had enjoyed them my whole life. Partial nudity had also been common in our household and we had each caught glimpses of the other naked.

Yet I never saw Mom as a sexual creature. I did see her as a fine looking woman but that was just part of being Mom.

I never had an erection for my mother but when I started to get laid on a semi-regular basis I saw that Mom noticed my hard cock when a girlfriend visited me.

The girls had soon accepted that the best place for us to fool around in was my house because Mom would give us privacy and keep their activities secret.

I knew that Mom knew that my girlfriends and I fucked in my bedroom.

From the time I began to date to past my twenty-first birthday none of my girlfriend lasted more than three months save for one. Many of them stayed friends with me long after we broke up and on rare occasions a few would come in just for a fuck with me.

The roots of the accidental intromission began on one night during the summer between my junior and senior university years. A former high school girlfriend I had never fucked named Edna came over one night and just jumped on my body. Edna had been my only girlfriend to last over three months; we had dated for over a year including most of my first university year. Two years had passed since we broke up.

Within seconds of Edna’s arrival at my house we were fucking on our living room.

Even though it was a wild passionate fuck I still had enough awareness to realize I was fucking a former girlfriend in my living room and Mom was home.

I managed to take Edna to a fine orgasm then picked her up and carried her to my bedroom. On my way there I saw Mom by the kitchen door, her eyes closed, a hand inside her shorts. She was masturbating.

When I got to my room on a whim I decided to leave my door open. I do not know if Mom looked in on us but she had to go past my door to get to her bedroom and her bathroom and Edna and I fucked for nearly three hours. No matter where Mom was in the house I knew she could hear Edna's orgasmic groans.

From that night on I never closed my door when I was fucking a girl on my bed. Only one of the girls insisted on closing the door. Oddly enough she was the first to seduce Mom.

Mom was not celibate during this time period and some of her fucks occurred in her bedroom. Several times we had found ourselves fucking somebody at the same time. Our bedroom doors were closed on such occasions.

Still, fucking Mom had never crossed my mind.

One morning after we had both gotten laid we broached the subject of our previous nights fuck. Mom asked me about Edna, a relationship that confused her.

"You told me that Edna had come here to fuck you right after her boyfriend proposed to her but did not tell me why. Can you elaborate on it now?"

"Not much but you can ask her, she is still here. She will be joining us in a minute. Was that somebody new in your bed last night?"

"Yes, his name is Andrew and he will be getting at least two more shots at me. I like him; he is a good and decent man. He teaches at my school too."

"Why does he have just a two night audition?"

"Because he was not very good in bed. His first wife was frigid and even though he is in his mid-forties I am sure you have had more pussy than he has. His future with me depends on his learning curve. I am hoping he is a quick learner, I am ready to settle on just one guy and he is my first choice."

"Interesting to hear you say that. I can give him a couple of URL's to help speed up the learning process."

"Not that porn x thing you were always looking at?"

"No, the Literotica romance stories and lesbian seduction clips on hamster x."

"Oh, OK. Those are good choices and the suggestions would be better coming from you than from me. He is a bit scared of me as it is."

Edna strolled into the kitchen at that time wearing only one of my t-shirts. She was a bit shorter than Mom with long black hair and a world-class ass. She also had the most perfect tits I had had ever had in my hands. Mom and I could see them dance under the shirt.

I pulled out a chair for her then poured her a cup of coffee. She kissed Mom on the cheek and sat with a groan.

"Anything wrong?" Mom asked her with a knowing grin.

"Parts of me need some rest but I am fine otherwise," Edna said with a shy smile.

"So tell me, did you accept Billy's marriage proposal?"

"Not yet. I need to get your son out of my system first.

I knew I had a problem right after Billy asked me to marry him because my first thought was that I did not want him to take my virginity,

I wanted and had always wanted your son to have it.

That's why I rushed over that first night which made my problem worse, as you can see by the fact that we are having breakfast together again."

"Does Billy know?"

"He knows I have something to work out and assumes it's another guy but does not know who. He does get to fuck me now so he is happy about that but he is not very good."

"We have a common problem I see. Let me tell you about Andrew."

At that point I left the kitchen and went to the bathroom for a piss. I was shaking my dick when Mom and Edna walked by on their way to my bedroom.

Mom said, "When you get done playing with your dick come to your room. I want to show Edna the web sites we talked about for Andrew."

Edna burst into giggles and I barely refrained from giving Mom the finger and simply followed them.

I showed her the sites and e-mailed the URL's to her computer.

Mom took her to one of her favorite stories in Literotica called Zoe and they read it together. By the time they were done they were clenching and unclenching their thighs.

I could see where Mom wanted the morning to go so I took us to hamster x and clicked on one of my favorite clips. It was of about an older lesbian woman seducing a younger woman.

I put on sneakers and a t-shirt and went out to mow the lawn.

A bit over and hour later I went in to check on them and found them naked and curled around each other on my bed. It was a very sexy sight and my moribund dick managed to stir a bit from it.

I undressed and went to take a shower.

Before I was done Edna joined me and was desperate for a fuck. Before we dried I lifted her to the vanity and fucked her right there.

She had a loud and intense orgasm then left me and wandered off towards the kitchen. I had not cum but was not upset over that fact, I doubted I had anything to ejaculate anyway. She had drained me less than two hours before.

I went to my bedroom and put clean gym shorts and a t-shirt on and went to the kitchen.

Mom and Edna were standing by the sink in a soft embrace, Edna was still naked and Mom was only wearing panties.

They were tit to tit, Edna's lips were on Mom's neck, Mom's hands were caressing Edna's bare ass.

My cock again took note but it never occurred to either of us that Mom also had a pussy we could fuck. Our attention was on Edna's ass.

Edna stepped back and said, "I better go home before my life gets even more complicated than it just did."

She gave mom a deep kiss then turned to me and gave me an even deeper kiss and hurried to my bedroom. I poured myself some juice and Mom began to cook brunch for us.

A few moments later Edna ran into the kitchen and kissed us goodbye and ran out the door. I hated to see her go.

It was not remotely the first time I had watched Mom cook breakfast while wearing only her panties but it was the first time I took notice.

She was a bit overweight but all that did was make her curves more dangerous, nothing sagged, not even her tits. She definitely could wear bikini panties without reservation and could go topless in public to grateful eyes. Mom was a fine woman.

I thought Andrew needed to get his act together.

Mom served us and we ate in silence for a while before Mom asked me, "Why did you and Edna break up?
I was positive she was going to be around for years. You were crazy about her."

"Yes I was but she would not put out and her older s****r would."

"You fucked her s****r?"

"Yes, although actually she fucked me. I did put up some resistance but I was more than ready to lose my virginity.

Her s****r was at the university with me and Edna was home finishing high school.

She claimed she was just making sure her s****r ended up with a guy that was a good lay. She was also very horny but she was a good teacher."

When I came home that summer I told Edna that I had too many wild oats to sow and broke up with her. We hardly saw each other for a year and did not speak to each other for almost two years.

Early last year her s****r found the guy she wanted and I have been scrambling for pussy since.

When Edna joined us at the university we would nod to each other when our paths crossed but nothing more.

About two months ago we ended up sitting next to each other at an end of the school year university sports awards dinner. We each had friends as dates.

She made a point to touch my hand before dinner arrived which told me that I had been forgiven.

We spent the evening chatting as if no time had passed since our last date. By the time summer arrived we were again good friends. Four weeks later she is barging through our door and sexually attacking me."

Mom and I stood and I helped her clear the table and load the dishwasher.

Mom said, "She will probably accept Billy's marriage proposal although she is still madly in love with you. It might be a good idea for you to do a self-inventory and make sure you know how you feel about her before it's too late."

'You are just saying that because you love her pussy."

"And she loves mine but that will probably continue even if she marries Billy.
But you will never get to make love to her again if she does. She will be a faithful wife.

Anyway, I have high hopes for Andrew so I have things to do this summer before we all have to go back to school.

Did I mention how glad I am that you are just seventy miles away?"

"Yes, Mom. I believe you have a few dozen times. Did you know I am glad about that too?"

"No that I didn't know. Thank you baby. I love you."

Mom embraced me and gave me a kiss full of that love. I kissed her back full of my love for her.

I was sort-of making out with a nearly naked sexy woman but neither of my heads had a sexual thought in them.

It was just Mom.

The following Friday night Edna and Andrew came over, Mom had invited them to dinner.

It was a fine dinner indeed and after we helped Mom put away the dishes, (a point in Andrews favor), we adjourned to the living room to watch a movie. Edna sat on my lap on the recliner while Mom and Andrew sat on the love seat.

I did not even get to see the title of the movie because Edna started the make out part of our evening immediately.

Mom turned off one of the two living room lamps and my hand quickly unbuttoned a strap on Edna's sundress and slid over a breast.

Her back was to the love seat so Mom and Andrew could not see that, however Edna's groan may have told them something was going on.

I noted that Mom was kissing Andrew as her hand slid over his thigh but he looked reluctant to do anything himself.

Mom turned off the other lamp.

The only light in the living room came from the TV.

Edna turned and straddled my hips then pushed her exposed tit into my mouth as she began to dry hump me. Her moans were now continuous.

I stole a glimpse at Mom and saw her hand was inside the fly of Andrew's slacks. He had a hand on one of Mom's now exposed tits as he kissed her.

I stood and carried Edna to my bedroom and within thirty seconds we were fucking with abandon. I saw shadows walk past my door and heard Mom's bedroom door close.

Edna drew my attention back to her as she groaned into a loud orgasm. I was not ready for her to leave so I slid down her body and feasted on her pussy until she had another loud orgasm. I kissed my way back up her body and slid my cock back into her very slick pussy.

I spent a lot of time kissing her with just intermittent fucking. Edna kissed my ear and said, "Go."

I fucked her faster and as harder than I had ever fucked anybody including her and we both roared into earthshaking cums. She screamed.

We rolled to our sides and trembled in each other's arms.

I kissed her. She seemed to be afraid to kiss me.

I caressed her face and kissed her softly.

She sighed, got out of bed and got dressed. I put gym shorts on and walked her to the door. She accepted my good night kiss and left.

She had not said a word to me since she urged me to fuck her hard.

I was not perplexed by the abrupt departure itself, I knew ahead of time it would be a short evening for us.

What worried me was that normally after each orgasm we spent considerable time making out, but that did not happen that night.

What really worried me was the thought that we had just shared our last time together.

Without thinking I walked into Mom's bedroom. I wanted her thoughts on what had just happened.

She was naked in bed masturbating. Andrew was gone.

I apologized but did not leave. Mom stopped masturbating but did not cover up and did not take her hand off her pussy.

She seemed frustrated.

I sat at the foot of Mom's bed and said, "It appears that Andrew needs further lessons."

"He needs better control. He was done as soon as he rolled the condom on, before he got it in me. I did do some heavy teasing before we left the living room so I sort of understand that part. I also understand his embarrassment but did not expect him to just keep apologizing, get dressed and leave. He left me high and dry. He may not get another chance."

"I am sorry to hear that, he is a nice guy. I take it he does not eat pussy."

"No, that icicle of an ex-wife convinced him it was a dirty thing to do. He thinks getting a blowjob is a dirty thing too. He will not let me go down on him."

"I hate to tell you Mom but that sounds like a much longer project than you hoped for. In the meantime let me help a bit."

I leaned forward and began to kiss my way up Mom's thighs. She flinched but did not say anything. As I neared her pussy I spread her legs apart and slid my arms under her thighs. She kept her hand on her pussy even as I began to kiss the back of it. She slowly slid her hand up until my lips met her pussy lips. She moaned.

It did not take me long; Mom had been more than ready for a release. I took her to a nice deep orgasm then kissed her pussy until she was mostly back from her orgasmic trip.

I slid back until my feet were on the floor, walked around the bed and kissed Mom's lips.

I turned her lamp off and said goodnight.

It never crossed my mind that I had just had a sexual encounter with Mom, I was simply happy to provide her with some relief. I was being useful.

Fucking Mom was still not even a whisper in my mind.

Her hugs and kisses the next day were more intense than usual but the fact that her son had eaten her pussy was never mentioned. I never got an erection for her.

She called Andrew to assure him that their date for that night was still on. He seemed to have been very surprised and very grateful for that call.

I knew I would not see Edna the rest of that weekend; she was going to visit her married s****r, the one that taught me how to fuck. If Edna ever knew that about us she never let on.

I told Mom that I would be out until late that night and suggested that she take Andrew to my computer and do some porn surfing with him after his first attempt at pleasing her. It may get him ready for round two and maybe a round three,

Mom laughed at the suggestion but when I got home very late that night my computer was playing a compilation of blowjobs that was in my favorites file. I also had a note from Mom; Edna wanted me to call her the next afternoon.

I had not talked to Mom of my fears about Edna yet so I went to her room. I did remember to peek in first in case Andrew was still there but I again found Mom alone and masturbating.

I did not wait and simply slid between her legs. Mom removed her hand off her pussy as soon as I was in position.

I decided to give her two orgasms that night so I devoured her pussy for her first orgasm and made sweet love to her pussy for the second one.

It took me over twenty minutes to get her to her second cum but I was very pleased at its intensity.

I again stood and walked around the bed but after giving her a soft kiss I made room for myself beside her and sat.

"May I assume it went better tonight than last night?"

"Yes, much better but still a long way from satisfactory as you could tell. He actually managed to get in me but was filling up his condom in less than one minute.

I took him to your room and played the blowjob thing you had and gave him the first blowjob of his life. Forty-four years old and he gets his first blowjob tonight. Incredible.

He lasted almost three minutes before he was again filling up a condom. He would not let me go down on him unless he wore a one. I did get him to fingerfuck me before he left but he was too clumsy to do much good.

Like I said, progress but no cigar.

The big news is that he said he was willing to keep trying for me. He said that his goal in life to please me in bed. He told me he was crazy about me. I decided to give him the rest of the summer. With any luck I will not need your emergency first aid much longer."

"Not a problem. Did Edna give you a hint as to what she wanted to talk to me about?"

"No but I got the feeling you are about to get an ultimatum. You have a decision to make on an apparently fast approaching deadline. Have you come close to a decision about her?"

"No. I know I would be very disappointed if did not have her around. I do enjoy our time together even when we are not having sex. I do not know if I could give up all the other pussy. She is easily the best, but knowing she is not the only one may be too much temptation for me."

"Well, you are your father's son."

I was stunned. The last thing I wanted was to be like my father. He abandoned his beautiful and loyal wife for young pussy and had in fact already replaced the young pussy with another. Dad was not my hero and suddenly I did not like me very much.

Mom added that if I felt that I would not be faithful I should let Edna go. Edna was too good a person for me to disappoint.

I kissed Mom and said goodnight.

I had some really ugly character flaws to ferret out.

I had been on my bed for about an hour working on the self-inventory Mom had suggested when a completely different thought invaded my brain.

All the time I was talking to Mom on her bed I had been fondling her breasts and she had resumed playing with her pussy.

I had just left her in bed without offering to go down on her again.

Now I was really very disappointed in myself.

For the first time I wondered if I had omitted something I could have done or said to Edna. As I searched my brain on that I somehow fell asl**p.

I was very groggy the next morning but at least Mom was not angry with me for my previous nights lapse in courtesy.

She kissed me a lot. She fed me constantly then at about one o'clock she left me alone in the house after she handed me my phone.

It took me an hour and a half to call Edna.

"Hi, Mom told me you wanted me to call. Where are you now?"

"At my s****r's. I will be here all week helping her with the baby while her husband recovers from his appendectomy."

"How old is the baby?"

"She is just about to turn one. Relax, she is not yours."

Edna knew.

"Your Mom convinced me that you do not lie. She told me you would never break a promise. She did tell me that you were an expert at avoiding answering a question and in not volunteering information.

But your mother also said you have never disappointed her."

"When did she tell you that?"

"This morning.

Now listen, I am giving you a deadline.

By the time I get home this Friday you have to tell me you love me or on Saturday I accept Billy's marriage proposal and the next time you see me will be at my wedding.

I do not want you to call me and ask for clarification or negotiate conditions or a time extension.

Be very aware that if you tell me you love me I will believe it to be true and lead the rest of my life accordingly."

"No pressure there," was what I thought.

"Understood," was what I said.

"Good. Now all you have to do is figure out how you feel about me. You already know how I feel about you but you also know that in the end I have to do what is best for me."

"And that is as it should be.
I would like to call you just to talk."

"Talk about what?"

"Your niece, my mother, the baseball team, our up coming school years, you know, just stuff."

There was silence at the other end of the line and I was afraid I had just inadvertently broken one of her conditions.

"That would be nice," she said at last.

"What would be the best time?"

"About this time or after ten. The only one not taking a nap right now is me. My s****r and her husband are already acting like old people and go to bed right after the late news weather report."

"How old is he anyway?"

"Twenty seven going on fifty seven. He listens to sixties and seventies music as if he was there."

My conversation with Edna was fun and lasted until we heard a baby giggling. Edna told me it was a streaking naked baby being chased by her mother. She then said, "Call me. Bye."

Somehow I had a big smile on my face for most of the afternoon. Looking for something to do I re-potted some flowers Mom had been meaning to give a bigger home.

It was dark and I was filthy when I was done so I took a shower.

I was walking to my room wearing only a towel around my waist when I saw Mom's bedroom light was on. I went in to turn it off and saw Mom stepping into her own shower.

"Hi Mom. When did you get home?"

"Just now. Come in and talk to me while I take a quick shower. Did you call Edna?"

"Yes I did. You were right, it was an ultimatum."

"How long did she give you?'

"Until she gets back on Friday."

"Good, good. When I talked to her this morning she was thinking of giving you only to the end of today. I know you will know what to do before Friday. Was the conversation cordial?"

"It started that way but ended up out and out friendly. We talked for almost an hour until she had to help chase down a naked baby."

"What is the baby's name?"

"I don't know. I will ask her when I call her tomorrow."

Mom came out of the shower and toweled her body right in front of me.

I had a gorgeous naked woman in front of me.

My brain did not make any significant note of that but my cock did. For the first time ever Mom was giving me an erection.

Mom was suddenly blushing; she may have noticed the tent on my towel.

"Are you calling her tomorrow because you already know what to tell her?"

"No, I will be calling her just to talk. I will be giving her the latest chapter of the Andrew and Mom soap opera. Will I have something juicy to tell her?"

We were now on her bed. She gave me room to get in next to her. She remained naked.

"Semi-juicy. He asked for another blowjob and I told him he had to go down on me first. It took him a couple of minutes but he did manage to kiss my pussy for a while. I showed him where my clit was and he f***ed himself to lick it. My moan scared him and he barely touched it after that."

"I love sucking on your clit." I said as I slid down and made myself comfortable between her thighs.

"Go on. Did he give you an orgasm?"

"No but since I knew he was doing the best he could I sucked him off anyway. I know what the carrot is now.

Oooh baby you're so good at that. Go slower.

His next erection made it into my pussy and he managed to fuck me for almost three minutes before shooting his wad but he tried to keep fucking me for another two before his cock gave up. I gave him points for that too.


Mom was in the midst of a fine orgasm so I slowed down and rubbed my face on her thighs and her pubic hair for a while.

"Did he manage another erection?"

"Yes he did and I had him try it doggy style to see if he would last longer. He lasted fifteen seconds."

"Ouch, I sympathize."

"Yeah. In his defense he said that we could not try that again in a while because my ass is much too sexy for him."

"Your ass is sexy," I said as I ran the tip of my tongue from her ass crack to her clitoral fold. She had another orgasm.

After that cum she seemed to need a rest so I decided to kiss her and go watch the Sunday night baseball game. I slid slowly upwards and kissed my way past her pubic hair to her tits.

I did feel the towel around my waist slip off but did not bother to retrieve it.

I made love to Mom's tits for a short while then slid up to kiss her.

My cock slid right into her pussy.

Mom's eyes went wide open and for an instant there was a bit of panic behind them. I gave Mom a soft, gentle I love you kiss and said, "Sorry."

She gave me a small smile and relaxed. I gave her a second kiss and she closed her eyes.

I still had no intention of fucking Mom. My cock was completely buried in her pussy but it had been truly accidental.

My cock pleaded for a bit longer stay inside Mom's pussy.

I agreed that it felt phenomenal in there and delayed its exit as I kissed Mom again. When my cock became mesmerized by where it was I took advantage and began to withdraw.

My cockhead was between Mom's pussy lips when I felt her hands on my hips. They were not urging me to do anything so I stopped where I was with the head of my cock just inside her pussy lips.

I soon felt Mom's hand press down very lightly. She wanted my cock back inside her pussy. I slid it back in her and returned to my soft kisses for her. Mom's hands were now caressing my ass.

The last domino fell.

Both of my heads said, "Let's fuck Mom."

My cock and I were slow coming to that decision; Mom's pussy was already fucking us. Mom's hips and hands had already set the pace.

I heard her moan.

I increased the length of my strokes.

She moaned louder.

I went faster.

She had a loud nearly uncontrolled orgasm.

I filled her pussy with my cum.

We kissed. I rolled to her side. We kissed some more. Mom fell asl**p.

I got up and watched the baseball game.

It was strange, I realized that I had just fucked my mother but I had no regrets, no guilt, not even a small worry. My cock's penetration had been accidental and I knew I would have pulled out if she had not stopped me. I was simply a good son doing what my mother wanted, needed.

A spectacular catch and throw by our centerfielder bailed out the pitcher from serious trouble. Twenty seconds later my cell phone rang, it was Edna.

"Did you see that?! Did you see that?!"

"Yes, incredible. Wait, they are showing it again. Wow, just wow."

"It looked more like a holy-shit to me, not just a wow."

"You are a perceptive lady. A holy-shit it is. Who is watching the game with you?'

"Nobody. They are still downstairs. The baby was fussy so they put on a Wiggles DVD. I can no longer f***e myself to watch that thing again so I came upstairs. Where is your Mom?"

"In bed. She spent the day at Andrews teaching the teacher. She is exhausted."

"Did you have to provide first aid?"

"Damn, everybody tells her everything," I thought.

"Yes, but she said he is making progress so she will not need me for that much longer. Look they are showing the replay again. Man it is even more holy-shit in slow motion. It's a wonder he did not break something when he hit the wall."

"And that throw. Did you see the expression on the runner? Pure disbelief. He was out by twenty feet.

Have you fucked your Mother?"

Again she had thrown me for a loop. I tried hard to come up with a believable non-answer but could not.

"I see you have. Good. She has wanted you to fuck her since the first night she watched us fuck. I doubt you noticed but she has watched us fuck often.

I loved fucking her. I love your Mom.

Listen, I think they are coming up the stairs. It's my turn to read for the baby. Talk to you tomorrow. Bye."

I said bye. I also said "I love you" but she had already hung up.

I wondered if what I said was true.

The words did come out easily. I would not have made any denials or excuses if she had heard me.

I watched the ballgame and had a beer. When it was over I went to my room, decided no and went to Mom's bed and crawled under the covers with her. I turned off her lamp and spooned behind her.

I gave myself a small laugh.

I was naked in bed with my equally naked mother.

We had fucked.

The apparent love of my life knew I fucked my mother and knew I fucked her s****r and had simply accepted it.

I fell asl**p quickly as if I did not have a care in the world.

Maybe I didn't.

I was alone in Mom's bed when I awoke the next morning. I went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth and went searching for her. I was nude.

I found her in the kitchen pouring herself a cup of coffee. She was nude.

We embraced and kissed lovingly then hungrily. Soon my very erect cock was pressing hard on her body.

She sat on the kitchen table and spread her legs and I followed my cock as it dove into her pussy.

Our fuck was frantic, loud, and short lived. We moaned into a very satisfying mutual orgasm in about five minutes. She kept her arms and legs wrapped around me.

I took a gamble that my cock would remain firm long enough and I fucked Mom again. I won that bet when Mom succumbed to and even bigger orgasm.

She just held on to me until her respiration rate returned to normal and after I gave her room she stood and refreshed her coffee and sat in a chair. I got my own coffee and sat next to her.

We kissed between sips. She told me that she was going shopping then was going to Andrew's apartment to resume his education.

I told her that I was going to the plant nursery and get some special food for the plants I had re-potted for her.

We never talked about our fucks.

We did talk about Edna.

When I called Edna that afternoon I asked her if she thought she could afford to share an apartment with me when we returned to the university.

"Why would I want to do that?" she asked.

"Because I love you and want you with me every night forever."

I heard her catch her breath. I heard her cry.

After a long pause she said, "We probably need to go and secure one soon. All of the nicer and convenient ones fill up quickly."

"I will pick you up from your s****r's house on Friday and we can go on to the university housing office and see what they have and do some scouting."

"Are you sure about this?"

"Yes. I will be happy to live my life around you."

"Have you told your mother?"

"Yes. It was her idea to share an apartment. She thinks I have just become a grown up. When are you telling Billy and your Dad about us?"

"I have a confession to make. I already have. Neither was surprised. The ultimatum was your mother's idea. I was prepared to just wait you out."

"She will have some explaining to do when she gets home."

"Be easy on her, she is the only Mom I got."

"I love you," I said.

"I love you," she said. "By the way when I told Billy my answer was no I had Buffy with me. Within ten minutes she was doing a fine job of easing his pain. Don't feel guilty about him."

"Buffy will eat him alive," I said. It was a remark Edna knew came from personal experience.

"That was the plan. But this morning she called me from his bed to thank me. She said she has had a crush on him since high school and has just about convinced him that she is the best thing that has ever happened to him."

"I am glad to hear that about both."

"I am glad to hear that about us," she said.

We talked for over an hour. Her s****r talked to me briefly and congratulated me on my sudden burst of intelligence. They abruptly hung up; a naked baby had just zoomed past them.

Edna called me back two hours later and we talked for over an hour about apartments, baseball, car inspections and her niece Leila. We told each other "I love you" often.

When she had to hang up because of baby wrangling duties I ended up holding the phone in my hands for a few extra moments. I had a big grin in my face.

I had seen my future and it was excellent.

About twenty minutes later Mom called me and said she would not be coming home that night. I asked her if she was still at Andrew's apartment but in response she just moaned loudly and hung up.

"Andrew must be a fast learner," I thought.

Edna called me back a bit before eleven that night. We had our first phone sex. After we achieved our goals she asked to speak to Mom. I told her she was not home and suspected that Andrew's learning curve had just taken a steep climb.

Edna said, 'I hope she still has some room for us. I would hate to have to murder Andrew."

I laughed and told her that knowing Mom he did not have long to live anyway.

We laughed together for a while then after a short silence she said, "I love you. I wish we were in the same bed."

"Yes, me too, on both. After this week is over let's make sure we never spend another night apart."

"Deal. I've had a long day. I am going to sl**p and dream of you. I love you. I will call you in the morning. Good night."

"I love you, good night," I said and hung up the phone.

My phone rang almost immediately and I heard Mom say. "Your emergency services will no longer be required. You are fired."

"Oh no. Do I get severance pay?"

After a short silence Mom said, "Yes you do. You will also get the occasional interest payment."

"Mom I am so happy for you. Have you told Andrew he has been hired?"

"No. I want him to continue to strive for excellence."

I chuckled and again told her how happy I was for her. She told me that she would be back around mid-morning and would see me then. We wished each other a good night and hung up.

I slept well.

I slept a bit late the next morning so when I got to the kitchen I saw that Mom was already there sitting at the table drinking coffee. She was naked.

She motioned me give her a kiss and as I did she pulled down my shorts. She broke the kiss and swallowed my cock.

That was easily the best blowjob I had ever been gifted with and in less that ten minutes I was spewing into her mouth.

She swallowed.

I kissed Mom and asked if she needed anything. I was caressing her tits so she understood the true meaning of my question.

"No thank you baby. It has already been taken care of this morning."

I kissed her again and refilled her cup before sitting next to her.

"So tell me, how close is Andrew to making the honor roll?"

"Very close. He is a tenacious worker. He has already learned to enjoy eating pussy. The first cum he gave me was oral.

I almost cried when I saw how happy and proud he was at being able to do that for me. He wanted to do that over and over again but I had to stop him after my third orgasm, I needed to rest."

"Is he better than me?" I asked with a pronounced pout.

Mom laughed and said, "Not close. You are the best ever, much better than your father ever was. The only one to come close was Edna."

"She told me she hoped you would still have time for us."

'There will be. There would more if you two got teaching certificates when you graduate."

"We will take that under advisement."

"Baby, if you don't mind I am going to ask Andrew to move in with me when you go back to school. His apartment is just a small man-cave and he has graduated from that. Plus you reminded me how nice it is to go to sl**p and to wake up with a man next to me. That was one reason I stayed the night with him."

"I was going to suggest you do just that if his learning curve had flattened out. It is an even better idea now that he is totally useful.

I will be gone this weekend so why don't you give it a test run then."

"Thank you sweetheart. Where are you going?"

"You know very well where I am going you sneaky witch. I can't believe you conspired with Edna to scare the hell out of me. It may be a while before I forgive either of you."

"We had to do it. You were the only one that did not know you were madly in love with her. You should be thanking us for taking you through a shortcut."

"Well OK," I said as I sat her on the table and kissed her pussy.

"Baby, there is cum in there. I told him no more condoms."

"You did?" Is that why he made the leap forward?"

"It helped but what did it was my call after his very early ejaculation that Friday night. He thought I would never see him again after that and my call made him realize I was serious about him. He told me he was going to do his very best for me. He has."

"You sound like you already love him."

"That might be true. I will know Monday I guess."

I kissed Mom and said, "Your son would very much like to make love to you now."

"Anytime," she said and led us to her bed.

We made love to each other for the rest of the morning. I added two more loads of semen to however much Mom was already holding. We showered together and while there I helped her flush out her pussy.

We ate lunch and I ate her.

She was just starting another blowjob when Edna called.

I put her on speaker.

She said, "Guess what? My s****r and her husband just told me you could come up now and stay in my bed until Friday morning. That would give us an extra day to search for a place. Is your mother back?"

"Yes, she is."

"Let me talk to her."


"Why not?"

"She is busy with a very important job."

"Is she giving you a blowjob? Is that what I'm hearing?"

Mom slurped and said, "Yes, I am", then returned my cock to her mouth.

"I thought Andrew was doing much better?"

"He is", Mom said around my cock. "In fact since your man will be at your side tomorrow my man will be moving in with me for the rest of the week.

I am afraid the by the time my son gets to you he will be pretty much drained. It just crossed my mind that days for just the two of us will be very hard to come by after today. I intend to take advantage."

"As long as I get him mostly alive I guess it's OK. You will definitely owe me for it though."

"I can guess what I will owe you and I can assure you that I will pay my debt with interest."

"Put the phone next to your son's cock. I want to hear you get him off. I think I have enough time to masturbate to the sounds."

Mom put the phone near her lips and resumed my blowjob with gusto. In less than a minute we heard moans from Edna and as I was moaning and ejaculating into Mom's mouth we heard Edna's orgasm.

A few moments later we heard her tell each of us "I love you." Mom and I echoed the sentiment.

Mom and I spent the day naked but managed to keep the rest of the day in a mother-son mode. She called Andrew and told him to pack what he needed until Sunday night and be at her door by ten the next morning.

I packed what I needed until Sunday night then Mom and I went over the financial aspect of moving in with Edna. It turned out we would be saving money even if Edna could not quite cover half the expense. I did not know it then but Edna's father had already promised her to cover the deposit and the first and last months rent. He was also covering half of the expenses.

His argument was that living with me would keep his daughter safe.
I was sure he understood it would not keep her safe from me.

That night Mom called Edna and told her she wanted her to hear us fuck, She told Edna to get completely nude and join us.

Mom and I fucked as Edna masturbated. After we had each achieved spectacular orgasms we wished each other a good night. Mom slept in my arms.

That was the last time Mom and I fucked.

We took liberties with each other's body but never fucked.

She and Edna did when the opportunity arose but that only lasted about six years. By then we had made Mom a two-time grandma and our lives veered towards the conventional.

Of course, she always enjoyed watching Edna and I fuck.

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