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My First Time

when i was 18 i first started to dress up when my mom was out and i loved it. well this is a story of my first time and i would like to share it with everyone. me and my mom live alone and she used to always bring guys back to the house and i used to always hear them having sex and it really turned me on so i tried to peek into the doorway each time and one time a guy left is underwear in the hallway so i picked them up and smelt them and it made me really horny. however this guy turned out to be my moms boyfriend so he came to our house on a daily basis but one time when my mom was out and i was all dressed up my moms boyfriend turned up and he let himself in and as soon as he came through the door he stared straight at me. my heart was pounding and then he said to me "what are you doing" so i said "nothing" and then he told me that i looked cute and he came closer to me and started to touch my body. my cock got hard real quick so i caressed his cock and slowly pulled it out his pants and by the way it was huge, i got on my knees and started to suck his cock, precum was dripping from my cock with excitement and then he picked me up and bent me over and he put his shaft deep inside my ass as i let out a pleasurable moan. he slid his cock from inside me and he blew his juicy load all over my face. my mom does not see him anymore and to this day she still does not know what happened.

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