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Hot Little Army Brats - Part One

Hot Little Army Brats – Part One

This is a story about Nicole and April, two of the cutest Army dependents a young man could ever hope to meet. It happened long ago, but the memories are quite clear, and you’ll see why. I was a young Army private, just 19 years old, and I found myself deployed to an Army base in Germany. I was immediately lost and homesick, and it was quite a shock to find myself in a foreign country where the native language wasn’t English. I pretty much stayed on base among my American brethren.

Only a few days into my new experience, I met Nicole. The base was sponsoring some sort of festival, with a parade, music, and tons of food. I milled around, bored and lonely, and then I saw her. Nicole was chatting with some of her fellow Army brats, and our eyes met. She was taller than her friends, slender with long dark blonde hair. We exchanged smiles, and I walked towards her. This was most unusual for me, because I was always shy around girls, especially pretty ones. I guess I figured I had nothing to lose, being away from home and all. She stepped away from her friends, and smiled as I approached. She said hi to me, and I said hi back. Then I amazed myself by laying a line on her: “Where have you been all my life?” Wow, how utterly unoriginal. But she didn’t hesitate for even a second. She batted her eyes at me, and replied: “Waiting for you.” And we were together from that day on.

She told me that she was “almost” 16, and I laughed to myself. Yeah, and I’m “almost” the Commanding Officer of the base, I thought. She lived with her f****y off-base, and her dad was some kind of Senior Enlisted Man. It felt very comfortable being in her presence, and I wasn’t nervous at all. We even kissed at the end of that first day, and my head swooned. I’d had a couple of girlfriends along the way, but none of them kissed like Nicole. She let me walk her home, which was a short distance past the main gate. There was a small patch of woods next to her house, and it was a nice little private place to live. She wanted to bring me in to meet her parents and younger b*****r, but I was scared to death. Imagine what they would think, their “almost 16” year old daughter bringing home an “old 19 year old” Army private. She didn’t seem to think anything of it, but she let me slide…but only if I came over for supper the following night. I reluctantly agreed, mostly because I wanted to kiss her a million times before she went inside.

As darkness fell, we finally parted. But not before Nicole told me she’d be at the lake around noon tomorrow, if I wanted to come see her. Did I ever!

The next day was a Sunday, and it was agony waiting for the clock to get around to 12:00. I made my way over to the small manmade lake that was tucked away in a remote corner of the base, and there she was, wearing tight jeans and a conservative white blouse. She was so beautiful, and it was all I could do to keep from running up to her, tongue out, and my tail wagging furiously, like her pet cocker spaniel, or something.

She greeted me with open arms, and we kissed long and tenderly. She finally pulled away, grabbed my hand and dragged me around the edge of the lake. We came upon a row boat, with oars and everything, all provided by the U.S. Army for recreational purposes. Nicole said “let’s go”, and I helped her push the small boat into the water. I rowed us out to a small island in the middle of the lake, all dark and mysterious, with a thick plot of trees on it.

We walked back into the woods until we were out of sight. We stood close together, and made out with reckless abandon, as reckless as you could be using just your lips, at any rate. I was getting aroused, and I could feel her squirming around in my embrace, as her lips felt like they caught fire. This was only our second day together, and it felt like we’d been together our whole lives.

Before long, we were rubbing each other’s back and hips, and Nicole was moaning softly. I kissed her down her neck, and she squealed and giggled, because I was tickling her. So, I continued down and kissed her chest and shoulders, tracing the top of her blouse with my lips. She faltered a little, and grabbed my head with both hands, steadying herself. I took this to mean that I should keep going, so I kissed one of her small breasts, bold thing that I was. Apparently, my assumption proved false, because I heard an immediate “NO”, as Nicole pushed my head away from her body.

That’s just great, I thought, and I figured I had just blown any chance of having a relationship with her. Then, she said something remarkable, which she did often: “I don’t want you to wrinkle my new blouse,” she explained, as she unfastened her buttons, pulled the blouse off, and let it drop to the ground behind her. Then, she unclasped her bra, and let it fall onto her blouse. My eyes almost popped right out of my head, and you could have driven a truck into my wide open mouth.

She stepped towards me, and put my hands on her breasts. They felt so soft and wonderful to the touch, and she pushed them toward me, her nipples hard and proud. We kissed some more, as I fondled her tits, squeezing her nipples playfully. She grabbed my head again, and guided my lips to her aching boobs, and I followed her body language loud and clear. I licked and sucked them, twirling my tongue around her nipples, and raking them with my teeth. She gripped my hair in both fists and groaned, her knees shaking, and then we heard a voice from across the lake, “Nicole? Nicole?” It was her best friend April, who knew Nicole was hoping to meet up with me that day. She had waited on the shore for a long time, and got worried when the boat wasn’t back yet.

“I’ll be right over, April”, she yelled over, and started dressing. That was the end of our rendezvous, which was probably good, because I wasn’t sure how far I dared to go with her. I kept picturing myself at my own court martial. I did know that there was no way I was going to go all the way with her. That was completely out of the question.

I rowed us back to the spot where April was standing. She was a sweet little thing, petite and thin, her light blonde hair cut short. She wore a big smile as we docked the boat. “You okay?” she inquired. “I’m fine April”, Nicole shot back, more than a little aggravated that her friend interrupted our little tryst.

Nicole introduced us, and I tried to hide my fascination with this young elfin girl. Turned out she was seeing Nicole’s younger b*****r Ned. She said she was “almost 14”, but Ned was only 13 (big difference, I thought to myself.) “Your mom said it’s almost suppertime, and for you two to get home,” April told Nicole. At least her mom knew I was coming for dinner, so that was a relief.

Nicole’s parents were more than friendly, and no one mentioned anything about me being too old to see their daughter. Her father put on a gruff, threatening demeanor for me, but he couldn’t hold it for long. Her b*****r Ned seemed like a nice enough k**, but he didn’t seem like a good fit with April. Even as small as she was, she still seemed more mature than he did.

I helped clean up the dishes with Nicole, which seemed to delight her mom. Never too soon to make points with mom, I thought. I hung out with the k**s for awhile, and soon the parents turned in for the night. Ned walked April home, which left me with Nicole on the couch watching TV. In no time, she was all over me, kissing and tickling and running her hands through my hair. I was feeling the heat, and I teased her, holding her wrists tightly so she couldn’t escape, until I was afraid her giggling would wake her parents.
Ned came through the front door, and we both settled down until he went off to his room. That’s when I took Nicole’s hand and put it on top of my raging hard-on. Her eyes got real big, but no words came out of her mouth. She moved her hand around timidly, like she’d just discovered a delicate flower, or something. My bl**d raced when she touched it, and I had to have more. I unzipped my fly, yanked out my throbbing cock, and put her hand right on top of it.

She instinctively wrapped her thin fingers around it, and slid her hand up and down the shaft, mesmerized. “I’ve never touched one before, it’s so big,” she whispered. “Yeah, that’s what they all say,” I joked. I figured I was about average in size, but she could believe what she wanted, I thought. “Can I kiss it?” she asked, and bent over and put her lips on it before I could even answer. I said nothing as she explored the head and shaft with her deft little licks and roving hand. When I felt her whole hot mouth wrap around my manhood, I could hardly control myself. She bobbed her head up and down on me for a few seconds, and sensing something was about to happen, she pulled her head back and gripped the shaft tightly, as I shot my load up in the air, and all over my lap and her hand. “Wow, that was cool!” was her response, as she ran into the kitchen and brought back some paper towels for both of us. I couldn’t believe how uninhibited and curious she was. It was a refreshing change from those girls who would be grossed out by something like that.

Her mom yelled out her bedroom door that it was time for Nicole to go to bed, and I almost jumped out of my skin. Had she heard our little antics? I never found out, but her timing was impeccable. We agreed to meet in the small patch of woods after she got home from school the next day. I was still processing into the base, so I didn’t have any Army duties yet.

I got there early, and did a little exploring. I discovered a huge old tree stump that stood as high as a kitchen table. The top was flat and smooth, and the blanket I brought along covered the top. “So, I see you’ve met Mr. Stump,” Nicole said, as she came into view. Apparently Mr. Stump was a popular spot for the local dependent k**s to hang out. We kissed each other passionately and desperately, like lovers who hadn’t seen each other in years. She told me to sit down on the blanket, as she stood in front of me. She pushed on my chest, and I lay back on the stump. Then she quickly unzipped me and pulled out my semi flaccid cock. She seemed disappointed, but I told her she could make it big in no time. She pumped my shaft slowly and gently, and watched as it grew bigger with each stroke. She bent over me, and licked up and down my emerging hard-on until it was stiff and ready for action.

Without hesitation, she wrapped her young lips around the head, and began sucking me. Her head moved faster and she took more of my burning cock into her mouth, until it was bumping the back of her throat. Of course, it wasn’t long before I was filling her mouth with gushes of cum, and she gulped and swallowed as fast as she could, not missing a drop. My twitching finally subsided, and she pulled me up by my hands, smiling broadly. She pulled me to my feet, and pushed me out of the way, eagerly switching places with me.

“Now, do me,” she said, lifting her plaid schoolgirl skirt up, and exposing her sweet naked pussy to me. I wasn’t really surprised to see that she had already removed her panties, but I was quite pleased. I bent over her spread legs, and ran my tongue around her inner thighs, edging ever closer to her dripping pussy, until she could stand it no more. She grabbed my head and directed my mouth to her love opening, and pushed my face into her wetness. I got the hint. I guess I’m a fast learner. I licked her clit, and she almost went ballistic. I began eating her hungrily, and she cried out so loud, I had to put my hand over her mouth. “Oh, that feels so good, lick me harder,” she implored. I buried my face against her pussy, and sucked her hard, as she pulled her legs back to give me a better angle. She started twitching and bouncing on that old stump, and soon the floodgates opened, and she drowned me in her teen love juices. Her head jerked from side to side, and her legs shook, as she rode her orgasm to its finish. As she rested, she told me she’d never done that before. “Is this your first orgasm?” I asked. “No, I’ve had thousands of them, but this is the first time with another person,” she explained.

With that, she jumped up, fixed her skirt, and grabbed her backpack. “I’ve got to go, my mom will start to worry,” she told me. She reached up and kissed me with such passion, it took my breath away. She told me I could come over after she finished her homework and had dinner.

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