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Hot Little Army Brats - Part Three

Hot Little Army Brats – Part Three

I was wrong again. Late one Friday night, Nicole and I were cuddled up on her couch watching a movie on TV. Everyone else had gone to bed. When a commercial came on, she turned to face me, took hold of both of my hands in hers, and looked me in the eyes. “I want you to do me a favor,” she said softly. By then, she knew I would do anything for her. “I want you to teach April about sex.” She had my full attention. I had lusted after April since I first met her, but I protested, nonetheless. “She’s your b*****r’s girlfriend, are you crazy?” “Ned doesn’t know anything about sex,” she explained. “They barely kiss. I’ve been telling April about the things we’ve been doing, and she wants to do it with Ned, but she needs to learn how first. I thought we could teach her, then, she could show my b*****r.”

I couldn’t believe my ears, and I admit I was intrigued, until Nicole spoke again. “I want my good friend April O’Malley to learn from the best,” she went on, apparently trying the flattery approach on me. “Well, I admit it does sound interesting,” I said, imaging that pretty little girl lying under me. Then, it hit me: “April O’Malley? As in Major O’Malley, the Commanding Officer of the entire base?” I asked incredulously. “Yeah, that’s him, but who cares? What does that matter?” Nicole stated. “Who cares?” I shot back. “If we get caught, I’ll be castrated for sure, and maybe I’ll have to face the firing squad!” I blurted out. “Relax, we won’t get caught. April is sl**ping over tomorrow night, and we’ll sneak out and meet you by Mr. Stump at midnight. The only thing you can’t do is fuck her in her pussy, because she wants to save her virginity for Ned,” she declared.

I was speechless for some time, thinking of the possibilities as well as the consequences of getting caught. The CO’s own daughter, I must be completely nuts, I thought. Then I heard Nicole say, “please, please, please, you won’t regret it.” So, I agreed to help out.

As I smoothed my blanket out on Mr. Stump, I shivered at the thought of getting caught. I was truly out of my mind to agree to this. My fears took a back burner when Nicole and April showed up. They were radiant and smiling from ear to ear. “Thank you for helping me out,” said April. “I know it’s a big risk for you, but I swear we won’t tell anyone.” It was a comforting gesture, but I was already in a state of lust, anticipating all the sexy things we were about to do. Both girls wore cut off shorts and tiny shirts.

“Sit on Mr. Stump and watch,” Nicole ordered. I sat down and watched them both unbutton their shirts and take them off. Neither girl was wearing a bra. Their tits were small, but it didn’t matter to me, as I watched Nicole bend down and kiss April’s excited breasts, fondling them ever so gently. April sighed deeply, and threw her head back shamelessly. Next, it was April’s turn, and she did the same to Nicole. I was already rock hard, and I couldn’t believe I was here in the presence of these two little beauties.

“Take your pants off and lay back on Mr. Stump,” Nicole told me. As I slid my pants down, my erect cock popped out and stood up straight and proud. April let out a gasp, and Nicole smiled wide. “Go ahead and touch it, April,” she said. April stepped forward, wide eyed, and wrapped her trembling hand around my shaft. I could have popped off right then and there, but I didn’t want to finish before we even got started. The touch of her little hand was as delicate as a hummingbird, and it felt delicious. Nicole pushed April aside, and had me lay back on Mr. Stump, and took my fully exposed cock into her mouth, and moved her head back and forth several times, then stood up. “Now you try it,” she said to April. The little girl didn’t hesitate, and soon she was blowing me with her soft thin lips. I could hardly stand it, it felt so good.

While April sucked my cock, Nicole stood behind her, and pulled her shorts down to her feet, and took them off. April moaned softly, but she didn’t miss a beat. Nicole massaged the little girl’s tight ass, then, she ran her finger over the girl’s clit. April jumped, and I could feel her teeth clenching around my throbbing cock, making me jump in response. “Take it easy!” I warned.

Nicole changed tactics. She directed April to take my place on Mr. Stump, as she removed her own shorts. As April settled into place, Nicole walked around to where April’s head rested, and to my surprise, leaned over and planted a big kiss square on April’s mouth. I didn’t expect it, and neither did April. But the younger girl grabbed Nicole’s head and pulled her down close, returning the deep kiss. Holy cripes, I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing. Apparently, I hadn’t seen anything yet.

Nicole reached down and pulled April’s legs back over her head, and held them there. “Lick her pussy,” she said to me. April’s hairless wet slit was staring me in the face, and I didn’t have to be told twice. I leaned over, took her ass cheeks in my hands, and began to lick her precious pussy as tenderly as I could. Her body bucked up off the stump like I just shocked her with a cattle prod. She settled down, and I went to work, teaching her everything I knew about licking pussy. It must have been okay, because her body thrashed against Nicole’s leg holds, and she moaned as her orgasm racked her tiny body with an intensity that was a beautiful thing to behold. I would have paid good money just to watch her squirming around in the throes of ecstasy, but here I was one of the major performers instead. Sweet!

After she calmed down, Nicole helped her to her feet, and got up onto Mr. Stump. She was on her back, with her legs pulled back tight against her chest. “Lick my ass,” she told me. I immediately obliged, and April stood next to me, sheer fascination in her eyes. I spread Nicole’s tight cheeks, and licked in circles, then plunged my tongue into her anus. She let out a muffled shriek, which seemed to excite April to no end. I could see out of the corner of my eye that April had three fingers buried into her pussy, finger fucking herself wildly, without modesty.

I was on the verge of exploding, when Nicole ordered me to stand up and give it to her hard in the ass. I couldn’t get there fast enough. She motioned for April to walk around to her head, and told her to kneel over her face. April hopped up and assumed her assigned position, as I entered Nicole’s ass. Nicole licked April’s pussy ravenously, as I pounded away on her ass, fucking her faster and harder, as I watched April’s pussy being eaten by my girlfriend. I leaned forward, and my lips met April’s and we kissed passionately as all three of us moaned in unison. Nicole felt my cock pulsating, and she knew I was about to blow wide open.

“Cum in her mouth,” she almost shouted, and as I pulled out of her ass, April leaned forward, mouth wide open. I clutched her head between my hands, and shoved my erupting cock to the back of her throat, as wave after wave of sticky jizz shot out, filling her mouth faster than she could swallow. At the same time, both girls exploded in violent orgasms, and I was thankful that Mr. Stump was well rooted, as it were.

We all slumped down in various positions, as we caught our breath. I was absolutely certain life couldn’t get any better than this, but I was wrong again. Sometimes, I loved being wrong, and this was one of those times.

As she scootched back, Nicole told April to go around and kneel down on Mr. Stump, facing Nicole. I stood back as they changed positions. Nicole motioned with her hands, and caught April’s head in her grip, guiding the younger girls’ mouth to her waiting pussy. April obeyed without protest, and began to lick Nicole’s crotch. This put April’s smooth tight ass directly in front of me, and I began stroking my cock at the sight of all I was seeing. I didn’t really need any self stimulation at that point, because the view I had was plenty to make me hard.

Nicole writhed under April’s tongue action, but she managed to command me to lick April’s vulnerable ass. I grabbed April’s cheeks and went after her virginal ass with all I had. April responded by putting a lip lock on Nicole’s flaming pussy, sucking it as hard as she could. I wouldn’t have minded if I sucked April’s ass ‘til the cows came home, but I was ordered to step up onto Mr. Stump, and fuck April’s ass as hard as I could.

As always, I obeyed my mistress. I hopped up and straddled April’s hips. I bent my knees, and guided the head of my cock toward April’s eager asshole. With surprisingly little effort, her anus opened easily, and I was inside of her quickly. Nicole rolled her body back, and exposed her ass to April’s face. Without a word, April attacked Nicole’s asshole with her willing tongue.

I started penetrating April’s tight little hole slowly, increasing my thrust gradually. It didn’t take long before I was stroking her ass fully, slamming my cock into her time and again, and my balls bounced off her clit in rapid fashion. I was getting ready to erupt again, and I pulled out of April, and hurried around to Nicole’s head. I pulled her head back, and slid my cock into her mouth, and fucked her throat hard until buckets of cum burst forth, gagging her as she tried to take it all down her throat. April watched the action, finger fucking herself f***efully, her body lurching in orgasm. Nicole came along with me, bouncing up and down on Mr. Stump like it was a trampoline.

And, finally, sadly, it was all over. We held onto each other like we were the last humans left on earth. There were all kinds of kissing combinations, and they were all good. We dressed in silence, had a group hug, then we parted ways.

Nicole and I continued our sexual revelries for the entire 18 months of my deployment. I ended our relationship as I was leaving, because I didn’t see a future for us. Her father was getting ready to retire, and they lived across the country from me. I didn’t think it was fair to Nicole to string her along.

I never got to have any further sexual contact with April, having completed her lessons in one night, apparently. But I always got a big sheepish grin from her whenever I saw her. And Ned seemed to be proud as a peacock, strutting around like he knew something. Good for you, Ned, I thought. I’m happy I could help out. I was a mere humble servant, if nothing else.

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