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Hot Little Army Brats - Part Two

Hot Little Army Brats – Part Two

No sooner had I arrived and greeted her parents, than she took my hand and headed for the door. “We’re going bowling,” she announced, barely waiting to be told to be home by 9:00. It was 7:00 when we left, so we had two hours to be together.

We did go bowling, but we got there via a rather circuitous route. Nicole led me to into an old airplane hangar left over from WWII. Inside was a racquetball court, dark and deserted. When we entered, she dropped to her knees, fidgeted with my zipper, and pulled my stiff member out in the open. She didn’t spend any time with teasing or any kind of foreplay. She just jammed her throat in one shot, taking as much of my cock into her mouth as she could handle. She bobbed and sucked with amazing vigor, not letting up until she was swallowing my cum once again. Her mission complete, she put it away, stood up, and led me to the bowling alley. I didn’t know heaven was located in Germany, but I wasn’t about to dispute the fact.

One night, we were in the movie theater, feeling each other up. We were both sweating and breathing heavily, and she whispered those dreaded words: “Fuck me, please fuck me!” I sat frozen in my chair, thinking about what the world would look like from behind bars. But, she was relentless, and kept pleading for me to fuck her, take her in the woods and fuck her. I told her I didn’t have any protection with me, hoping it would settle her down. “Protection? Protection from what?” she asked. “So I don’t get you pregnant,” I explained. She laughed, and told me I didn’t have to worry about that, because she was on the pill. Her doctor put her on them to regulate her period. I had never heard of anything like that, but I didn’t really need an explanation. We walked out of the movie, and made our way stealthily to visit Mr. Stump.

We didn’t have a blanket with us, so we improvised. We stripped off our pants, and I bent Nicole over Mr. Stump, standing up. I got on my knees and began licking her sweet, musky pussy, and her hips began gyrating gently. Her moans were getting louder, and I had to tell her to be quiet, before the whole neighborhood heard her.

I stood up behind her, and maneuvered my steaming cock into place. I was kind of winging it, because I had never gone this far with any of my past girlfriends (all two of them). Nicole could sense me struggling, and she reached between my legs and guided my cock into the folds of her impatient pussy. She pushed back into me, and with a jolt, my cock entered her tight pussy. She emitted a noise that sounded like a low growl, and tensed up for a minute. I didn’t know it at the time, but I had just broken her hymen. I thought maybe I had hurt her, and I was instantly remorseful. But she began to move her hips again, slowly at first, then with more conviction. Soon, we were humping and pumping, grunting and moaning, and having a grand old time. This felt even better than her mouth, and in minutes she was shuddering and shivering, and cumming all over my thrusting cock. The warmth of her creamy emissions put me over the top, and soon I was filling her virginal love canal with sticky jizz. And that’s how two young lovers lost their virginity to each other underneath the full moon, in the darkness of the woods.

As was her custom, she jumped up and told me to hurry up and get dressed, because it was almost 9:00, her curfew on school nights. We ran to her house, and kissed quickly before she disappeared through her front door. As I walked back to my barracks, I was on cloud nine, even though I was sure I would be dishonorably discharged and imprisoned, as soon as Nicole’s folks discovered what was going on. Surely they were aware that their 15 year old daughter had screaming hormones, but I doubted that they knew the extent of her actions. And mine.

Days turned into weeks, then months, and we were fucking like rabbits every chance we got. She had a regular babysitting job on Friday nights, and I would sneak in when the k**s were asl**p. That’s where we discovered anal sex together. She had a beautiful round ass which seemed more developed than the rest of her body. I would play around with it while we watched TV, and managed to wiggle my finger into her asshole, as she giggled and protested weakly. “Lick me there,” she suggested, or commanded, depending on one’s interpretation. The idea shocked me at first, but it wasn’t disgusting or anything. By now, I was so enamored of her open minded approach to life, that I probably would have done anything she dreamed up.

I positioned her on her knees, head down on the carpet. I spread her ass cheeks, and licked all around her tight brown hole. She squirmed around some, but didn’t stop me. The tip of my tongue found her hole, and I worked it in and out, my saliva lubricating her, as she groaned in pleasure. Her ass tasted different from her pussy juice, but it wasn’t a bad taste at all. I could feel my cock rise up, ready for action, when she whispered that I should fuck her there. “In the ass?” I questioned. It never occurred to me that it could be done. But she made it sound like a reasonable request, and soon I was kneeling behind her, trying to penetrate her virgin asshole. I fumbled around, frustrated. She suggested I try fingering her first, and told me to look in the medicine cabinet for some kind of lube. I found a tube of petroleum jelly and squirted some in her crack. I rubbed it around, and pushed some into her anus with my finger. Before long, I could get two fingers inside her, and she writhed in pleasure.

I could feel her sphincter muscle easing and relaxing, and I tried to insert my cock into her again. She provided the navigation, and I was the bombardier. I finally managed to get my cock head past her tight muscle band, and she told me to go slow. I eased out some, then back in, entering her a little more each time. We got a rhythm going, and she pushed back with each new thrust. It was obvious that she was enjoying having her ass fucked, and I increased my tempo and thrust. She was so tight down there, it felt better than fucking her pussy.

She reached underneath and fondled my balls. I thought I would go through the roof, and I began pounding her harder. She moved her hand to her pussy, and abused her clit with her fingers. “Stand up and fuck me!” she commanded. It sounded like a fine idea, and I berated myself for not thinking of it. I stood over her vulnerable ass, and had the leverage to slam my cock into her ass full f***e, again and again, as she worked her clit hard. She banged her other fist down on the floor several times, as her cum belched out of her pussy like a small river. I kept banging her furiously, as I watched her quivering body underneath mine. She was so beautiful and so willing, and I was the luckiest guy alive, or at least the luckiest guy in Germany. Either way, I thought it couldn’t get any better than this.

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