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I FUCKED MY s****r

My s****r Carole invited me over to stay at her flat over for a holiday. I was now 20 and she was 22. I’ve always been close to Carole and were best of friends when growing up. We were very alike, just how alike I was about to find out.
A few years ago her now ex-boyfriend told me that she was into the kinky stuff but he didn’t go into details. Since then she intrigued me and I always wanted to fuck her and often think of her when I wank off. I arrive early evening and we had a takeaway Chinese meal together. Later, we had a few drinks and watched the telly, some game show. We started talking about when we were young, only k**s; and use to share the same bed and bath together. She told me that she use to look at my prick so I told her I use to look at her pussy. She also told me that she had always wanted me to make love to her. That is so odd, I’ve wanted to do the same.
She asked if I’d like to play a game, an adult game. I said I was up for it so she went upstairs to the bed room and after a minute or two she called out that she was ready. I went upstairs and went into the bedroom. I was greeted by her standing by the bed wearing matching red stockings, suspenders, bra and panties. She looked gorgeous and I really wanted to fuck her. My s****r is the sexiest sight I have ever seen. My cock was swelling up and getting hard. She told me that I was to be her slave and do everything she commanded. I was ordered to take her bra off. I reached round and undid the clips and removed it for her. Her breasts were full and plump. These were the best tits I’d ever seen. My head dropped slightly and my lips went straight to her luscious nipples. A few lick and sucks of the first made it hard and protrude. Then I sucked, nibbled and licked the other. She started to make soft moaning noises so I knew she was getting turned on. Her hand went down inside the front of the trousers and into my boxers. Encircling my erect and fully hard manhood, slightly squeezing she rubbing up and down its eight inches and was obviously judging its length and girth. She ordered me to kneel in front of her and stroke her legs. I dropped to the ground and glided my finger tips over her legs and inner thighs in circular motions through the soft stockings. She was panting, taking short sharp shallow breaths. The crutch of her panties began to dampen with her love juice. I pressed my nose up against them and sniffed in the glorious smell of her sex. As my nose touched the damp material she gasped, then ordered me to make her cum. I pulled her panties to one side to see my first sight of her cunt lips. Now her pussy cent was overwhelming and filled the air. Gasping the panties with both hands I pulled them down her legs over the suspenders and stockings. She stepped out of them and lay back on the bed parting her legs. Still kneeling in front of her my head went between her now open legs. Pulling the lips apart slightly my tongue licked first up one side then up the other of her lips and using the tips of my tongue flicked at her clit enticing it out from under its bonnet. Her clit was soon out and erect and with every lick she moaned and panted. While licking at her cunt lips, my finger entered her oily love tube which I gyrated around inside. I wanted her to think I was the best over she had ever had. Now I had two middle fingers inside her and felt for the G spot. Having judged where it was I began to stroke with my finger tips while my tongue played on the clit. Within a few seconds she was writhing as I fingered and licked her. Her mussels were now pulsating. After a few minute of giving her pleasure with my fingers, I decided to go for the full orgasm and make her cum. She was now in a state of full ecstasy. I finger fucked her with my fingers sliding up and down her hole with as much speed and f***e as I could manage. She cried out that she was cumming and her cunt tightened around my fingers and she squirted a short spurt as she orgasmed. This sex was so exciting for us both. My prick was now bursting inside my pants. I was ordered to get naked and give her a good fucking. Of came my shirt and down come my trousers and pants. My prick was harder than it’s ever been. Her juicy wet pussy was waiting for me to enter her. She shuffled up the bed so her head was on the pillow. I leant forward and kissing her belly glided my way up her body kissing every inch of her skin until I was in a position to slid my prick up her pussy. Now she lifted her knees and parted her legs very widely. Positioning my hips until my knob end was in the right position at her entrance, I pushed forward. Her lips parted and in one easy push my prick was up as far as it would go until my balls were pressed hard against her arse. The thought of this taboo sex made me shiver with excitement. Fuck me now she pleaded. I started to fuck her sliding my prick up and down her juicy hole. I started off with a very slow rhythm while we kissed each other passionately. Our tongues darting in and out each others mouths. Yes, yes she moaned as I speeded up and our fucking got harder and faster with my balls slapping hard against her arse. She flung her legs around my back and pulled me in closer to her. With every plunge of my prick into her I could feel her pussy mussels pulsating faster and faster. I was about to cum so I tried to pull out. I didn’t know if she was on her safe period or if she was on the pill. Cum inside me we ordered, and her legs griped me to her . I pushed my prick in as far as it would go. Then I orgasmed, shooting my warm cream into my s****r. My first release of cum must have been a lot as it seemed to flow from my prick for ages. As I was shooting she was kissing and nibbling at my neck, this dirty fucking bitch was giving me a love bite. I loaded five lots of cum into her. Her mussels were squeezing every last drop from me to fill her pussy. We lay motionless locked together still kissing passionately, waiting for my hard on to go down before I pulled out. After a few minutes my prick started to lose its hardness so I pulled out and rolled onto my side, laying next to her. As I did, my cum dribbled out of her hole. My prick was covered in cum and love juice. We cuddled each other and kissed and talked. That was the best fucking sex I’ve ever had she whispered to me. Steve, I didn’t realise you were so big and thick and so hard and what a massive load you shot. That was the best compliment any woman had given to me. I hope you don’t get pregnant I replied. I don’t want my baby growing inside you. I might get pregnant now your seed is inside me. The thought of that made our love making all worthwhile as I secretly wanted to give my s****r a baby. I was completely drained of energy but felt completely fulfilled. I fell asl**p with my arms wrapped around her, me naked and her in her stockings. That night I had the b**st and deepest sl**p ever of my life.

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