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Ass fucked

Hello everyone. I am Samuel jones. This is my first story so go easy on the criticism please.

This is about the first time I ass fucked my self. I was fifteen and I was looking for new ways to masturbate. My friend told me that ge had gotten off by shoving things up his anus and had achieved orgasm. So as I was in the shower one day I go a hard on while fondling myself and remembered the friend's word. So I lubed up my fingers with conditioner and slowly shoved one finger in my asshole. I found that this felt very good and began to fingerfuck my asshole. After about ten min. I got nothing from this and gave up. I finshed off my hard on normally and dried off. I soon forgot about this method I had a girlfriend and was gettng off to her. We eventually broke up and was just masturbating like usual. Soon I again remembered my friend's words and began to contemplate that this may feel better with a bigger object. So I made a plan to come home from school before my parents came home. My mother had a rather large dildo and I decided to use that. I got home and lubed up the dildo and got in the shower. I began to slowly work my way up my crack to my anus and began to slowy rub th head of the cock-shaped dildo in. After about five minutes I felt it slide in. For about and hour I fucked my own ass and came/orgasmed about five times. I continues to do this off and on til I was about 18. I guess I would be considered bi-curious but I setled down with my wife, sharon. We later in life had a 2guy 1 girl threeway but that's another story. :)
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