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The Morning After- Welcome Home Baby

You walk into the bedroom still wet from your shower, a white towel wrapped low around your slim waist. Thick black hair still wet with drops of water falling on your shoulders and chest. You stop, standing quietly in the door way, watching me lying in the Tantra chaise naked by the window reading. The morning sun is shining in the window painting my body with its brilliant rays and warmth. I sigh, running my hands through my red hair, disheveled from the night before, pushing curls away from my face. Seeing the freckles I hate sprinkled lightly across my cheeks you realize I’m not wearing makeup. Holding back a chuckle you see me in your minds eye wrinkle my nose as you tell me I’m beautiful just as I am, in fact you prefer me without make up. Your eyes lower to my lips, almost making you moan, remembering the pleasure they gave you last night. Your eyes rest for a moment on my ears adorned with the diamond ear rings you gave me for our one year anniversary. You close your eyes wishing you had my lobes between your lips and whispering in my ear exactly what you have planned for me this morning. Knowing that I am going to protest and you will have to remind me that last night I promised if you let me love you that in the morning I was yours, totally yours. Shaking your head you wonder how long will it take to convince me to give in and allow you have what you crave from me. Lowering your eyes to my throat and the nape of my neck, where you love to kiss an nuzzle knowing that it brings on fits of giggles. Not fully believing I was know for my giggle when we first met, it didn’t take long for you to whole heartily agree it was contagious. Across my collar bones to my creamy white shoulders, sprayed with the same perfume, you see the faint print of your hands as you held me to you last night when you exploded in my mouth. I know you would never admit it but you secretly like that I bruise so easy, it’s as if you’ve marked me yours. A thin gold necklace around my neck with my mothers charm nestles in my cleavage. Stifling a groan you become mesmerized watching the rise and fall of my breast as I breathe. My nipples are hard, like small light pink rocks. Your eyes continue to follow my body to the slight curve in what used to be my flat stomach. Stop looking at my fat, I’d demand if I realized you were watching my every move, seeing all my imperfections as I call them, endearing qualities you would say, correcting me. Over my hips, lingering on the small indentation just under my hip bone, the spot that is a perfect fit for your lips to kiss. Your eyes trace down the center of my body to my “proof” as we call it. The sunlight makes my soft red hair appear as if it’s on fire. Your fingers involuntary twitch , you want to reach out and touch me. Not yet you tell yourself, you enjoy watching me in the morning sun light so involved in my reading that I don’t realize you are standing just feet away from me. Your eyes continue traveling down my inner thighs to my knees, ouch you see my scar from when I broken my leg. You blame yourself for my fall, had you been here I would have never jumped up out of bed an hurried to the bathroom, fainting on the way. Now down my legs to my ankles, no longer a matched set. Wishing it wouldn’t upset me so much, but understanding why it does, you want to kiss my leg an ankle to take all the pain away forever. My imperfections amuse you they always have, you’re not exactly sure why but they do. Perhaps its how I worry, always wanting to be perfect for you. Wondering if I will ever accept that you love me as I am, in your eyes I am flawless. Continuing your inventory down to what you refer to as my perfectly pedicured toes. Laughing to yourself to yourself you remember the fist time you stayed with me for a week and watched me sit on the side of the bed slathering lotion on my feet then put on heavy socks, then slather lotion on my hands before I put on gloves. You couldn’t help but to laugh out loud when I crawled into bed, naked except for the socks an gloves. You were awake most of the night watching me, fascinated at the trouble “we women” go through. Remembering how soft my hands are when I reach for you, how soft and oh so very cold my feet were when you removed them from between your thighs where I had snuck them to in warm them. How could something so cute, so soft, be so damn cold you asked. The next trip you brought me home seven pairs of heavy socks an seven pairs of gloves, to keep my hands an toes soft. Just as you finish your inventory, grinning your approval, I move to get more comfortable. Looking up I see you standing in the doorway watching me and blush. I smile as I watch droplets of water fall from your dark, thick hair rolling down your face, to your shoulders then on to your chest and waist stopped only by the tick white towel d****d around you. I inhale slowly, suddenly overcome with a strong yearning to follow those drops with my tongue. Finding my voice I say good morning baby, how did you sl**p?

Frowning you ask why I didn’t join you in the shower. You were almost finished I reply, still frowning you remind me how much you enjoy showering with me, slowly lathering my body with soap, then washing my hair. Reaching for you aaww baby, I’m sorry we can get back in now if you’d like. Unless …………. Thinking over my offer for a moment and giving me your best hmmmmmm you sit on the edge of the chase your large hands wrap around my tiny waist pulling me close to you. Running your tongue slowly around my upper lip, then lightly brushing your full lips slowly over mine teasing me until, finally you lovingly kiss me good morning. Pressing your body to mine you sit me up an move your mouth and tongue from my lips down my neck to my chest where your mouth immediately finds my nipple, the tip of your tongue licks then gently sucks, as your hand begins teasing my other nipple by squeezing an twisting, first one way an then the other. You begin sucking harder and use your teeth to bite the end of my erect, succulent nipple. I start to moan as I feel is your mouth an teeth on one nipple with your fingers pulling and twisting the other. With a slight pinch you lift up my heavy breast. Softly moaning I reach for you to cradle your head in both of my arms. Placing both hands on either side of my breast, pushing both of my breast together and lowering your face in them you release my nipple, reversing the placement of your mouth an hand. Moaning slightly louder, you push both nipples together as your mouth covers them sucking both at the same time, running your teeth across then nibbling them. Biting tenderly to hold them between your teeth you suck harder, now opening your mouth taking as much of each breast as you can manage. As you begin teasing my breasts again one at a time your hand reaches down my belly and your fingers rake through my hair then down my inner thigh.

Opening my legs for you, your hand and fingers dance lightly on my inner thighs touching every where but where I want you to. Finally as I start moving my hips towards your hand you brush against my clit for a second then slide down to my lips softly spreading first one then the other to feel how wet I am . Feeling my wetness you moan and hold me tighter. Rubbing my clit with your thumb now, your finger enters me inch by inch, just as slowly as it enters you remove it. Making me want more.

Sucking on my hard nipple your fingers squeeze and begin to rub just underneath my clit gently an very slowly. Playing with my lips, your fingers teasing the entrance to my body. I move towards an then against your hand whispering I want you, baby I want you now.

No, you tell me that you are in charge. Smirking you ask me if I remember what I promised you last night? Nodding my head and pouting I start to protest when your mouth covers mine kissing me passionately, urgently, as only a man with a plan can.

I feel your hand moving on me once again, your fingers lightly outlining, then sliding between my lips opening me slowly like a delicate flower. Your thumb finds my “button” slowly massaging until I move towards your hand. Softly moaning telling you please don’t stop. Immediately your mouth comes off my nipple, an you remove your hand from me. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Laughing you again remind me just who is in charge. I start to protest, you cover my mouth with yours muffling any more words from me. I am powerless over you, you know this an use it to your advantage.

Sliding your hands down my arms you take hold of my wrists an raise them over my head as you little by little kiss down my stomach, only releasing them when you cant hold onto them any longer. Outlining my hair line with your kisses, then my inner thighs until I’m wiggling under your mouth. Moving your tongue to my clit, swirling around side to side then sucking it in and out of your mouth, you try to enter my soaking wet pussy, this time using two fingers, but I’m too tight. Pushing gently as not to hurt me I straddle the chaise opening my legs further for you. Your fingers gradually enter me more with each stroke. Once you are inside I grab your wrist to keep your fingers there moving in and out as you suck my clit. Your other hand slides up and squeezes a nipple then begins caressing my breasts. I start squirming, and breathing heavy as your hand pushes then pulls your fingers in and out of my wet pussy. Curling up inside me, reaching my G spot your fingers work their magic. Sucking on my pussy lips, and clit, drinking in my juices, feeling me breathing heavy I arch my back pressing against you, you again pull away from me. When I realize you have left my body I protest, you sit back laughing saying oh no Princess you are not going to cum yet. Pouting again you cover my mouth with yours only this time with more urgency, until I am quiet and kissing you back with the same passion.

Breaking the kiss I plead, James please don’t do this you’re making me crazy. You stand up looking down at me lying there legs spread, pussy moist with juices, aching to be touched. My nipples red from being sucked, my breasts full and round, I’m breathing heavily and on the verge of begging, pleading with you to touch me, please touch me. You have me almost exactly where you want me. You stand there a moment watching, thinking. Then you wonder out loud what should you do with me now...shall I let you get my cock harder and fuck your brains out? Oh god James yes please. You smile and add or shall I just leave you here and come back later? No no no no don’t leave me, I protest as I reach for your hand. Moving out of my reach you continue thinking out loud, hmmm shall I tease your body some more, knowing I can do what I want? Shall we move to another room? Standing there, watching me you reach in your towel and leisurely stroke your cock, teasing me further. Groaning I whisper play, what ever, just don’t leave me. Don’t leave me like this James. Your eyes are on my eyes, let me touch you James. Maybe, you reply smiling as you continue stroking your growing cock just inches from my reach.

Maybe, maybe? James, please. Your hands moving slowly back and forth over your cock, your veins popping out, your other hand gently caressing your balls. Oh fuck, James, please. You enjoy hearing me beg, knowing that I want you and what you have in your hand. James, let me touch you, I reach for you only to have you push my hands away. Your balls, hang loose, as you gently stoke. The head of your huge cock glistening like a glazed donut with pre cum. Let me make you cum baby, please. I can’t stand not touching you, I’ll do anything, anything, anything you want James. I know, you smile as you tell me, it makes me harder seeing how wet you are Princess. You are always in control, I love seeing you like this.

Just touch me, let me touch you. Taking a different approach I make sure you are watching me before I run my first two fingers on my left hand around my hair line. Slowly, I slide my fingers around my clit watching your eyes on me. Princess you read my mind, you say as you watch. Smiling I feel smug for a moment, I’m finally getting some where, becoming more and more excited I trace smaller circles around my clit. James, I’m so wet, wet for you, can you hear how wet I am? Continuing to circle my clit with one hand I cup my breast with the other, using my thumb to caress my already hard nipple then pinching it between my fingers, your eyes still on me. Knowing that with every touch of my fingers my wetness is heard. Don’t you want me James? Mmmm baby, I want you. You don’t say a word, you stand over me watching, stroking your cock, as I keep begging you to touch me, to fuck me, lay next to me. Ill do anything you ask, for as long as you want me to, where ever you want. Just please touch me, I’m going crazy here. Lowering my voice in a whisper, James, I need you. You’re not being fair, I pout!

The next thing I know you’re on me giving me long deep deliberate kisses, the kind of kisses most people read about or see in a movie but never experience. Your kisses make me dizzy. I cant, don’t want to, stop. I want to melt in your arms and get lost in your kisses forever.

You reach out using your thumb you rub my hot wet pussy, your fingers enter me. Moving from my mouth to what you now refer to as your pussy, your tongue licks the outside of my lips from bottom to top and then top to bottom. You suck my clit between your lips and run your tongue back and forth over the hard pearl. My thighs begin to quiver, my breathing becomes faster, almost a pant, again you move away breaking contact with my body. Groaning in frustration, I start to become angry with you. You pull me to the floor laughing, placing me on my knees, your cock in my direct line of vision. Holding your huge rock hard cock you rub the tip across my mouth, smearing your pre cum on my lips, while telling me not to be so impatient. Licking your clear liquid off my lips I strain for you, wanting you in my mouth. Your balls are hanging low, your veins are bulging, your cock is rock hard for me. My tongue quickly darts out and circles your cock, my hand reaching for your balls, rolling them in my fingers, gently squeezing them, kissing them. Finally, licking them from the base of your cock down the center seem and then underneath, searching for the ridge, the one you love for me to suck and flick my tongue back an forth over until you start to squirm. Squeezing and slightly pulling on them, you start to groan. I continue to give your cock and balls, soft, tender kisses and licks, looking up into your eyes as you watch me. Sliding my tongue all around you, taking just the head of your cock in my mouth, running my teeth across the sensitive head then gently over the ridge. Pushing your cock out of my mouth with my tongue, only to suck it right back in again.

James, please its time now. How many times do I have to ask you? What do I have to do? Clearly getting more upset now, you move away flipping me on my back on the floor, with one knee you push my legs wide apart, quickly moving between them. You hear me whisper oh my god yes. Your hard cock teasing the entrance to my aching pussy, smiling at me you rub the head of your cock up and down my wet opening before you slide the head just inside my dripping wet pussy. With one swift movement you slam into your cock deep inside me, all the way in. I scream Yes as you start thrusting hard ramming your cock in, then quickly pulling out of me. I wrap my long legs wrap around your waist meeting your thrusts gently rocking, kissing the sweat from your forehead, your cheeks, your face, neck, ears. As I am kissing you your cock is pounding rhythmically into me, your pushing hard and deep. Grabbing my ankles your lift my legs to your shoulders continuing to fuck me pulling me closer fucking me faster. Your cock is filling up every inch of me. I am a woman possessed now, I have to have you, all of you. Leaning forward you grab my wrists and raise them over my head, fucking me harder. Your balls slapping against my body. You are deep inside of me when you feel my body tense. I’m about to cum, using every muscle in my lower abdomen I squeeze your throbbing cock tight, you pull nearly all the way out of me, leaving only the large swollen tip inside, you plunge back into me telling me your cumming. You have worked my body in a frenzy we both are at a point of no return. Our eyes meet as I start to cum, I call your name, Jamessssssssssss, as I feel you explode inside of me, filling my pussy with your hot cum. You scoop me up in your arms as we rock back and forth, your cock throbbing as you continually spurt into me. You hold me, kissing me deeply as I convulse in spasms as wave after wave of intense orgasm roll over my body. Holding me tight as I ride the waves until the convulsing subsides. Kissing my neck, whispering in my ear, I love you Princess, you’re amazing. My legs fall from your shoulders. Breathing heavy, our hearts racing, sweat pouring from each of us, our cum that’s now mixed together is starting to slide out of me. Reaching down catching drips of cum with your fingers then rubbing them on my lips to taste us together just before you kiss me fervently again. You roll beside me, pulling me on your chest, I lay my leg over yours.

Yawning, unable to talk, I run my fingers through the hair on your chest and snuggle close. You chuckle and inform me….Oh no Princess, its not nap time baby, we’re not finished that was just the appetizer. As I start to protest you hold me tight in your arms, your hungry mouth finds mine again covering it in long slow loving kisses. As we break the kiss you again remind me what I promised you the night before. . . . . . .

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