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First time with a crossdresser pt1 True Story

Ive been married for a few years now, but I always find myself straying from time to time to get my fill of kink. Guess you'd say it is a way of easing stress every once in awhile. I got alittle break one time when the wifie was away visiting her parents for a few days. I was good at the start but after a couple of days had passed, you guessed it, the familier itch to go out and try something crazy hit. I have always been facinated by sub/dom and knew just were to take my search. Well it wasn't to long until i had an intrest sending me emails and turning me on like crazy. He was married as well and loved to dress, he asked if we could meet and even arrange a hotel. With my stomach in knots from nerves and excitment i mustard up the courage to meet at the hotel. He answered the door in skirt and stocking, ushering me in, door closing fast behind me. We chit chatted for a moment or two then I proceeded to rub my hand across his hose covered thigh. I was new to a dresser as well as being in a dom roll and was very shy at first. He smiled thou and took the lead having me stand and dropping my pants for me, nervous and shy I was as soft as could be, in my head i thought, "oh great I went all the way thru with this just to get stage fright" but he smiled took my cock and slid it in his mouth. He proceeded to work it in a way id have never felt before, in no time he had me at attention and throbing. He countinued to give me one of the best blow jobs i have ever had. I had my hand pressing his head against my groin letting out small grunts when the sensation was unbareable.

I think ill stop here for now ;)

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