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Sex in the f****y

Fucking my Son

Sex is for kittens, fucking is for mothers with son's with big cocks. I had a glimpse of my son's cock as I went from the bathroom to the laundry, he was going to have a shower and the towel didn't quite cover his erect cock, and it was erect from the tent he was making, or, he wanted to be seen. The head was big, red, nearly purple and showing between the folds of the white towel d****d around his hips.

I didn't realize just how much I had missed sex until that moment, I wanted sex badly, a big cock in my pussy, or my mouth, or even in my hand.
My pussy got wet..., Fuck..., if I needed a cock, why not my son's.

There were just the two of us at home now, I had not thought of intercourse for a while and had not dated, too much trouble, too many hassles, that didn't mean I had stopped thinking about sex, I still played with my clit most nights, I still had the urge.

My thoughts had been wandering that morning, I had been thinking about the weather and the washing, would it get dry, just the usual mother things, when I saw his stiff cock, well, the head. My thoughts wandered again, how it would feel, sliding in....

But this was my son, i****t, the worst sin, or was it. He must have known I would be in the hallway before he came out, I was singing. He must have known he wasn't fully covered. Did he want me to see, did he want to show his cock off for me.

Lunch was a strained affair for me, my son with his cutoff shorts and a tight tee shirt was looking hot, even to me, his mother, god, he was a hunk. All male and full of hormones when he emptied the trash, tight buns and well toned legs, great chest.

That evening I wanted to find out where this was leading or could lead, so I changed into a pair of shorts that were really too tight but showed my ass, no panties and a cutoff top, no bra. When I bent over my tits would be on display.

As it was still a hot night, add a bit of sweat and my nipples would show, hard and tight. Let's see if Jake notices. I was going to pay attention to his cock, maybe I could brush my tits against him, accidentally of course, I wanted to see if he got a hard on for his mother.

The meal was gone and the cleaning up had happened before my chance to find out what was going to become of my plan, I turned around and walked, stumbled into Jake standing close behind me. He caught me around the waist, talk about an accidental encounter, but his hand held my breast beautifully, and he squeezed.

I looked into his eye's and smiled. He didn't take his hand away, so I leaned into his embrace, there was no need for words as I covered his hand with mine.
He squeezed my breast again and asked if I was okay.

What the fuck, okay, I was better than okay but I had to ask if he liked my tits, this was going better than I thought. This is where I find out, does my son want me as much as I want him. His cock.

Jake smiled back and lightly traced a finger along my breast to my nipple.“They are beautiful. Did you dress for me tonight?”. He asked.

“Did you show your cock for me this morning”. I replied, and for the first time saw Jake blush. "Do you like holding my breasts? Would you like to suck on them again?. I don't have any milk but I'm sure you would make me happy".

“I have heard you moan at night and figured you were masturbating, I wanted to help, I tried to come up with a way to help...., give you some cock. This morning.., well, everything fell into place. I didn't have to worry, the towel was just right and I hoped you would see my cock. God I was hard thinking about you”. I have been thinking about you for a while now, how sweet your pussy would be, how you would like my cock. I was hoping we could get together and take care of each other..., you know?”.

“Do you want to fuck your own mother, put your cock in her snatch?”. I asked, hoping for a yes and reaching for his cock.
“Well, I was thinking about something else, not that beautiful hard cock when I saw you this morning, and yes, I dressed for dinner thinking about you, now, your cock is straining to get free, why don't we get out of these clothes and find out, my pussy is getting wet with all this talk and your cock can take care of one problem”.

“What's the other problem?”. My beautiful son asked in all innocence as I took his cock out of his shorts. I held it in my hand and pulled back the foreskin, it grew harder and a drop of precum appeared, perfect. Hard, wet and ready to fuck me.

“To get your mothers pussy ready for your big cock, and I can see it's a big cock, you need to work your tongue in my cunt first, I want you to lick me, put your tongue in my pussy and suck my clit.Get me even wetter, we are going to fuck heaven together, I am going to have this big cock in my mouth then my pussy. From now on we are going to fuck and suck each silly”.

“God mom, I haven't had a female suck me, do you really want my cock in your mouth?, I mean, you want to suck my cock?, oh fuck, yeah, I want to suck your tit's and your pussy, tell me how to please you, lick you".

“When it comes to good sex, whatever you and your partner want is good, if you feel good sucking and licking her pussy, that's fine, if she feels good sucking and licking your cock, well, all the better, even licking her ass is okay. It's even better if you both do it, would you like me to lick your ass?, would you lick mine?".

Rolling his hard cock in my hand as we talked gave me all the go ahead I needed, my son and I were going to have sex.

From what Jake had said, I was going to be the teacher, I loved the thought of bringing my son into the real world of sex, fuck, I was so horny, my son would never know what hit him. I was going to get some cock, no, better, We were going to fuck.

”Come on Jake, from now on you are sl**ping with me..., as long as we aren't fucking each other, sucking, licking, whatever.... Sex education belongs at home and I am going to give you Sex Ed like you have never known”.
I led my son by his cock to my bed, we were going to have sooooo much fun.

I took my top off as we walked toward my bedroom and told Jake he would have to take the rest off, my pussy was so wet my shorts stuck to my lips and gave me an extra thrill as we stood before the bed. "Right now we are hot and horny, so you need to strip and just stick your cock in my cunt and fuck the living daylights out of me, then I can teach you all the good bits, okay".

"Damn mom, it's all I can think of, the feel of your pussy around my cock, my lips sucking your tits, fuck yeah, lets do it".

Jake peeled out of his clothes faster than I could take my shorts off. He stood there with his cock standing erect watching as I straightened, I have never felt so horny or ready to fuck as right then, his cock was right in front of me and it was huge, dripping precum. I wanted to suck his cock, I wanted him to slam his cock in me, I wanted to hold it and play. Shit, I wanted everything.

I fell back onto my bed and opened my leg's, then opened my pussy lips. "Fuck me, stick your cock in your mothers cunt and fuck me". I was past all caring, I just wanted his cock, my son's cock, bad.
Jake didn't wait and fell across my body, I grabbed at his cock, pulling his foreskin back and guiding it toward my snatch, I wanted everything, his cock in my pussy, another cock to suck, even another cock in my ass. All these thoughts raced through my mind as I felt his cockhead slip into my cunt and I wrapped my leg's around Jake's hips. I was going to keep that lovely cock buried there forever. So full.

"Fuck mom, your pussy is soooo hot, is my cock big enough?, are you happy?".

"Happy, hell yes, Jake, you are going to fuck your mother every time your cock is hard, in the morning before breakfast on the counter, at lunch I will sit on your cock while we eat, and at night, we will do everything you or I can think of.
Don't you feel how good it feels, your cock is everything now. Your big cock in your mothers hot cunt. Fucking move it, fuck me.

Can a minute be an hour, can time stand still. I could feel my pussy pulse as the head of his cock moved in and out, the foreskin slipping back and forward seemed to increase the size of Jake's cock in one direction then decrease as he pushed in. Boy did he fill my hole, my pussy must have suffered from no sex for so long it was so sensitive, but I loved the extra feeling and the extra length.

My son had what every girl dreams about, a long, thick cock. Not to long, I felt his cockhead touch my womb at the top of his in stroke, and not to thick, but Jake did stretch me a little, a nice pleasure pain. Apart from the fact we had been so eager to get started Jake held a steady pace, arching his body to hit my clit with one stroke then changing so his balls hit my ass with the next, I think that's what sent me over the top the first time.

My pussy gripped his cock as I tightened my leg's, my nipples were as hard as Jake's cock and it took only a touch of his finger to light my fire for the first time in age's. My son's cock was way better than my finger, not only that, he kept going. I reached for his ass cheeks and squeezed as I headed up the hill again.

Jake was no two minute man, my pussy certainly knew it was being fucked as I came down from another climax. "Cum in me, fill your mothers pussy with your cum, fuck me silly Jake". I wanted that warm, filling sensation of a cock shooting cum in my hole.

I knew he was not sure of pumping his cum into his mother, but I wanted it and he needed release. I felt his balls and gave them a squeeze, trying to make it good for him as well. Again I had a vision of a cock in my ass, would Jake like that?. "After this, after you cum, you can stick your lovely cock in my ass, would you like to fuck your mother's ass, we can do it doggy style?".

It was enough, Jake stiffened and filled my cunt with his cum. He had pushed fully home and I felt the sudden warmth flood my pussy, a jerk and still more. Slowly out then I was slammed again, more cum. This was what we had both wanted, hot mother son sex. I had my son's big cock. He had his mothers hot cunt.
Now I would teach Jake about making love.

Just as we relaxed into each others arms the phone rang. Fuck it, but we both heard my s****r on the machine. She wanted to come over, Liz, her daughter had been caught doing something wrong, could I help.

Not fair, I was just getting my own life turned around, I grabbed my sons cock as he started to get up, "Don't even think about it, you are going to fuck my ass, if you want, you can think of your aunt as you fuck me, that's fine, but your cock is going up my ass, please. I want to feel your cock in my ass".

I turned doggie style and offered Jake my back passage, why had I thought about this, was it the dirty, naughty side of me. The slut, no, I really wanted his cock in my ass as I felt his cum pouring out of my pussy, oh boy did he need release, I was full.
Now I wanted my son to fuck my ass, I was as horny as when I first saw Jake's cock this morning, more, I wanted a good ass fucking.

I grabbed at his cock again, my god, he was super hard as well, Jake wanted to fuck my ass. Yes, we were going to do it, a cock, no, my son's cock in my ass. I teased the wet head against my puckered hole, my juice and his cum and pressed back.
Jake did not pull back, fuck, he pushed. I relaxed my asshole and pushed again.
He did it, his cockhead slipped in my ass. Oh the feeling, and it was just the head, I really wanted the whole length in there. The doorbell sounded, fuck fuck fuck!.

"Oh Jake, that feels so good, so right, we will do it again tonight, after my s****r has left, you are going to fuck my ass so good".

Reluctantly we got dressed, I gave Jake's cock a squeeze, latter and answered the insidious door bell,

When I opened the door I got the surprise of my life, my s****r was crying, holding Liz by the arm and burst out with, "My husband's fucking our daughter".
What the hell do you say to a statement like that?, does he like it?, does she like it?, do you like it?.

I was still feeling my son's cock entering my ass, I had better be careful here.
Jake was standing behind me and I felt his fingers in between my ass cheeks, sausy son, he's pushing a finger where his cock should be.

Shock kept my mouth from working as Sally explained what she had caught Liz doing. Sucking her father's cock. The finger digging in my ass didn't help, Jake was leaning over my shoulder. This was not a thing to be shared with the neighbours. "Come inside and we need to talk", I could not relax with that sort of news and my son's finger poking my ass, I needed space.

"What the hell happened", I asked when we were all in the kitchen, "No, wait", -who needs to hear this-, "Jake, take Liz, no, grab a cool drink and go out back, Sally and I will join you in a while".

"Sally, what the fuck have you been doing that your husband want's to fuck Liz. Don't you two have sex anymore. Can't you keep his cock for you and why come to me for help, my husband's been dead for three years for god's sake.
I'm not a marriage counsellor or even a good f****y doctor and I have problems of my own". I really didn't want to tell my s****r I had just fucked my son.

Sally was crying hard and the words didn't come out clearly at first but I began to get the gist of the story. Sally and Mike had been playing games, what if, just maybe, something to keep their sex life going. Sally had ignored the signs but Mike hadn't. He had gone ahead when Sally stopped, sex with his daughter, and Liz did not object, in fact she encouraged him. "She told me she liked her fathers cock, in her cunt or her mouth. What am I going to do?".

I had just fucked my own son, who could say right from wrong here, god his finger felt good playing with my ass. Get Sally back with Mike, leave Liz here, maybe we can talk, get Jake in bed with me tonight, oh yes!!!. My plan's were set, I still wanted my ass fucked and was feeling the itch, it needed scratching.
An hour since we fucked, it seemed forever, I wanted more cock.

Older s****r to the rescue, "Sally, go home and talk to Mike, take a hint, get undressed before, and ask him, why Liz and not you?. Be prepared for the answer, you may not like it!!!!. You have a chance, a second chance that I didn't, I lost my husband for good, don't waste it, find out why. Would Liz do something that you wouldn't.
If you love Mike, listen to what he's got to say".

After Sally left I took a deep breath, it won't help to lose yourself when there other problems. Find Jake and Liz.

After a stiff drink I went to check on the c***dren.

Damn, Liz was sucking Jake's cock in my back yard. Take a lessen from your own words, watch and wait. Liz seemed happy sucking on what I thought was now my cock. Could I join them, should I join them. Jake saw me watching and winked, he signaled me to come over.

I wanted his cock again so I walked causally over, what would happen next, I wanted his cock in my ass, would Liz help, would she hold his cock going in my ass. Would she be a cock hungry bitch or would she share. I also wanted to know about her father daughter sex, I was turned on again.
Could Jake and I talk to her about our own mother son sex.

Jake solved my worry when I heard him tell Liz that mom sucks harder, we hadn't even got to that part..., yet, god I loved my son.
Liz looked up and asked if he wanted a good suck, "just like I suck dad, hard and down my throat. I can swallow everything you can give me, good sweet cum".

"I would like to see you sucking a pussy", Jake winked at me again, "get your tongue deep in a pretty cunt while I put my cock in her ass".

"Would you like to see me lick a cunt while you fuck her ass, do you want me to put a finger in your ass while you fuck her, lick your cock while you are fucking her ass.

"If you really want to lick a pussy", Jake asked as Liz really went to town on his cock. "I have a pussy waiting for you".

"Liz, you are sucking my cock".

I couldn't stand it any more, I had to tell her that this was my cock, she would have to share it or lose it. "We can share, it's a lovely cock, but it's mine. You have your fathers cock and I have my son's, or..., do you want to bring your fathers cock for me.

"Oh yeah, daddy wants to fuck you too, with me holding your pussy open for him. We have talked of sharing, I want to suck you while daddy fucks you, I know your pussy will be so sweet and daddy's cock is so nice".

"It's getting late, why don't we all go inside. There are some things we need to talk about and some things we need to do that are better done inside..., sometimes".
Once inside I poured myself a drink, looking at the two of them I poured another two. "Start at the beginning and tell me what's happening with your f****y".

"It was about a month ago, I was doing my homework and mom was getting dressed to go out. Dad was reading the paper when mom came back into the kitchen in her bra and panties looking for something, dad patted her fanny and I think he wanted more, I could see him starting to get hard but mom left. Dad looked at me with a sad smile and went back to the paper".

"I thought it was unfair and when I heard mom leave I went to my room, took off my panties then went back and sat on dad's lap, moving about so my dress slipped up and he could see my bare pussy. I told dad that I was still here. I think he was a bit shocked at first, but then he put his arms around me and said thanks.

"I could feel his cock getting harder so I put his hand between my legs and asked if he wanted me to take care of things. It was so nice when he stroked my leg's and rubbed my pussy. I was wet just thinking about dad's cock and when his finger slipped in I knew we were going to fuck, that I would feel his cock for real".

This called for another drink, for all of us. When I turned back, Liz was holding Jake's cock, her panties pooled at her ankles and he was holding her dress up with his hand on her pussy.

"I think we should shave you mom, Liz looks real good with a bare pussy, I know you would too".

My son had turned out as sex starved as I was, Liz to. Maybe it was the time of the year, a full moon, we all wanted sex. I asked Liz to continue, I wanted to hear all the dirty details, like Mike wanting to fuck me.

"I was sick of all the bullshit about sex, hiding it from me, protecting me, so I asked dad if he wanted to fuck me, just the same as I asked Jake if I could suck him.
It's a lot easier if you come straight out and say things and it was. Dad was so nice that first time, -gentle, when I think he wanted hard sex-, that we have been fucking every time we can and we talk a lot more. We are a lot closer now.
Talking about everything, including sex, it was me who asked if he wanted to fuck you, I got a bit of a surprise when he told me he had seen you and mom naked.
And then..., He has wanted you for a long time Auntie, I just know you will love his cock.

I thought back to that day, all of us at the pool, Sally and I had been changing when Mike walked in, saw me undressed and walked out saying sorry. I didn't think he was sorry even then. Now, I thought about the lump in his pants I had seen so many times. Now, Liz has said he wants to fuck me.

"Okay, out loud so we have no misunderstanding, Jake and I were fucking when your mother interrupted us, in fact he had just got his cock head in my ass when you arrived and I want to continue. I don't think it's a good idea for you to go home tonight and if you and Jake want to fuck, well, I suppose I can share him tonight".
Liz was right, it was better out in the open.

"Dad suggested that you and I could get together, one on his cock while he licked the other and Jake could fuck mom, you know, all in the same room at the same time, I don't think he has known about you two but has thought it could happen. Just the two of you here all the time must lead to something, I know I would want this big cock".

How to change your life in a day, fuck your son, talk to your niece about fucking her father, a threesome with same and seeing your niece sucking your son's cock, don't forget being fucked in the ass. Why not finish on a high, a threesome with your niece and son. "Let's go to bed, all of us, one bed and have some fun".

It was a night to remember, dreams became reality and reality became dreams to think about, again and again. My niece sucking my pussy as my son fully penetrated my ass, watching my son and Liz fuck, both of us sucking his cock to get him hard for another hole, any hole. I really liked licking Jake's cock after he had cum in Liz, the taste of both of them so fresh, then to finish the day of new experiences, Liz and Jake spending ages sucking and licking me. We didn't get much sl**p.

* * *

But, Oh what a way to wake up, a long hard cock being teased into my pussy by my loving niece. I looked down to watch as Jake's cock disappeared from Liz and into my cunt, all of it, Jake held still as my pussy was stretched again, Liz rubbed my clit with a butterfly touch. I looked up and saw the love in my son's eyes. "Morning mom, love you". If I could freeze time, this would be the moment, I had never been happier.

As Jake started moving, oh so slowly, I felt even better as I asked Liz to lie beside me. I wanted to share this with her.
If I had had a daughter as well as a son I would have wanted Liz to be that daughter. "Take turns Jake, make love to both of us. Liz, it's so good first thing in the morning, I don't know if you and Mike have had the opportunity but you should try.
Things may change at home, I know you all need to talk. After..., if Sally is prepared to share your dad's cock..., well, Jake and I could join you".

Jake moved over Liz and I took over the job of guiding my son's cock into her pussy. It looked so good in the morning sunlight a thought slid into my mind. Jake and Liz married, all of us together, sex heaven. I needed to have a good talk to Sally, convince her Mike fucking Liz was not all bad.
I lay back thinking about Jake fucking Sally, Mike fucking me, closing my eyes to see it in my mind when I felt the heat of Jake's cock touch my pussy again. I looked down at his cock, hard and wet from our juice, my lips were full and open.

"Wake up, we haven't finished yet. Can I cum in your pussy or do you both want to suck me dry again?".Jake was rubbing his cock against my clit, I was going to climax as soon as he slid in and Liz was playing with my nipples, pinching them, making them stand.
Liz got into the action, "Cum in aunties pussy then I can suck it. I get the best of everything that way and you are right, sex first thing in the morning is great".

I felt Jake enter me and cum at the same time as I crashed into my climax.

Having Liz suck my nipples helped but hearing about what she wanted to do next brought it to an orgasm as I bucked against Jake's cock.

When I got my breath back and my heart had slowed a little I told Liz to lie on her back. I was going to sit on her face as Jake licked her. This idea of sexy talking really worked, so I kept going, telling Liz how I was going to talk to Sally, how I wanted to see Jake fucking her and added that she and I would gang up on Sally, playing with her breasts and clit while either Mike or Jake fucked her. Damn, why not go all the way, "Do you think your mother could take both cocks at the same time, could you, I certainly want to try it. Mike in my cunt and Jake in my ass".

All I could hear were muffled cries as Liz squirmed on the bed, her face buried in my pussy as Jake licked her and pushed his finger into her ass. Another good thing, both Liz and I liked ass fucking. I jumped a little as a finger entered mine.

Sitting at the breakfast bar naked seemed so natural for all of us, we hadn't had a shower yet and the smell of sex filled the kitchen, no, the whole house, the next part should come easy, we were all feeling sexy, so how were we going to convince Sally, did she need convincing. Had Mike done his thing, it was ten and no phone calls.

Liz was stroking Jake's cock as he toyed with her nipples when I got back from stripping the bed, talk about a wet spot, the sheets were soaked in cum.
We all jumped a little when the phone rang. I put it on the speaker and put my finger to my lips, they were to be quiet.
It was Sally and once she started we couldn't get a word in anyway.

"It was my fault, we had talked about things but I thought it was only fantasy, you know, make the sex better and it began when Mike had wanted sex before I went out, Liz did what I should have. I can't blame either of them, you know, something naughty but nice. It should have been me but Mike still loves me and I hope Liz does. We talked for hours, something we haven't done in ages but the best part, I took your advice and was naked. I was sitting on his cock as we talked, it was funny and sexy at the same time, we have been making love all night. We haven't done that in years.
Mike also told me he and Liz talked more, you know, felt closer and about some of the things they had talked about, I had no idea he wanted to make love to you just the same as I had no idea of what was going on. I really listened, I mean really listened and we talked about asking you over, you know, to ask if you would want to. I know it's a bit of a shock and you can say no..., but..., I don't want to lose Mike, or Liz.
So we really need to talk and I thought it would be easier for you on the phone, I hope I haven't embarrassed you...., you can say no". Sally finially stopped for a breath and I jumped in.

"Sally, Liz Jake and I have been fucking ourselves silly since you left and Liz told us what had happened. Yes you heard right, Jake and I have had sex..., now Jake and Liz have. It's not wrong to have feelings but it is wrong to bottle them up, or ignore them.
Your daughter has shown me it's good to get it out, up front.
She told about Mike wanting me and I am flattered more than upset, she also told me he has a great cock. Bitch, you have been keeping it all to yourself.
Mike has never been rude to me, never been more than a perfect b*****r in law and I would like to go the next step..., just to be fair I would like to see Jake's cock in your pussy. Mike and Liz want this to happen..., at the same time, in the same room so there are no secrets. I hope I haven't embarrassed you, you can say no".

Liz jumped in as soon as I stopped. "Mom, I still love you, sex with dad is just the icing on the top of a great f****y and now I know it is a great f****y. Aunty licks my pussy as good as Jake and daddy...., and you really, I mean, really need to feel Jake's cock, in your hand as I have right now or your mouth as I did this morning but it's best in your pussy and I want to have sex with you and daddy in the morning.
It's a great way to wake up".

Silence, Liz closed her eyes but kept a hold of Jake's cock, he was looking at me, unsure of what was going to happen. I was fairly sure he would want to fuck Sally but hadn't asked him direct, damn, where was Mike.

Heavy breathing..., "Do you want to watch Jake fucking me", Sally asked.

We all took a deep breath, it was going to be okay, better than okay, fucking brill'lant.

"Mike's away for a couple of hour's..., can I come over now, for a coffee........, or something".

"Can you bring me some panties please, the others are a bit .....wet", Liz asked.

"Now's good, we were just about to have a shower, Jake's got a lot of cum to wash off but should be finished by then. Liz, let go his cock or there will be nothing left for your mom", the last was uttered loud enough to get Sally's attention

Very heavy breathing....., "See you soon", I could just see Sally dropping the phone as she bolted for the door. It would be a fast trip.

The pleasure of being a mother, my mind was wool gathering again, change the sheets on the bed, air out the house or leave the scent for Sally, what a scandal, my son fucking me, my son fucking my s****r, was it only yesterday that all this started with a glimpse of Jake's cock, all my tumbled thoughts s**ttered as Liz rubbed her hand up my leg.
"We can gang up on mum as you said, what part do you want. I want to suck her pussy, if we are going to be a big happy sexy f****y I need to get mum in the mood, like, f****y sex. I've had daddy's cock now I have to balance things with mom before you and I gang up on him. You are going to love his cock".

"You can suck her but I want to hold her lips open and feed Jake's cock in. I think for the first time we will let Jake fuck her alone, we can suck each other beside them, do you really want to hold my pussy open for Mike?, feed your father's cock in".

I waited, hoping for the best until Liz gave me a hug, "I can't get enough of watching a cock enter a pussy, I think it's the best sight ever.
Dad and I have done it in front of a mirror so we could both see, the way the head slides in, pushing the lips apart. The best is seeing and feeling, then the cock fills you up, it's just sooo good.

That fucking doorbell did it's thing again. Just when Liz and I had got to the good bits, interruption. If it was Sally, well, okay, but a door to door salesperson was going to get an earful. As it happened Jake called out that he would get it, Liz and I looked at each other then ran to the hallway. We both wanted to be there if it was Sally.

Jake looked like the man any female would want, cutoff shorts and no top as he answered the door, god I was proud of my son. He opened the door and there was Sally, ready to fuck, there was no other way to describe her, short shorts and a top open to expose her breasts. Liz and I stopped to watch what was going to happen.

Jake, ever the gentleman, opened the door wider and just about bent in the middle looking at her breasts and invited Sally in, "Hi Aunty, nice to see you".

The look on Sally's face went from surprise to want in seconds as Liz and I watched.

"Jake, I....., was going to talk to your mother, we...,

"Would you like to see my cock? Liz and mom like it".

What an ice breaker, Sally stood there, her mouth opened and closed like a fish out of water, "I...., yes...., um".

We didn't have to do or say anything as Jake unzipped his shorts and let them fall, he didn't have any underwear on and his cock stood, straight and tall in front of Sally, "Would you like to touch it?".

Sally still hadn't seen us, she was so intent looking at the cock in front of her, time stopped. I thought this was a good time for Liz to start and pushed her ahead.

"Go ahead and touch him, Jake has a beautiful cock and it feels so good in my pussy, I know you will love it, it's as big as dad's and will fill your pussy, and it's better, it's..., It's your nephews cock".

Four people standing in a hallway filled with silence, what would happen next.
Sally dropped to her knees and put my son's cock in her mouth, licking and sucking. "Please, will you make love to me, now, and then with Mike watching, please!".

My s****r was a cock slave as well, fuck heaven, shit, life was going to be good on earth as well, but I had better get going if I wanted hold my son's cock as he entered Sally, Liz was helping her mother strip and rubbing her breasts as I stood beside Jake holding his cock. "Sally, a lot of things have happened and a lot more can, but you need to tell us, you need to be able to ask, to want without saying..., it's wrong.
Take a page from your daughter's book, out loud and up front, talk about what turns you on and what you want but shut the bl**dy door first".

"Shit" and the door banged shut, "It's all of it, you know, the the whole sex thing. I have taken so much for granted, a loving husband, a f****y, my place. It's so turned around I don't know were to go!, can you help?, can all of you help?, please".

I didn't want Sally to take off on one of her talk feasts so I butted in, "Sally, sex is beautiful, it seems to me now, it doesn't matter who you are having sex with, it's still beautiful. My son, your daughter, all of it, if you care about the feelings.
I have and my son has shown me more care and love than ever I could have thought, just with his cock entering my pussy. Your daughter has shown and taught me how important words are, with feeling and love.
You can join us and you, Mike and Liz will be better off, just be open.
Now, do you want Jake's cock, do you want to fuck my son?".

"Oh god yes, my pussy is still throbbing from Mike but I want more. I want us to be a f****y again and I mean you and Jake as well. I love Mike and Liz but can't that love include my s****r and her son?. Can love and sex be the same thing?".

"Jake's cock is going to enter your pussy and then you will know that it can.
He's so gentle, even with a big cock, but you will know the love, besides...., I want to marry Jake". Liz surprised me again with the depth of her understanding and feelings.
"Then I want to fuck you and daddy".

Sally was by now nude and I led them to my bed, Jake was smiling as Liz told her mother how I was going to guide my son's cock into her cunt, no polite words here, just the truth. Sally sat down and Liz and I started to work her, me on her pussy and Liz on her breasts as Jake waited for the time to join us.

Sally lay back with a sigh, "Now, can I feel Jake's cock NOW, please, I'm so ready".

I opened Sally's leg's further and beckoned Jake to come in. Her pussy lips in one hand and Jake's cock in the other, I nearly lost the plot. It was going to happen, my son was going to fuck my s****r and I was in control. Jake was as hard as when he entered my ass but I gave his cock another squeeze and he looked at me.
The same look as this morning, love, shared love.
My heart swelled as I guided his cock home. Life could not get better as I watched his cock disappear.

Liz was right, there was nothing to beat that sight, a cock penetrating a hot wet pussy, my own pussy pulsed with the thought and Liz was right there. Touching and rubbing like she was born to it.
I pulled her slender body over mine and returned the touch, maybe with more fire as Liz moaned into my breasts. "Did you see it, did you see Jake's cock go into mom's pussy, isn't it great watching a big cock go home?'.

Liz and I watched as Jake fucked Sally, we had forgotten each other as the loving connection increased speed. Sally was all over the bed as Jake tried to keep a steady action and finally Sally found her volume control. I don't think any porn movie had quite the same action.
Sally telling Jake to fuck her harder, asking us...., telling us to play with her tits, her pussy, make her cum.

Liz and I watched as her mother thrashed about, trying to get more cock, wanting to get higher. Liz squeezed her nipples and I rubbed her pussy when another of those strange thoughts entered, a finger in her ass was just what she needed. Putting deed to thought I pushed against her ass hole and got a squeal in response. My god, three females that liked ass fucking. My finger entered and I saw Liz spear Jake.

"Jake, you have another ass to fuck, your cock is going in your aunt's ass", words, action, whatever, Sally hit her high with a scream. Scared the living shit out of me, I didn't know my s****r was so vocal when making love. This from a woman who did not talk about sex, who, by her inaction had lead to her husband fucking their daughter.
Maybe the talk with Mike had done some good, thinking about Mike got my juices going good, something to look forward to, another cock, my b*****r in law fucking me. Not to mention watching him fuck his daughter or fucking us both.Yeah, fuck heaven.

Where the FUCK was Mike............

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