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Scott's BDSM Adventure

I woke up again when the lights came back on. ‘Wakey Wakey” she said. I must have passed out again sometime during my night of **** from that machine. “Did you two have a good time?” she asked. As she went around to the fuck machine to check it she said, “Oh my yes you did. You two had sex six times last night. Naughty Naughty. Did you get enough to eat Scott? I bet you did. Well I will leave that in place for a moment and check on my other experiments.” She moved around to under the table where my balls were. They felt so heavy. She squatted down and had to pick them up with two hands. She hefted them then let go and they fell. As she did I felt them hit the floor. The table was at least three feet off the ground. My sack had grown and stretched that much. “Well congratulation Scott. I think you have surpassed the old record. I would say you have about 15 lbs of silicone in your cock and scrotum. I’ve never seen one hit the floor like that. Your sack is about the size of a basketball and your cock looks like a coffee can. Too bad you won’t be able to use that anymore, it would never fit in anyone. Well maybe an elephant. She removed the catheter needles from my sack and cock and rolled that pump away. OK lets see those tits. She walked around to the front of the table and got on a short rolling stool. Reaching for my tits she gave them a squeeze and said, “You should be very proud. This is the first time I have ever been able to get male breasts up to a FF cup.” As she kneaded them and pulled on them I moaned. “What’s the matter Hon, are they full?” I tried to nodded my head yes. “Do you need to be milked?” I nodded and moaned again. “OK but I must warn you, if we go down that road, they might get bigger and surely will produce more and more milk. You do understand that right?” I reluctantly nodded yes because I could not take the pressure in my big milk filled jugs anymore. She said, “I have a solution then.” She rolled her stool across the room and brought back another machine. “Are your udders ready my milk cow?” All I could do was moan. She turned the machine on and placed a cold metal object against my large milk dripping right nipple. I immediately felt an intense sucking feeling. The machine would suck and stop, suck and stop, never losing its grip on my nipple. I knew what this was. It was a milking machine that they used on cows. She placed a similar tube on my left nipple and it began to suck as well. “Can you feel it working Mama Cow? I nodded because I could. I could feel a warmth flowing down from my breasts to my nipples. Each time the machine sucked hard on my nipples I felt the milk spray into the tube. It felt wonderfully to have the pressure start to be relieved. “Wow I should say its working. You’re flowing milk like a pro. I might make some money off of you yet.” I don’t know where the milk was going, all I know was the pressure in my tits was being relieved.

“Oh yea, I will let that work awhile. Let’s get back to your little fuck buddy.” She stood up and walked over to a table to retrieve something. She came back and stuck it under the table so I could see it. It was the biggest cock I had ever seen. It was at least 14 inches long and as wide as my forearm. The head was enormous, as big as a man’s fist. “I know you had fun with your lover from last night, but it is time you stepped up to the big leagues.” I knew there was no way in hell that could fit in me without doing some serious damage. “I want to show you a new feature it has.” She turned it so I could see the glans. It had an actually pee hole in it. She withdrew it from my sight and walked around back to the fuck machine. She rolled it back, taking the cock that was attached to it with it and out of my ass. Man it was a relief to have that out, but I had a strange empty feeling. Almost like my anal sphincter had become looser and almost floppy. She began to attached the new tool to the machine. “Now let me explain this new feature. This cock has a hollow tube in it. It is attached to the machine in the same way the other one was except the tube it connected to a pump. The pump it connect to a special container I have prepared just for you. The machine will fuck you with this cock just like the other one, but with a difference. It will sense if you start to have an orgasm. Remember you had six with the other one. When you do have an orgasm this cock will have one too. That’s right it will cum just like a real man and shoot real sperm up your ass. You see that’s what is in the container. I have been collecting it from some of my other guests, saving it just for you. So you will feel what a woman feels when a man shoots his dirty juice up inside her.” I couldn’t believe what she was saying. I was going to have another mans sperm shot up inside me? She finished making final adjustments to the machine and moved it into position. She again lubed me up with the cold jelly and injected some in me. It tingled again. When she was satisfied with the alignment she switched the machine on. The large head touched my entrance and I twitched. It pressed slowly forward stretching me. I knew for sure this one would tear me and I would bleed to death. Ever so slowly I stretched some more. The machine was set to back off a little then press again. Impossibly I started to open up for it. Right when I thought there was no way I could stretch anymore the fist size head popped in. I was almost proud of myself that I was able to take it. The shaft pressed forward like before and went in then withdrew then went in a little farther. I almost forgot she was standing there, but I heard her heels click towards the door.

She turned and said, “Scott, I am going to leave the milking machine on you tonight, I hope your cow teats don’t get too stretched and sore. In case you are wondering how you were able to take such a big cock up you ass that jelly I have been lubing you up with has special ingredients. It caused your rectum and anal sphincter to be permanently stretched. Your asshole eventually just won’t close up anymore. Unfortunately that can be quite the hassle when you start to have normal bowel movements again. Everything will just fall out. You will probably have to wear adult diapers. Oh I forgot, how will you be able to do that with 15 lb. basketball size nuts. Oh well you two have fun.” With that she turned off the light and closed the door leaving me in fear of what could happen to me when this huge cock came in my ass.

The machine started doing its thing. Slowly taking the huge cock in and out a little farther each time until I had the whole 14 inches in me. The big glans on it was causing my rectum and lower intestine to stretch more and more. Permanently I now knew. The machine would withdraw until just the head was inside then shove it’s full length into me. I could feel me loosening up and so did the machine because it picked up the pace. The big glans was rubbing on my prostrate so much more pronounced then the other one. The pressure was building. I was getting lost in the feeling of that big cock resizing my ass to fit it’s hugeness. The milk machine kept sucking and sucking. An impossible amount of milk had flowed from my breasts. I couldn’t take it anymore and started to shake. The pressure in my cock and groin was unbearable. I couldn’t hold out much longer and the machine knew, it knew. It was really ramming me now. Driving that huge cock all the way up inside each time. I lost all control and almost by itself my prostrate unloaded a huge amount of cum which rose up out of my cock and made the trip to my mouth. Just as I swallowed the first mouthful I felt it. There was no way it could be true but I actually felt the huge glans on that cock swell up bigger, then it happened. It felt like a firehose was going off inside of me. Spurt after spurt of real sperm shot out of the end of the cock. The machine had sensed my orgasm and had it’s own. It held that big cock deep within me as rope after rope or cum shot deep inside. Almost like it was trying to make sure I got pregnant. I kept swallowing my own cum until I was drained and soon after the monster cock stopped shooting and withdrew a little, but not all the way. I decided I really loved the feeling of a cock cuming in me, but I was really scared about what it might have contained.

I was able to rest some then. My nipples were starting to ache. I am not sure if it had milked me dry yet, but the constant sucking and stretching of my nipples made them really sore. I wish I could just massage them to make them feel better. I am not sure how much time had gone by but I heard that click and hum and I knew the fuck machine was ready for round two. I actually kind of smiled a little and thought, doesn’t he ever get enough? I let it slowly fuck me and I was able to take the big cock with ease now. My ass must have been really loosened up by that jelly. As I reached my second orgasm it was a slow build and an easy flowing release. The cocked mimicked that too and there was no pile driving just a nice almost loving slow fuck with a shooting again of potent maleness deep inside me. I fell asl**p or passed out I am not sure. I am also not sure how many more time I was fucked that night.

The lights came on again. I was so tired and hungry I could barely open my eyes. She entered the room with a “Howdy Ya'all.” She moved her stool over to examine my breasts. “My my Momma Cow, looks like you filled my milking machine sometime last night an it shut itself off. Let's pull these nasty old things off your teats.” She broke the suction seal on the cylinders and pulled them off. “Now look at what we have here. Not only have your udders increased in size to maybe a JJ cup, but you teats are as long as my fingers” She grabbed the mirror to show me. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Not only did I have a huge pair of pendulous tits, my nipples were at least 5 inches long. They really did look like cow teats. She started to massage some lotion into my breasts and them grabbed a long nipple in each palm squeezed down just like you would milk a cow. After a couple of squeezes my milk started to flow again. “I bet I could win a milking contest with you,” she said. She had placed a bucket under them for the milk to shoot into. She stopped milking me and said, “Tell you what, let's forget about that old milking machine today. I think I have enough of your sweet milk to sell on the black market. Do you know how much real male milk is worth? Thousands. Anyway, lets have some fun Mama Cow.” She got up from the stool and walked toward the door. She turned back to me and said, “Are you ready for Barnyard day?” What could she possibly meant by that? She came back carrying a box. She rolled the stool over and placed the box on it. She then moved the bucket out from under me and rolled the stool over under my hanging breasts. Inside the box were two six week old German Shepherd puppies. They must have smelled my milky tits because they both started whimpering. As soon as I heard that a funny feeling came over me. A warmth spread through my breasts down towards my long nipples. I could actually feel the milk start to build up and flow down to the tips. Was this a natural “let down” experience I was having? As soon as I started dripping milk she moved one puppy directly under the nipple and let the milk drip in it's mouth. That did it and the puppy opened it's mouth searching for the source. She move it up until it's little mouth latched on to my nipple. It's little puppy teeth were kind of sharp and I winced a little, but soon it was sucking like a champ. She repeated the process with the other puppy. I couldn't believe I had two living things suckling at my breasts. She stood up and moved around the table and I could here a motorized camera taking pictures. I knew she probably had been filming me this entire time. Probably to sell on the internet. She left the room as the puppies continued to feed and soon their little bellies were full of my milk and they let go of my nipples and curled up and fell asl**p in the box.

She came in with something on a leash. Actually two something's. A pair of baby goats she gently moved the box of sl**ping puppies out of the way and lead the goats up under the table where my nipples were. They goats were tall enough so they could just reach their heads up and boy did they know what to do. In a flash each one had grabbed a nipple and were suckling greedily. They kept pulling on me trying to get more milk to flow and it was painful, but they settled down some and behaved. Of course plenty of pics were taken. After a while I guess they got full because first one then the other let go and she lead them out of the room. As she came back in I could tell she was pushing a bigger a****l through the door. I heard it bleat for it's Momma and I knew it was a calf. My breast suddenly got really hot and the milk really started to build up. Was this a reaction to the bovine injection she gave me? She pushed the calf over to my table and pushed it's head down under it. My nipples must have looked enough like a cows teats. because the calf grabbed one in it's mouth and went to town. The calf got my entire nipple, areola and some of my breast flesh in it mouth and with it's strong tongue got my milk flowing like nothing else. I couldn't believe how good it felt when suddenly another calf, the other ones twin latched on to my other teat in the same fashion. This was amazing yet so shocking to me. When would this ordeal end? Or would it?

Eventually the calfs had their fill and let go of me. I was almost a little sad it was over. She pushed them out of the room and came back and said, “Did you like that Momma Cow?” I nodded my head yes. “Good, because you did so well I have a special treat for you. You will love it.” She left the room and when she came back she was leading something massive. As soon as it entered the room I could smell it. It smelled powerful and earthy. The room almost shook as it moved. She walked it over to a place in the back of the room and them she came back over to my table. “Well now, I sure hope you are ready for this Mama Cow. You are about to be bred with the prize winning bull from the county fair. Now this is not just any Grand Champion. He is the largest Brahma bull to ever win. The also means he has the largest bull cock of any bull in the county, ever. His semen is very valuable and used to breed cows all over the country. Of course that is usually done through artificial insemination, because a normal cow just could not take a cock the size of his, it would kill her. Today however you are going to have the rare opportunity to be bred to this champion.” In my weak state what she was saying just wasn't making sense. Bred to a bull? Me?

She got up and moved around behind me. She rolled the fucking machine away and as she did the huge cock that was attached to it pulled out of my ass with ease. Wasn't that a extremely tight fit just last night? She then rolled some sort of steel contraption over my table. It looked very strong and big. “This is a mating ramp. They use it on the ranch that owns this bull for breeding. If his full weight ever came down on a cow it would kill her. He knows what this is they use it to jack him off to collect his semen. I am going to move a computer monitor under your face so you can watch what I am filming with my camcorder as he breeds with you.” She rolled a flat screen monitor on a table under me so I could see. She approached my ass and for the first time in days I could see what it looked like. It looked nothing like a human asshole. My opening had been stretched so much it almost looked it had a labia. She started to rub some of that jelly lubricant in it, with her whole hand going up inside me with ease. “There now, that look nice. Almost looks like a real cows pussy.” She then reached for some sort of spray bottle and sprayed whatever was in it on my ass. The bull immediately started to snort. He sounded like a locomotive. “This is a special mixture of bovine estrogen. I like to call it Cow-in-Heat. It really gets him going. See his cock is already getting hard.” She moved the camera over and pointed it to under his belly. I saw a huge sheath and emerging from it was an impossibly large bull cock. It was at least three feet long and had to be 6 inches wide. It had a huge flared tip on it too. I knew I was going to die.

She walked over to him and lead him over behind me. He must of smelled my ass because he was snorting more and his hot breath was on my back. She didn't have to do much coaxing because he put his two front legs up on the ramp. She slapped his rump and he walked forward more. It was right then I felt it. His huge bull cock was touching me. I started to cry because I didn't want to die this way. I guess she thought things looked lined up because she said, “Are you ready Momma Cow, here comes Daddy.” She didn't even wait for me to answer she just slapped his rump again and he stepped forward more. As soon as his huge flared cockhead touched my hot entrance nature took over. He didn't care if I was ready. He didn't care if I really wasn't a cow. All he knew was his big bull cock was touching a really hot wet place and he was going to shove it in. And that's exactly what he did. He took a big step forward and a foot of his bull cock went up inside me. I wasn't prepared for that. It took all my breath away and I saw stars. I just knew I was bleeding and would pass out soon. He pulled it out a little then snorted and shoved another foot in. I now had two feet of bull cock up inside me. I had no idea what part of me he was up into. Surely well past my rectum and into my colon. As I was panting trying to get my breath I managed to look down at the monitor. She was still filming and had the camera pointed directly at my entrance where his bull cock was stretching it to an obscene point. I figured he had enough in me but no he snorted again and took another step forward and all three feet of bull cock was inside. I couldn't catch my breath. It felt like his cock was up in my throat. This was the tightest hottest cow's pussy he had been in for some time and he was going to take advantage of it. He started to move his huge powerful ass muscles which started his bull cock to stroke in and out of me. With each pull back it felt like he was going to rip all of my intestines out. He kept shoving it in trying to get as deep as possible so his breeding cow would have the maximum chance to get pregnant with his calf. Back and forth he went. I know the tightness of my insides must be getting to him. He started to snort more and picked up the pace. This was amazing. I just stared at the monitor unable to believe I was being bred by a champion Brahma bull with the biggest bull cock ever. My tits were leaking milk again. His pace was now short strokes and then he suddenly stopped. I could feel his huge flared glans actually get larger and I knew what was about to happen. A bulls cockhead flares out like that right before he cums so all his semen it trapped inside his breeding cow. If I thought that machine shot a huge load in me the night before I was wrong. It was nothing like this. The big bull stiffened and then shoved his cock in as far as it would go. It was such a tight fit I could actually feel his load rise up through his long cock and shoot out the end of it with such f***e I thought surely my guts have exploded. He just kept shooting each time hunching forward a little trying to get it deeper. I couldn't take anymore. My insides were full, but because of his flared head nothing was getting back out. He gave it one last shove and shot his last time, the biggest one of all and I passed out.

When I woke up I must have only been out for a minute, because his big bull cock was still in me. She was trying to back him off the ramp, but it was like he didn't really want to leave his Mama Cow. She was finally able to back him down and as he did his entire length of now softening bull cock can sliding out of me. The head hesitated for a moment then came out with an audible pop. When he was away from the ramp she quickly placed a pan under my ass to catch all of the valuable bull semen that would surely leak out. She lead him out of the room to a waiting trailer and back to the ranch. When she came back in the room she walked around behind me to were the pan was. “That's funny she said. That bull usually shoots at least 2 liters of semen when he comes. There is only about a half a liter in this pan and you ass has stopped dripping. Where did the rest of it go? I guess he bred you really good Mama Cow. He wanted you to have his son really badly.” Surely she was joking. How could a bull breed with a human especially a male one up his ass, right? “You did really well today. Tell you what I am going to remove that tube from your fat cock and and leave the milking machine off your tits. You have also been fucked so well by that bull that I'll leave your ass alone too. I don't have anymore toys that will fit in there now anyway. So I am going to leave you alone for tonight.” She was making her way to the door when she stopped and turned around. “ I just thought of something. You have just been bred by a prize bull, and I know he considers you his property now. How are other people going to recognize that too? Wait I have an idea.”

She walked over to the far corner of the room to get something. As she walked back she started to explain her idea. “That bull belongs to the HO ranch, and since you now belong to him, you are also the property of the HO ranch. What better way for everyone to see that then this.”

I was still looking in the monitor when she held the camera up to what she was holding. It was a red hot branding iron for the HO ranch. I couldn't believe it. How could she possibly think she could brand me? She didn't waste anytime and moved around to my exposed ass. Holding the camera so the moment could be capture for the internet. She quickly pressed the hot branding iron to my butt cheek. At first I didn't feel anything. I guess the nerve ending at the surface were burned off. Like a white hot flash the pain seared through to my brain. She only held it there for a couple of seconds, but like an expert it was long enough to leave a permanent mark on my skin. As she removed it she blew on me and looked at her handiwork.

“See you are now property of the HO ranch. Wait a minute, that spells ho. How ironic. OK, well see you later. I was in such agony I couldn't move. She reached the door again and then stopped. “I just thought of something else. People might not get to see your ass brand very often so maybe there is a better place. I know.” She walked back to the corner and came back with something else. This time she bent down to show me. It was another branding iron, just a smaller version of the first one. It was red hot as well. “You see the most obvious place for placement is on one of your magnificent breasts. People are going to flock to see those and this will look really cool. Now which one would it look best.” I was sobbing now praying she wouldn't do it. “I know the right one.” Without hesitation she pressed the red hot iron to my right breast. I now had a smaller HO there too. I passed out as the smell of my burning flesh reached my nose.

When I awoke I had no idea how long I had been out. Something was different. I wasn't laying on that table. I was laying on a cold tile floor. Had this all been a dream? My arms weren't tied down anymore so I could push myself up to a sitting position. Things were still pretty foggy but I reached up and touched my chest. They were still there. My new breasts, as big as ever. I hefted one in each hand and felt how heavy with milk they were. My nipples were still long and stuck out. I touched the spot where she branded me on my right breast. It was there, just all healed up. How long had I been out? I had to stand up and I used the wall to steady me. I felt off balance, like my center of gravity was off. As I tried to take a step I felt them. My balls. They were hanging below my knees. All 15 lbs of them. If I tried to take a step they would swing throwing me off balance. This was going to take some getting used to. I reached around to feel the brand on my butt cheek and it was there but healed like the other one. I continued to reach around to try to feel my asshole. I felt it but I knew it still looked like what I saw on the monitor after that bull pulled his big cock out of me. More like a cows pussy. There was light coming from the door. It was opened a little. I shuffled my way over to it the best I could with my new huge tits and ball sack. When I opened the door all the way I saw the room I was in was part of a warehouse and storage area on the outskirts of town. I looked back into the room and saw it was completely empty. No sign of Holly or any of her torture devices. I looked out across the parking lot of the warehouse and saw the road. How could I do this. How could I ever go out in public let alone go across that lot to the street. I was a freak and a naked one at that. I had no choice, I was starving and I had to get help. I started out the door and waddled across the hot asphalt in my bare feet. I had to support my naked breasts because they were so heavy. I was getting the hang of my swaying balls and was making progress. Finally I reached the road and looked both ways. I saw one car approaching as it got closer I let go of my tits with one hand to wave it down. It started to slow down then finally stopped. There was an elderly couple in the front seat. Both of whom were staring at me with jaws dropped and a look of disbelief.

I said to them, “Please can you help me? Can you give me a ride to the closest hospital?”

After a moment the old man said, “Sure mister, you are a mister right?”

“Yes I am, please help me.”

The old man got out of the car and came around and opened the backseat door for me. I had a little problem getting in, not being used to dragging my huge ballsack into the car. He closed the door and got behind the wheel again drove off.

He looked in the rearview mirror at me and said, “So you need to get to a hospital son?”

Yes sir please.” I said.

He didn't ask me a lot of questions which I was thankful for. I leaned my head back on the seat and closed my eyes. I kept running everything that had happened to me or at least what I thought happened through my mind trying to make sense of it all. The most amazing part was that I had been actually fucked by a bull. She had called it being bred, but that was her just messing with my head. I chuckled to myself and then I felt it. There was a movement deep in my guts. Kind of like something turned over. It must be just gas, I hadn't eaten in a long time it seemed. Then it happened again. This time it was more like something kicked me from the inside. What had she done to me? She had injected me with all kinds of chemicals and hormones, some from humans and some from a****ls. No telling what other kinds of experiments she did on me when I was passed out. I mean yes she had been able to successfully cause me to grow some massive breasts that produced milk just like a cow, but pregnant? I looked down at my massive breasts and when what ever was inside of me moved again they grew warm and started to leak milk. Was that a maternal reaction to a baby in me? And if I was pregnant what kind of baby was it? I had received huge amounts of both human sperm and bull sperm. She kept calling me Mama Cow, so if there was any possible way she was able to successfully get me pregnant I was betting the father was the bull and I was carrying his calf. That would be some final trick of her to play on me. I felt another movement and I pulled on my long nipple and watched a stream of milk shoot out.

I looked up and said, “Hey Mister, I have changed my mind. Forget the hospital. Do you know where the HO ranch is?”


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