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King University New Slut Part 2

Chapter 2: The Party

Once I was back to my dorm room I decided to change my clothes for the party at the rec. I heard the shower going in Quinn's room so I assumed he was getting ready also. I didn't want to put on anything that was too dressy so I just put on a polo shirt with some blue jeans that were pretty tight fitting. I looked in the mirror and gelled my hair back and added some Tommy Hilfiger cologne around my neck. I looked pretty damn good, I just wish there was tanning salon near by so I could get just a little bit darker.

The school has a gym that is also discounted for students so I will definitely try and join it when I get the chance. I mean I do need some muscle on this body if I want to be an actor.

I had received a text from Jamal saying that he was on his way, so I finished up quickly and waited for him to knock on the door. Out of nowhere, Quinn walks by wearing just a towel around his waist.

"What you doin' still here White boy?" he said looking up from texting on his phone. I was stunned, he was ripped like a fuckin' bodybuilder, and all the right places. I guess... in a way... he had the right to be cocky...

"Uhhh... umm... just waiting for a friend." My words were stammered but he saw right through me. His sexy evil grin grew on his face.

He changed the subject, "So who you bringin' back tonight?"

"Ummm, nobody but myself." I say not really getting what he's asking.

"Come on know bitchez like you. Your type ALWAYS got someone comin' back for some dick." he said walking closer to me. Just who the FUCK does this guy think he is?

"Quinn, I got morals. I dont go around fuckin' anything and everything that walks and gotta hole like you and your buddies do. So fuck off." I was pissed. This man no longer looked desirable anymore.

I went to get up from my seat, but he pushed me back down. "I said back the fuck off dude!" I said pushing him away.

"Whoa, Whoa bruh. Don't eva put yo' mothafuckin' hands on me. Bitch I will fuck you up!" Quinn was yelling.

I got up and ran out the door. My face was flushed from what just transpired. Out of all the people I could have roomed with, it had to the biggest asshole on the planet. I went down the entrance of the building and saw Jamal heading this way.

I almost wanted to decline going to the party because I was so upset with Quinn, but I didn't want to make Jamal feel bad about something he did. Besides, he was probably wanting to go this party really bad. There was a mirror off to the side, I fixed myself. My face was still a little flushed but it wasn't that bad.

Jamal walked in and I put on a smile. God he looked good. Im not much of a name brand person and everything he was wearing was name brand, but he made it look good.... real good. Just like a sexy model in VIBE magazine. "Hey man, whats happenin'?" Jamal asked. "Not much, just ready for this party. Come on, lets go." I say.

The walk was pretty long on the otherside of the school, but we did get a chance to get to know each other better. He had an older b*****r and younger s****r, and three half b*****rs. All of them are really close except his parents weren't together, which was kind of a shock to me. He told me he was majoring in accounting but not really sure if he wanted to do it or not.

His older b*****r Gerald was the one that encouraged him to go to this school because he graduated from here and loved it. I told him how I wanted to go into acting then make my way up to film directing and since I was the only c***d my parents did all they could to make it happen, even though we didn't have a lot of money. The whole time Jamal and I clicked. It was a great feeling to have that since I was feeling kinda lonely on campus.

We finally made it to the party and it was packed with just about everyone in the school. I of course stuck out like a sore thumb but I really didn't care anymore. I was with my friend and no one could stop that.

The music was loud but no one was dancing as it was just more of a social event and we were all guys so that would of looked a little strange. stopped and talked to a few people he knew and introduced me to a few guys. Most of these guys were fucking hot, his friends were really nice to me. There names were Tayshawn and Antonio.

Tayshawn was a very promising football player at the university along with Antonio both getting a scholarship here and both were well known to everyone. I almost felt a little starstruck, both guys towered over me and were both built like brick houses.

It was hard to believe Tayshawn was only 18 and Antonio was 22. I couldn't help but notice Tayshawn's very sexy green eyes running up and down a few times on me. He even shook his head and licked his lips a few times. It was almost very obvious that he was attracted to me. I was most definitely into him, but I'm the shy type. I could never approach a guy or female without not know what to say unless introduced or if he talked first.

Jamal wanted to meet a few other people so we broke off with them and looking around the place. I looked back and saw both guys gawking at me, both were talking and bobbing there head. I felt good that those two sexy men would even desire a person like me but was I ready for anything to happen between me and them. Jamal introduced me to a few other people and then we sat down and got a drink.

"So what you think of the school so far Tyler?" Jamal asked.

"I think everyone here is real cool, its good to see everyone accepting me for who I am and not what they see. Its a great feeling." I saying smiling.

"Man I told you everything would cool. Just get your name out there a little bit more and who knows, you might the most popular on the campus." Jamal said. Well I wasnt sure if I wanted that, but it would be nice. It was nice to see everyone having fun and no negative vibes happening. Then Quinn appeared in my mind.

"I just wish that some people were a little more excepting...." I say.

"What? You got haters already?" Jamal said growing interested.

(Sigh) "Yes there is one guy, and thats my roommate.

His name is Quinn Robinson and..."

"Wait Quinny?" he said cutting me off.

"The lil short nigga with a bad attitude?"

"Yeah.... and... why am I not surprised that you know him?" I say.

He laughed and said, "Man, that dude is fuckin' crazy, I hope you don't believe a DAYUM thing he says cuz its all phony."

"Trust me" I say highlighting the words clearly. "I don't."

Speak of the devil himself in disguise, here he comes strolling in from the distance with Rufus and Kelvin off to his side. "WHAT UP MUTHAFUCKAS!!!" Quinn shouted to make his presences know.

My stomach churned hearing his voice and most of the crowd gathered around him like he was a celebrity. "Ugh, how come people like him." I say to Jamal. "I don't know man." he responded. I turned away to avoid looking at him, then noticing off in the distance Tyshawn was staring at me.

Once our eyes met and he waved nod his head and smiled. Fuck! He was doing something to me, and I can't explain it. I was gonna have sweet dreams tonight.

"Hey, I'm gonna go to the bathroom." Jamal said to me getting up.

"You think you'll be alright till I come back." I turned and looked at the crowd still surround the egomaniac and said, "Yeah I think I'll be fine."

"I won't be gone to long." he said then winked at me.

He disappeared past the crowd leaving me on the lounge chair.

Next thing I know Tyshawn and Antonio walk up to me. "Hey is this seat taken?" Tyshawn asked.

"Well Jamal had to run to the bathroom, but you can sit here till he comes back." I say.

They both sat down on either side of me, I felt like a c***d dwarfed by these giant men. Both of them had cologne beating up my nose and it was really doing something to me. I suddenly felt myself getting hard. I moved my hand covering myself discretely.

We made some small talk, both of them commenting about the party and who they met. While they talked I discretely eyed them up. Both of there arms were about the size of my legs.

They were massively built, only difference was Tyshawn was carmel complected and Antonio was a few shades darker. Tyshawn had very short amazingly edged to the "T" hair cut. Antonio looked to be working on an afro. I looked down at there legs compared to mine. They could crush me with them, this was really surreal moment so I soaked it all in. Then my concentration was broken.

"So what you up to after the party Tyler?" Antonio asked. "I don't know." I say. "Haven't really thought about it yet."

"You can come chill with us if you want." Antonio says.

"We were gonna go back to my room and play some XBOX." he finishes.

Oh man, I don't think I was ready for that just yet, i think to myself.

"Thats a very tempting offer guys, I love XBOX, but I got class early in the morning and I hate to be over there all night playing games." I say.

I tried not to come off "slutty" sounding and sound realistic. I do have my acting class tommorrow.

They sat there quietly for a second, I guess trying to figure out what to say next. I guess no ones ever turned them down before.

"Naw, its cool man we do something another time... when you don't have class." Tyshawn said.

"That would be nice, I look forward to it." I say with a friendly smile attached.

"Here lemme give you my number." Tyshawn took out a pen and found a piece of napkin and wrote his number on it and gave it to me.

"Usually we got practice during the week but we still can make it happen." Antonio said. "Thanks guys, I will definitely let you know when I'm available."

I saw Jamal from a distance coming towards me and they decided to get up.

"Nice to meet you guys." I say. Antonio reached out his massive hand for me to shake. I shook it and feeling the ruggedness of him.

"See ya man." Antonio said then winked. I was glad they left because any longer being next them I would have shot my load all over this chair....

Jamal and I got up and walked around a few times, trying to avoid Quinn.

We met a few other guys and then I had to go to the bathroom. Inside I spotted the tall, lanky, Kelvin. He was at the stall completely dwarfing the stall with his enormous height. I kinda stood there and watched for a second then walked over to the sink to wash my hands. I watched him in the reflection and saw him flush the toilet he turned around and to my surprise, he didnt completely put all of himself back in. I saw a flash of a huge flaccid dick, it didn't look real because it was too long. My eyes kind of bulged from what I saw. This guy was hung!

He walked over next to me not saying anything. He glanced at me noticing who I was but didn't say anything still. I decide to respond first. "Hi Kelvin."

He took a minute to respond. "Wassup?" His voice was so deep, it shook the whole bathroom.

"Nice party isn't it?" I say trying to spark up some conversation. "It's Aight." He wiped his hands and walked away saying,

"Check you later." I didn't know how to read Kelvin, but he really didn't seem like the type that would even like Quinn. So why did he? It was good to see him at least acknowledge me this time.

I went back out to the crowd and almost ran into Quinn. We stared at each other for a second. He looked like a damn thug with his black wife beater on black baggy jeans, with yellow timberlands. His hat was on backwards and with a do-rag under it. His glistening with sweat from the heat generating in this place. Anytime I would of fell weak in the knees for a guy looking like him, but he was just too ugly to deal with. I walked past him not saying a word to him and he kept staring as I walked past. My smile came back when I saw Jamal. He was talking to our math teacher, Mr. Morris.

I walked up to them. "Hi Mr. Morris, I didn't know teachers could come to this." I say.

"Anyone is welcomed to come. This basically an introduction for everyone to meet and talk. Its a long standing school tradition." he said.

"Nice" I say. We talked for a while and while he talked about himself I looked up noticing his physique again. His dress jacket was gone this time and he had on white button-up shirt. His body was pretty defined for guy his age. Then I noticed his ring on his finger was gone. That was odd....

After we finished talking with Mr. Morris, Jamal and I decided to go outside and hang out there because it was getting to hot inside. We walked along the scenic area looking at the sites, he was showing me a few things. This really felt like a date and I was loving every second of it. We came up to a really nice waterfall and sat down on a bench next to it to watch.

"Well its close to 1 o' clock. Did you want to do anything else before the nights over?" He asked. I sat and watched falls pouring down over the statue of what looked like Martin Luther King Jr. Light was raising up from the bottom of the water.

"Well I guess it is a little late, and I do have an early class later on. We start walking back to my dorm if you'd like?" I say. "Alright, whatever you want." he said.

We took the long walk back to the dorm and it was pretty deserted because everyone was back at the party. We stopped at the entrance way and I say, "I great time tonight, thanks for introducing me to everyone. You've been really good to me."

He smiled and shook his head, "Yeah I guess I have."

"See you in Math on Wednesday." I say I move away but then he grabbed my arm pulling me back.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" He got closer to my face. I thought, "This is it. My first kiss with another man." We kissed slowly at first, both of us letting it happen, then it turned intense.

He pushed me up against the wall and the next thing I knew his hands were all over me. My hands reached under his shirt I felt his abs. We stop kissing and he's all over my neck. "Oh shit" I say to myself. His hot breath and tongue were all over my neck. My hardon begged to come out of my jeans. I made some slight moans and he was groaning all over my neck. His hands made it down to my ass and he squeezed it.

"Fuck... this ass is perfect." He said to me while still making out to my neck. This is the furthest I ever been with someone, even with a chick and usually it stops because her "morals" come in.

I was in an intense heat, my mind was starting to float to cloud nine completely forgetting we were outside still. Thats when I heard voices coming down the path. I pushed Jamal away from as fast as I could and pulled down my shirt. I looked over from the distance but didn't see anyone coming. That's when I decided that this was enough....

"I don't know if we should be doing this..." I say breaking the kiss.

"Your right, we should be inside." he cut me off and grabbed my hand.

"No, no... we can't. I can't.... this is still too early." I saw his face fall apart. He knew I was right. "I really, REALLY, do like you Jamal, but its just too early. Its only been a day." I say.

"Yeah man, your right. we can do it, whenever you feel its right." It looked like it hurt him to say that, but its good to see that he understood.

"Thanks Jamal. You really are a cool dude." I say. He kissed me one more time and then we separated. It didn't take me long to realize that I just shot a load in my underwear.

End of Part 2!

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