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Lust's What The Doctor Ordered 7

Chapter 8

Friday afternoon, Prinz left his office earlier than usual and drove
with apprehension to his beach house. He had consented, finally, to the
suggested "party," and though he was looking forward to observing the
i****tuous couplings, he still had some reservations. He had called Mark
the day before, and the young medical student had agreed to come, and
Coco had agreed to play the part of hostess for the weekend orgy.

As he pulled into his drive, Prinz was relieved to find Mark and Coco's
car parked next to the garage. When he entered the house, he was met by
Coco, smiling and radiant.

"Hey ..." she said as she kissed him softly, "This is our first orgy ...
who are all these people Mark's been telling me about?"

Prinz ran his hand over her full hip and cupped her smooth ass cheeks
through the thin material of her gown. He smiled and told her, "Just
some people who are into the same things we are, Coco ..."

Mark called out from the kitchen, then entered with a large box. "I had
a little trouble finding the things you wanted, Doc ..."

Prinz looked into the box and saw the theatrical masks. He nodded
approval and told Mark, "These will do fine, Mark ... have we enough to
go around?"

"More than ... got a couple extra just in case ..." he said and handed
one to Prinz.

Prinz slipped the mask over his face and looked on as Coco did the same.
It would alleviate any apprehensions the others might have in the
beginning, for Mandy had told him that Beverly and her mother had been a
bit reluctant to come to the party.

"I'm going to shower and change," Prinz told the couple. "The guests
should be arriving at any time."

"Go on," Coco told him, "I'll handle the front door."

* * *

Prinz had just stepped out of the shower when he heard the door chimes
sound. A rush of excitement filled his body as he slipped into his robe
and adjusted the theatrical mask over his face. He wondered idly who the
first to arrive might be--probably the Goldens, he thought as he ran a
brush through his dark hair.

Coco opened the door and stepped aside as Paul and Rebecca Golden
entered the foyer. "My name is Coco," she said seductively and sized up

Paul looked at the alluring black woman in the see-through gown. He felt
his prick twitch as she turned to Rebecca and extended her hand.

"You must be Rebecca," Coco purred.

"Of Sunnybrook ..." she said and laughed.

Coco laughed and slipped an arm about Paul's waist as she gestured
toward the guest rooms to the left. "Come on, you two ... I've some
things laid out for you ... would you like a drink?"

Paul felt the warmth of the woman's body and his hand went to her waist
as they stopped before the door of the guest room. "Yes ... scotch if
you have it."


"Ummnn ... something light," Rebecca told her.

Coco saw them into the room and then left them to change. She found Mark
at the bar mixing drinks.

"Just two of them?" he asked and glanced at the clock behind the bar.

"The Goldens ... beautiful couple ... she has nice tits," Coco told him
and glanced at her image in the mirror. The wispy gown clung to her
womanly contours, and the mask created an illusion of mystery about her.

Prinz entered and slid onto a stool as Mark nodded and handed him a
drink. The lighting was soft and subdued and a gentle melody came from
the stereo. "Did I hear our guests arrive?" Prinz asked as he sipped his

"Two of them--Becky and Paul," Coco reported, then glanced toward the
entrance hall as the chimes sounded again. "I'll get it," she said and
left the bar as Paul and Becky entered the sunken living room.

The moment Rebecca Golden saw Mark behind the bar her pulse increased.
She had never had sex with another man prior to her therapy with Prinz,
but her fantasies had been filled with tall, handsome black men who
possessed huge pricks. She saw her husband looking sideways at Coco, and
she wondered idly if he was drawn to her sexually.

Prinz nodded to the couple and an air of excitement overcame them as
they watched Coco exit the living room to answer the door.

"Ah ... Mandy's bringing Beverly and her mother," Rebecca said as Mark
came around the bar to stand near her.

Prinz found it difficult to engage in small talk, for, as he gazed at
Rebecca's lush curves through the thin material of her gown, he realized
fully how much he was looking forward to seeing her engage in an act of
sex with her daughter.

"That ... that should be them now," he replied and lifted his glass.

Mark sensed the tightness in the others and crossed the room to dim the
lights even further. In a few moments, Coco returned and told them,
"Three lovely ladies for the party." she winked at Paul, "I suppose I
should put in my bid for you now."

Paul's face flushed behind the mask. He glanced at his wife, but it was
difficult to gauge her reaction with her features hidden behind the
mask. He laughed lightly and turned to Mark. "It's okay with me ... if
it's okay with him ..."

Mark reached out to cup Rebecca's full breast through her gown. "I
believe an equitable exchange can be arranged, Paul," he told the other
man, "Your wife is a beautiful woman."

Rebecca chilled as the black man felt her tits. She was filled with a
sudden desire to rip her gown off and throw herself at his feet. She
swallowed thickly and looked down at his hand as it lifted her tit,
squeezed it gently, then let it go. "Don't stop," she said huskily, as
she saw Coco move her body against Paul's. "I like to be touched."

Prinz watched the interplay between the two couples with interest. His
own excitement was growing as the sound of the other female's voices
came to him from the guest room beyond the hall. He knew that Mandy and
her friend Beverly were undressing at that very moment, and he wondered
idly what Beverly's mother would be like.

Paul felt his pulse rise as Coco rubbed her hip against his and her hand
moved over the front of the togalike gown he wore to touch his growing
prick. "Hey ... I like to be touched too," he told her and looked on in
fascination as Mark fondled Rebecca just a few feet away.

In the guest room, Mandy was the first to shed her clothing and slip
into the sheer robe. She found the material sensual to the touch, and it
felt as if her body was being caressed by a hundred soft hands. She
looked toward her friend as she disrobed, and her heart beat wildly as
she glanced toward Bev's mother.

Glenda was a full-bodied woman in her late thirties, but both body and
face belied her age. She looked more like Bev's s****r than her mother,
and Mandy thrilled as she watched the woman remove her clothing to
display a beautifully proportioned body.

Moving close to her, Mandy reached out to run her hand over Glenda's
smooth shoulder, then she touched her full ass cheeks as the woman
reached for a robe. "You're so pretty ..." Mandy told her.

Glenda blushed as the girl touched her body. Her mind was filled with
pictures out of the past, and the thought that she would be facing her
beloved Aurry in just a few minutes had her heart beating rapidly. "Ah
... look," Glenda said haltingly. "There's something I have to tell you
before you ... before we go in there," and she gestured toward the door.
She picked up the mask and fitted it over her face--somehow, it afforded
her an added comfort, knowing that the others could not see her face.
"This Doctor Prinz ... ah, he ..." She shook her head as she searched
for the words. "He's my b*****r," she blurted out finally.

Beverly's face went blank. Mandy looked at the woman curiously, then she
asked, "Are you sure, Glenda? I mean--he's really your b*****r?"

She nodded her head tightly. "Yes ... I did a little checking after Bev
suggested we come here--I haven't seen him since our mother caught us
... ah, together."

Beverly's mouth was wide. She closed it tightly, then asked, "You mean
you were balling your own b*****r?"

Glenda looked at her daughter and laughed lightly, "Well, honey ... not
exactly ... mother walked in while Aurry was eating my pussy."

"God, how exciting!" Mandy exclaimed, then said to Bev, "Wow ... that
means you'll be making it with your uncle!"

Bev merely shook her head and remarked, "Wow!"

Prinz and the others looked up as the three females made their entrance.
He recognized Mandy immediately, then he turned his attention to the
taller of the two females. He watched her as she descended the three
stairs to the living room, and he was completely taken by her figure and
grace. He glanced at whom he knew to be Beverly, and he nodded
appraisingly as she stared back at him.

"Welcome," Prinz told them as they crossed to the bar and Mark handed
drinks around.

Mandy went to him and kissed him lightly on the mouth, "Are you in for a
surprise ..." she whispered in his ear as she groped for his stiff cock
in the folds of his robe.

"I believe introductions are in order," Paul said, as Coco stroked his
swollen prick lewdly. "This is Mandy, everyone ... and this is her
friend Beverly ..." All eyes turned to the pert teenager whose breasts
stuck straight out from her body. "And this is ..." Paul began as he
reached for Glenda.

"Beverly's mother." she supplied for him, then pressed her lips to his
to silence him.

The introductions complete, Prinz led the group to the large circle of
pillows Mark had arranged in the center of the living room. The music
was soft and relaxing, and the lights were turned to a shimmering glow,
just bright enough to cast most of the room in deep shadows. Nervously,
the eight people sat, and all eyes turned to Prinz.

Clearing his throat, he asked, "Does anyone have any objections to any
form of sex?"

"Mother says, 'if it feels good, do it!' And so do I!" Bev said and
reached over to place her hand beside Coco's on Paul's bulging prick.

"And what does mother say for herself?" Prinz asked as the others
laughed lightly.

"If it feels really good--do it twice!" And the ice was broken as the
ripple of laughter erupted and each of them released their anxiety.

Sitting beside Paul, Coco licked her lips and fondled his prick. She
glanced at Mark, then said just loud enough to be heard over the sound
of the music, "Well, I came to this party for sex ..." And she lowered
her head to his lap to take the head of his prick into her dark mouth.
The others watched as the pretty black woman took more and more of
Paul's prick into her mouth.

Beverly watched, and as Paul lay back, she asked him, "Will you eat my

"Oh, Jesus!" he exclaimed and pulled her to him.

Beverly shared a long kiss with Mandy's father, then she slipped out of
her robe to squat obscenely over his face. She lowered her body to his
mouth and watched as Coco sucked his prick laviciously. "Ughhhnnn ...
good ... so good!" she moaned.

Rebecca felt Mark's black prick jerk in her hand, and as she looked at
him, she felt a rush of sensation in her loins. She wanted him to fuck
her with his huge cock, but she could not bring herself to tell him so.
Beside them, Mandy looked toward Prinz and Bev's mother, and she lifted
the hem of her robe to display her naked body.

Mark looked at the teenager's lush body and he shivered. He reached up
and ran his hands up the backs of her legs to cup her ass cheeks.
Pulling her to him, he buried his face between her legs, then simply lay
back, pulling her down atop him. Rebecca was left with her hand around
the man's great black prick and her heart beat wildly as she glanced
toward her husband who had his hands filled with Bev and Coco. Slowly,
she kissed her way down his chest until his prick was before her. She
licked the plumlike head, then sucked it into her mouth.

Prinz looked on in fascination as the double menage a trois formed. He
glanced toward the woman on his left, and a strange sensation flooded
his being. Running his hand up her naked thigh, he found her pubic bush
full and thick. He could hear her heavy breathing as she watched the
other couple, and as his fingertips touched her pussy, he sensed her
shiver lightly. Turning his face to hers, he said, "Looks like we've
been left to our own devices, doesn't it?"

Glenda looked at her b*****r, and her being was filled with love for
him. She swallowed thickly and spread her legs as his fingers played
with the lips of her cunt. She nodded and whispered, "So it seems ..."
Then she lay back in his arms as he pressed his mouth over hers.

Prinz felt her mouth open to him, and as his tongue touched hers, the
sweetness that came to him was somehow familiar. He felt her hand
wrapped around his aching cock and as their lips parted, it was as
though a voice had come to him out of the past.

"Oh, Aurry ... you always could excite me ..."

Startled, Prinz looked at the woman in his arms, and it was then that he
realized she had red hair. His heart beat wildly in his chest as he
reached up and lifted the mask from her face. As he recognized her, his
eyes filled with tears, and he realized what Mandy had meant when she
told him he was going to be surprised.

"Glenda! My God ... it's you!"

"Yes, Aurry ... yes ..." she replied and crushed her warm mouth over

The two were totally ignored by the others as they engaged in their
individual couplings. Beverly shuddered as Paul's tongue brought her to
a mindblowing orgasm then she climbed off as Paul and Coco assumed a
sixty-nine position. She went to lie beside her mother and Prinz, and as
they sat up shaking their heads, Bev reached for his prick and told him,
"Momma said you got caught eating her pussy ... don't you think you owe
her one, Uncle Aurry?"

Prinz looked at the lovely young teenager and realized she was his
niece. He swallowed and pulled her to him as Glenda showered his face
with passionate kisses. "God, this is unreal!" he exclaimed as both
mother and daughter ran their hands over his aching body and pressed
against him sensually.

"Yes, Aurry ... eat my pussy!" Glenda cried finally and tore off her

Lying back, the woman spread her legs widely for her loving b*****r.
Slowly, he slipped off his own robe, then removed the mask and cast it
aside. "You ... you're lovely!" he said, as he looked at her fully
matured body. He kissed the erect nipples of her tits as she groaned
loudly, then kissed his way to her flat belly. He felt Bev's mouth on
his thighs, and as his mouth came in contact with Glenda's pussy, the
girl took hold of his prick and stuffed it into her hot mouth.

Glenda cried out as her b*****r began licking her cunt and tonguing her
deeply. She looked down as her daughter sucked Aurry's prick, and she
wondered idly where the girl had learned to do that?

Aurry buried his face between his s****r's legs and moaned aloud as the
teenager sucked his prick and fondled his balls. He was so filled with
love for them that he was just a little dizzy. All about him were the
sounds of sex, and he heard Paul cry out as Coco sucked him to

Mandy and her mother had Mark gasping for breath as Rebecca squatted
over his stiff prick and guided it into her wet pussy. Mandy watched the
long black prick slide into her mother's cunt, and she knew she wouldn't
be satisfied until she had some of the same.

Coco shuddered as her own orgasm wrenched the breath from her lungs and
she felt her mouth filled with Paul's sticky, white come. She swallowed
as his prick jerked and shot great gobs of the thick mucus into her
mouth. "Ummmmn ... ummmmmnnn ..." she moaned as he drove her wild with
his tongue.

Mark felt himself coming and took hold of the girl's hips as she ground
her pussy against his mouth. He had never had a mother-and-daughter
combination before, and he was lost in the rapture of pure sex as both
Mandy and her mother cried out above him. He felt his prick explode and
send great globs of come into Rebecca's seething cunt. She shuddered
above him and dug her fingers into his lean body as he lifted her, off
the floor.

Prinz felt his own juices boiling up, but he did not want to expend
himself so soon. He lifted his head from between his s****r's legs and
found her sucking her daughter's cunt. The daisy chain had evolved as
Beverly had lain beside her uncle to suck his prick. Pulling away from
her, Prinz urged mother and daughter to make love to each other, then he
lay down beside them. With his face pressed against Glenda's shoulder,
he slipped his prick between her legs and simply lay there, luxuriating
in the warmth of her beautiful body.

Finally, mother and daughter brought each other off, and the room was
filled with their cries and sobs as they achieved orgasm.

Prinz rolled Glenda to her back and kissed her on the mouth. He could
taste the sweet juices from his niece's cunt, and he thrilled as Glenda
pressed her body to his.

"Fuck me ... fuck me, Aurry!" she gasped and groped for his thick cock.

Prinz felt his prick guided into the warm nest of her pussy, and as she
lifted her hips to him, he was again filled with an overpowering sense
of love for her. "Oh, Glenda ..." he cried as he sank his cock in her
cunt, "It's been so long!"

"Ughhhnn ... just fuck me, Aurry fuck me ... fuck meeeee!"

The others looked on as Prinz fucked his s****r, and Mandy told them who
Glenda was. There was no shock, and the looks that crossed their faces
were nothing less than happiness for the pair.

The front door chimes sounded.

Prinz was lost in the depths of his s****r's body, but the others
exchanged a curious glance as the chimes sounded a second time.

Coco slipped into her robe and went quickly to the door. She peered out,
but she could not make out who the person was standing on the porch.
"Yes ... who is it?" she called finally.

A soft voice answered, "It's Electra ... have I missed the party?"

Coco laughed and opened the door. Karen came in and immediately took the
black woman in her arms. When their lips parted, Karen told her, "You
see ... I finally figured out where my dreams were coming from ...
you're Coco, aren't you?"

Coco ran her hand from the blonde's hip to her full ass as she nodded
her head. "Yes."

"You're just as pretty as you were in my dream," Karen told her and
began undressing. "I hope I'm not too late," she said as she handed her
things to Coco.

"No, as a matter of fact, you're not ... the Doc is just now getting it
on with his s****r ... come on!" she said and took the blonde's hand to
lead her down to the dark living room.

"Ohhhhh ... yessss!" Glenda cried out as Prinz fucked her deeply. "Fuck
me ... oh, God, fuck meee!" she wailed.

Mark looked up and saw the voluptuous blonde and beckoned her to sit
beside him. She did and looked curiously at Mandy.

"You were in one of my dreams too ..." Karen said as Mandy reached over
and took hold of her full tit to squeeze it gently.

"That was no dream, Karen," she told her and the two of them laughed.

Paul gazed at the tall blonde and licked his lips. He glanced at his
wife as she lay back in the black man's arms, then he looked back to
Coco and caught an imperceptible nod of her head. He reached out and
pulled Karen to him. "God, but you're gorgeous!" he told her as his hand
moved over her lush body.

Watching, Mandy could not resist. She moved down and brushed her
father's hand away from Karen's cunt and began kissing her wetly as he
looked on.

Just then, Prinz cried out and Glenda stiffened beneath him. They
achieved orgasm at the same instant, and the room was filled with their
sobs and sighs.

Finally, Prinz looked up and found all of his guests looking toward him.
He smiled sheepishly and said, "Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to
introduce my s****r, Glenda."

"Don't forget your niece ..." Beverly said and snuggled to him.

The others clapped and laughed--all but Mandy, who had her mouth glued
to Karen's pussy. She felt herself lifted up, and her father told her,
"Hey, young lady ... I'm next on your sex card ... let's show these
people how it's done!"

Coco looked at Mark and shrugged. "It's a shame we're not related,
darling ... looks like we're missing something!"

Rebecca stood and crossed to where Coco stood.

She reached out and touched the black woman's body and told her, "You
don't have to miss a thing ... I'd like to make love with you, Coco ..."

She looked at the attractive mother and told her, "Never suppress a
desire, Becky ... that's what the Doc always says!"

Looking around the room, Aurelius Prinz realized that his suppressed
desires had caused him to live a frustrating life--constantly seeking
the intimacy he had shared with his s****r with others. But now, there
was no longer a need for surrogates in his life, and he sighed deeply as
Glenda ran her hand down his chest to take hold of his still hard cock.
He had what he had always wanted--and though society would damn him if
they knew, he felt he could not care less--so long as he had his s****r
Glenda ... and Beverly.

Turning to the lovely teenager, he kissed her lightly and asked, "Would
you like to have sex with your uncle, my dear?"

Beverly laughed. "Like mom says, if it feels good, do it!" And the
others laughed with them.

Cupping her full tits, Prinz glanced at her mother, then lowered his
head to kiss first one and then the other. Lower he moved his mouth
until the girl spread her smooth legs and exposed her pussy to him.
Prinz inhaled the girl's feminine odor and kissed her cunt lips softly.
As he glanced up, he saw Glenda kissing her daughter and fondling her
tits. He thrilled as he realized that he would have twice the love to
share now that he had found Glenda ... and there was a sudden ache in
his heart as he thought about his mother. But no need, he reminded
himself as he lapped the girl's cunt--he had his own mother-and-daughter
combination, and it would surpass--he was sure--anything he and his
mother and s****r might have enjoyed.

The End

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