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Lust's What The Doctor Ordered 6

Chapter 7

"Delightful, Mandy ..." Prinz said and glanced at his watch. The girl's
voice droned incessantly and Prinz smiled as her c***dlike excitement
came to him over the phone.

"And we were wondering, Doctor ... would you like to join us this

Prinz felt a rush of excitement, but he suppressed it as he reminded
himself that business and pleasure should only be conducted in one's
offices--in private. "I ... I'm afraid that wouldn't be possible, dear,"
he told her in an apologetic tone. "It really wouldn't be ethical."

Mandy laughed lightly. "Come on, Doc! We're counting on you--besides,
Beverly and her mother are going to be here ..." she paused, then added.
"I didn't tell you, but Bev and her mother ... ah, well ... they make it

Prinz thought about it momentarily--the idea of two i****tuous groups
together at the same time stirred his excitement. Still, he did not like
the idea of not being in control. Then, a solution came to him. "Ah,
listen, dear ... perhaps it might be possible. Do you think your
parents--and your friends, of course--might like to come to my place for
the weekend? There's more than ample room."

Mandy was silent for a long moment, then she replied, "Let me talk to my
mom ... ah, do you think you could have your receptionist there, too?"
she asked, recalling her brief interlude in his office.

"That, I can't guarantee, Mandy ... we really don't need another female
... what we need is another man ..." and immediately, he thought of
Mark. "Ah, but perhaps there will be other guests."

"I'll give you a call later," Mandy told him, "And Doc ... thanks ... it
was so beautiful."

Prinz sat back and considered the ramifications of joining in group sex
with one of his patient's f****y. The implications were clear to him,
but actually, Rebecca Golden had worked her way through most of her
problems, and it was obvious that whatever problems her daughter had
would work themselves out. He was a staunch believer in the theory that
most neurosis stemmed from repression and suppression-and that once the
cause was exposed, the effect was balanced as a result.

"It will be interesting," he mused aloud and buzzed for Karen.

When the voluptuous blonde entered his office, Prinz took stock of her.
She had been with him for nearly two years now, and he felt it was time
that he shared with her some of his observations concerning her own
sexual attitudes.

"Sit down, my dear ..." he told her and gestured to the deep chair
beside the desk.

"Ah, you have Mrs. Powers scheduled in less than an hour," she reminded

Prinz nodded. "Yes, I know--that's why I wanted to talk to you now." He
folded his hands and leaned forward a bit. "How have you felt the past
few weeks, Karen?"

The young woman dropped her eyes as her face colored. She had been
waiting for the opportunity to share with him the unusual experience of
the man in the motel. "I ... that is, there's something I've been
meaning to discuss with you," she said nervously.

"Then by all means, do," he told her.

"Well ... it's a little embarrassing, Doctor Prinz ... I mean, it's not
the same as relating to you under hypnosis ... could we--I mean could
you ..." she questioned hopefully.

"Not today, Karen. I feel it's time you faced things in the light of day
... go on, please."

Looking down at her hands, Karen began, "Well ... the other evening, I
was home alone ... I had a tremendous desire for sex ..." Her voice
faltered and she glanced up.

"That's quite natural, Karen," Prinz told her.

"But what I did wasn't natural, Doctor!" she protested.

Smiling, he told her, "Let me be the judge of what's natural and what
isn't, my dear."

"But ... but I went to a bar where I'd never been ... and I picked up
the first man I met!" she exclaimed and colored brightly.

"Go on."

"We went to a motel and we ... we had sex."

"Did you enjoy it?" he asked, leaning forward.

Nodding her head slightly, Karen looked up then and told him, "I did ...
and the strangest thing happened ... while we were ... were ..."

"Fucking ..." Prinz supplied the word for her.

Karen blushed deeply and continued, "While we were doing it, I had the
overpowering desire to be spanked."

Prinz looked at her for a long moment as she paused, then he asked, "Did
you feel as though you had to be punished for having natural desires,

"I ... I don't know ... but that's not all, Doctor ... these dreams, you
see ... I've been having these strange dreams," she told him.

"Tell me about them, Karen ..."

"I don't know if I can ... they're so horrid ... so perverted."

"All right ... let's examine it. You say you went to a bar and picked up
a man. You fulfilled a natural urge by fucking." He smiled as he saw her
wince. "Come now, surely you've heard the term used before ... it's just
a word. And you say you had a desire to be spanked. Actually, with your
background, I'd say the entire thing is quite natural." Standing, Prinz
walked around behind her chair and stood with his hand on her shoulder.
"You've told me quite a lot through hypnosis, Karen--I fully understand
your sexual inhibitions." He felt her tense and he patted her shoulder.

"Wha ... what have I told you, Doctor Prinz?" she asked apprehensively.

"Well, you were quite explicit when you outlined having sex with your
uncle Robert ... and your aunt Julia," he told her and waited for her

"I ... I told you about that?" she asked incredulously.

"Yes. And since that tender age, you've managed to suppress your sexual
desires. i****t is quite common, Karen, I assure you. Why, I had a
s****r named Glenda with whom I enjoyed sex for over a year--and believe
me, if the opportunity arose, I would have sex with her again."

"Doctor Prinz!" the pretty blonde exclaimed.

"Don't be so shocked, my dear--I fully understand what has kept you from
enjoying a normal sex life these past few years. Guilt that has grown
beyond all normal proportions ... nothing more. And it is guilt founded
upon c***dhood misunderstandings of sex." As he talked, he pulled down
the zipper of his trousers and told her, "Close your eyes, Karen--let's
try a little experiment."

The woman did as she was bidden, and Prinz moved around in front of her,
his bulging prick standing out from his open fly. He took hold of her
hand and held it for a moment, then he told her, "Keep your eyes closed,
Karen and describe for me what you feel ... will you do that?"

"Yes," she answered in a small voice.

Slowly, he lifted her hand and wrapped it about his throbbing erection.
Karen stiffened and tried to draw her hand back, but he held it firmly
in place. "What do you feel, Karen?"

"Oh ... it ... it's your ..."

"My what?"

"Your penis," she said and her face colored deeply.

"It is my prick ... how does it feel to hold a male reproductive organ
in your hand?"

"F ... feel?"

"Yes, how does it make you feel?"

She swallowed thickly, then licked her lips. "Ah ... strange ... but it
makes me feel ... ah ... excited, somehow."

"Very good, Karen ... open your eyes now and see that there is nothing
evil about it, nothing forbidding; there is nothing unusual about
it--every man has one."

Karen's eyelids flickered, then her eyes grew wide as she looked upon
his pulsing prick. Slowly, she began to manipulate it, and as he moved
his hand away, she reached up and took hold of it with both hands.

"You see--it can be a very nice thing to play with ... how do you feel

"I ... I feel aroused."

"Kiss it, Karen," he said firmly.

Thoughts of her uncle filled her head and she remembered being f***ed to
take his huge prick in her mouth as her aunt licked her between the
legs--and she remembered the thick white come as it spurted into her
mouth to choke her. She swallowed again, then leaned forward slightly
and brushed the head of his prick with her lips.

"Excellent, Karen," he told her and pulled away to tuck his penis into
his trousers. "You're making excellent progress. When Mrs. Powers comes
in, I'd like for you to assist me. She has a father fixation and it's
making her life quite uncomfortable."

Still blushing, Karen looked up at him and shook her head. "You ... you
want me to assist you?"

"Yes ... we'll deal with your inhibitions at the same time, Karen ...
that is, if you're willing."

"I'll try," she told him.

"Fine. Now, see to your desk and let me know the moment Mrs. Powers
comes in."

Karen left the inner office without speaking. Prinz poured himself a
liberal amount of brandy. He thought about Karen and her progress over
the past few months. He knew that had he tried to explore her feelings
too soon, she would have been unable to cope with them. So deep-seated
were her fears of sex, and so tangled were they with c***dhood guilt,
she might have been driven into deep psychosis had it not been for the
occasional sexual releases through hypnosis.

A short time later, Karen buzzed and Prinz stood to greet Denise Powers
as she entered his office. "Well, Denise ... good to see you today."

The woman avoided his eyes and went directly to the couch. As she sat
stiffly, Prinz crossed the room and questioned, "Is there something
wrong, Denise?"

Nodding without looking up at him, she said, "Yes ... my husband ... he
... he wants us to join a swap club."

"I see. And you find that undesirable."

"Well ... yes. I mean, I'm just getting over some of my sexual hang-ups
with him ... now he wants me to ... to have sex with other men."

"Do you find the thought distasteful?"

"Well of course--what would you think of your wife if she willingly
consented to such an arrangement?"

"Perhaps I would think she loved me very much--or that she too, enjoyed
more than the simplistic sexual aspects of wedded life."

"You ... you mean you wouldn't think she was cheap?"

"No, I'm afraid I wouldn't, Denise. But examine your own feelings--are
you afraid of what he might think if you consented?"

Nodding her head, she whispered, "Yes."

"And you don't find the idea distasteful at all, then."

"No ..." she confessed.

"Are you drowsy, Denise?" he questioned and watched her eyes glaze as
she replied.

"I ... I'm sl**py, Father ..." and she sagged back on the couch.

Again, Prinz was reminded of his s****r Glenda as he looked down on the
lovely red-haired woman. Her body was trim and full at the same time,
and he fought the desire to rip her clothing from her body. He reached
out and touched her brow as he told her, "sl**p deeply, my beauty ...
sl**p deeply."

Crossing the room to the outer door, Prinz opened it and beckoned to
Karen. "Lock the door, Karen, then join us."

In a few moments, a nervous Karen entered the room and closed the door
softly behind her. She looked toward the woman lying on the couch, then
she turned a questioning gaze to Prinz.

He took hold of her hand and led her to the couch. "Observe, Karen ...
Denise had sex with her father when she was in her teens. It has
affected her adult sex life to the degree that she still feels a great
deal of guilt, even when she has sex with her husband. She has worked
through some of her fears, but not completely ..." he smiled and
squeezed her hand, "Just as you have, my dear."

"Denise ..." he called softly.

The woman on the couch fluttered her eyelids and turned her head in the
direction of his voice. "Yes, Father?"

"What would you like to do this afternoon, darling?"

Denise looked towards Karen and questioned, "What do you mean, Father?"

Sensing the resistance, Prinz smiled and told her, "Your mother knows,
Denise ... it's all right, she doesn't mind."

The woman looked at Karen with a puzzled expression on her face and she
asked, "You ... you don't mind, Mommy?"

Karen looked at Prinz, who smiled and urged her to answer. Finally, she
shook her head and said softly, "No ... I don't mind."

"Well ... I'd really like to do what we always do when Mommy's not

Smiling, Prinz told the woman, "Fine ... then would you like to take off
your clothing, Denise?"

Without hesitation, the woman kicked off her high-heeled pumps and stood
up, a look of c***dlike rapture on her lovely face. Karen stood in shock
as the woman slipped out of her vest, laid it aside, then began
unbuttoning her sheer blouse. As she opened it to display a pair of
beautiful tits, she smiled impishly and unfastened her skirt. As it fell
to her feet, she glanced at Prinz and asked, "Aren't you going to take
off your clothes too, Daddy?"

"Humor her ..." Prinz told Karen and pulled off his jacket.

Karen watched in fascination as both Prinz and the woman removed all of
their clothing, then Denise looked up and questioned, "Mommy ... won't
you take off your clothes too?"

Karen's face flushed brightly as she averted her eyes from the doctor's
naked body. She felt an unusual stirring inside her and a warmth she
could not define. Slowly, she began to disrobe, and she felt both the
woman's and Prinz's eyes on her as she removed each successive article
of clothing. Finally, she stood naked, and she looked up to find Prinz
gazing at her appraisingly.

"You are absolutely beautiful, Karen," he said and held out his hand to
her. Hesitantly, she took his hand and they took several paces to the
couch where Denise Powers sat. "What would you like to do, Denise?"
Prinz asked her softly.

Licking her lips, Denise looked up at him, then reached for his erect
cock. "I ... I want to suck you, Daddy," and she began stroking the
length of his prick with both her hands.

Moving closer, Prinz smiled as he watched Karen's reaction. Her eyes
grew wide and she sucked her breath as the woman ovaled her lips and
took in the head of his prick. Licking it laviciously, she leaned
forward and ran her hands up to hold his balls.

"Yes, that's good, darling ... suck my prick ... suck your daddy off,"
he told her.

Beside him, Karen looked on in disbelief as the woman took nearly the
entire length of his throbbing cock into her wide-stretched mouth. Prinz
slipped his hand about her waist and drew her near as he whispered,
"See, she's enjoying it, Karen--all her fears are gone and she's no
longer repressing her natural desires."

"But ... but she's hypnotized ... she doesn't know what she's doing!"

"In a sense, she does ... do you know how many times you've engaged in
such acts ... in your dreams?"

Karen stiffened. The thing she had not been able to tell him was that
she had been dreaming about things of this very nature!

Looking at the lovely blonde, Prinz ran his hand downward from her trim
waist to cup the smooth cheek of her ass--the welts had disappeared.
"Does this excite you, Karen--does it arouse you to see a woman sucking
a man's prick?"

Unable to answer, Karen nodded slightly, then licked her lips. She was
drawn to watch as Denise ovaled her mouth widely and moved her head back
and forth. Prinz's cock was wet with saliva, and as the woman pulled off
to lick the distended head, Karen felt an involuntary shiver go through
her naked body.

"Do you remember what it was like when your aunt Julia sucked your
pussy?" Prinz asked her.

"Ohhh ..." she moaned and felt the heat rise in her body.

Prinz touched Denise's head and the woman looked up at him. Without
speaking, he turned her head and moved over a bit. Her face was only
inches away from Karen's golden bush. With his hand on the back of the
woman's head, he urged her head forward until her lips came in contact
with Karen's belly.

"Kiss her, Denise ... lick her pussy," Prinz said softly.

Without hesitation, Denise closed her eyes and her hand went to the
backs of Karen's thighs. She nuzzled the blonde's belly for a long
moment, then lowered her mouth to her cunt.

"Ummmnn ..." Karen whimpered as her hands went to the woman's head.
"Ohhhh ... oh, my God!"

Prinz smiled as Karen closed her eyes, threw her head back and moaned
loudly. Hunching her hips forward, she pulled the woman's face into her
crotch and began rotating her hips slowly. "Tell her what to do, Karen,"
Prinz said thickly as he watched the woman's tongue ease in and out of
Karen's cunt.

"Ohhh, yesss ... suck me ... lick my pussy ... God, it feels so good!"
she wailed and ground her hips into the woman's face.

Moving behind her, Prinz eased his throbbing prick between the
voluptuous ass cheeks of the blonde. He reached around to cup her full
breasts, and he found her nipples stiff against his palms.

"Is it good, Karen? Do you like to have your pussy sucked? Tell me ...
tell me how good it is!"

"Oh, God in heaven!" she sobbed, "Good ... so good ... I can feel your
prick between my legs ... on my cunt ... her mouth ... ohhhh ... Doctor
Prinz ... I'm going to come ... God, she's making me commmme!"

Prinz moved his hips back and forth and felt Denise's tongue brush the
head of his prick. The sensation of mouth and cunt at the same time had
him near the bursting point, but he held back as Karen sobbed again,
stiffened, and cried out.


Prinz held her tightly until the wave of orgasm had passed. Finally,
Denise looked up and licked her lips as she ran her hands between
Karen's legs to take hold of Prinz's cock. He disengaged himself from
both of them and sat Karen on the couch.

"Did you enjoy that, Karen?" he asked softly as he ran his hands over
her smooth body.

"Y ... yes ... God, yes!" she said emphatically.

Nodding satisfaction, Prinz made Karen lay back, then he lifted Denise's
face and kissed her softly on the mouth. "Would you like to have your
pussy sucked, Denise?"

A c***dlike rapture crossed the woman's face and she replied, "Yes, oh
yes, Daddy!"

"Karen ..." he said and looked at the smoldering passion in her eyes.

"I ... I don't know if I can," she said hesitantly, as Denise stood and
hovered over her.

"Try ..." was all he said.

Denise climbed onto the couch with the lovely blonde. She kissed her
passionately as her hand moved from her full tits to her wet pussy. Then
she twisted and lay beside Karen with one leg cocked up, displaying her
entire cuntal area. Turning her head to one side, Denise wrapped her
arms about Karen's lower body and hugged her to her.

Karen felt the other woman's mouth on her pussy again, and she chilled
as she saw the dense, red bush just inches from her mouth. She licked
her lips, closed her eyes, then lowered her head and kissed the woman's
puffed pussy lips.

"Ummmnnn ..." Denise moaned and thrust her hips forward.

Karen found her mouth suddenly glued to the other woman's cunt. She
thrilled as she ran her tongue over the hair-fringed lips and felt them
part for her. Easing her tongue upward, she found the woman's clit, and
as she licked it laviciously, she felt Denise respond to her oral

Watching the two women, Prinz held his prick tightly, and in his mind's
eye, it was not Denise Powers with her head between Karen's shapely
legs--it was his s****r, Glenda. He looked at her voluptuous ass, and as
Karen tongued her wildly, he saw her ass cheeks pulled apart to display
that tightly puckered ring of flesh that so fascinated him.

Laying beside Denise on the wide couch, Prinz wet his prick head with
saliva, then nudged the woman's asshole gently. He felt her shudder as
his prick gained entry, and the first tight muscle stretched. He stopped
to allow her time to adjust, then, as she began writhing to Karen's oral
manipulations, he thrust forward with his hips. He felt his prick sucked
into the woman's asshole and she cried out lowly.

"Ohhhh ... yes, Daddy ... fuck me there ... fuck me in the ass!"

Karen heard her and blinked as she opened her eyes to see Prinz's thick
cock easing into the other woman's anus. She stared in fascination as he
shoved forward and his dark pubic mat was pressed against her full ass
cheeks. Karen moved her left hand between the woman's thighs and took
hold of the man's balls as he fucked Denise in the ass.

Prinz felt Karen's exploring hand on his balls and he thrilled. He
withdrew his prick slowly and felt her fingers touching the length of
his shaft. She was taking the initiative finally, and he knew that with
just a bit of coaxing, she would lose her other inhibitions as well.

Karen panted passionately as Denise sucked her pussy. She thrilled as
the woman's body pressed against her own, and as she touched Prinz's
cock and balls, she felt the flow of energy from her finger-tips to the
base of her skull. Never before had she been so completely aware of a
physical act, and that awareness gave her such a feeling of freedom, she
felt like crying out.

"Ohhhh ..." Prinz moaned as Denise shoved her ass against his belly and
his prick sank into her asshole to the hilt. He felt himself coming and
he could not hold off. The cascade of red hair tantalized him, and as he
inhaled the fragrance of her hair, he was carried back in time to the
evening that Glenda had introduced him to the pleasures of sodomy.

"Ughhhnnn," Karen sobbed. "Yeth ... God ... yeth ... thuck me ... thuck
my puthhy ... ohhhh ... ohhhhOHHHHH!" she cried out, and her body
stiffened as she felt the waves of orgasm washing over her writhing

Denise too, stiffened as she climaxed. She felt the thick prick deep in
her asshole and she shoved back against it as the hands on her tits
squeezed tightly.

Prinz heard her c***dlike cry as her hips were thrust backwards. Her
asshole clenched, then relaxed, then clenched again. His juices boiled
from his balls, and the first throbbing contraction left his loins like
a gigantic explosion.

"Yessss ... Yessss ... fuck ... oh, fuck ... Glenda ... oh, Glenda ..."
he sobbed lowly.

Karen opened her eyes wide as she heard Prinz cry out. She knew he was
coming, and she could not resist doing what she did next.

Prinz shuddered in ecstasy as he felt his prick pulled roughly from
Denise's asshole. He felt it spurt once, then it was engulfed by Karen's
warm, wet mouth. Her tongue swirled about the throbbing head as the
contractions took his breath and he felt her swallowing his come.

Karen opened her mouth wide, then closed it about the spurting head of
his prick. She felt her mouth filled with the thick white come and she
shuddered as she swallowed. Her own body quivered as she became aware of
the other woman's hot breath on her thighs, and she pressed her body
against that wonderful warmth of flesh.

Finally, the passion had ebbed and Prinz stood up from the couch. He
looked down at the two women lying languidly beside each other. Denise
Powers smiled seductively and stretched as she sat UP.

"That is some kind of therapy, Doctor Prinz," she remarked and smiled as
the shock registered on his face.

Karen sat up too, totally unprepared for the woman's not being under

"Denise ... Mrs. Powers ... I, that is ..." Prinz stammered.

"God, don't apologize ... that would spoil it all. I woke up when you
... when you stuck your prick in my ass ... God, what I've been
missing!" she exclaimed and reached out to take hold of Karen's full
tit. She fondled it softly, then leaned forward to kiss her on the mouth
as Prinz looked on in astonishment.

As their lips parted, Denise looked up and asked, "Do you suppose we
could have other sessions like this ... without the hypnosis?"

Prinz laughed. He could not believe his ears, for the woman who was
asking for further sexual liberties was one who had firm sexual
inhibitions that had been nearly impossible for him to reach through
normal "therapy." Moving to her, he reached down and ran a hand up her
silken thigh and touched her wet cunt.

"You are an amazing woman, Denise," he chuckled, "But then, I find most
women amazing in their own right."

"Then we can continue my therapy?" she asked.

"By all means ... and at greatly reduced rates," he said as she reached
out to fondle his soft prick.

Leaning forward, she kissed the head of it, then looked up questioningly
and asked, "Who's Glenda?"

Prinz felt his face color, and as the warmth spread to his loins, he
told her, "Someone out of my past, dear ... some one out of my past ..."

* * *

Glenda Borden sat with her arm about her daughter Beverly. She had
listened for the better part of an hour to the girl's arguments, and she
was seriously considering the idea of a mixed party.

"... and you've always told me, 'if it feels good, do it,' mother,"
Beverly told her again.

Sighing, Glenda shook her head and hugged her lovely daughter. "And
you're not about to let me forget it, are you?"

Beverly laughed. "Mandy said this doctor is really mellow ... he managed
to get the three of them--Mandy and her mom and dad--together without
any problems at all."

"A swinging psychiatrist ... that's all we needed," Glenda said and
laughed. "What did you say his name was?"

"I didn't ... Mandy told me, but I forget ... Princeton ... Prince ...
something like that."

Glenda looked at her daughter and a rush of emotion flooded her body.
"It ... it wouldn't be Prinz, would it?" she asked apprehensively.

Beverly furrowed her brow. "Do you know him, mother?"

"Then his name is Prinz ..." she said and felt the old loneliness well
up in her chest.

"Yeah ... I think so ... does it matter?"

Glenda shook her head as she looked down at the girl's lovely
sixteen-year-old body. She recalled when she was not much older than her
daughter ... and the pain she had experienced since. "No, dear ... it
doesn't matter ..." She shrugged helplessly, then added, "The only thing
that matters is that ... that it feels good." And Glenda kept the
stirring secret to herself.

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